Titanium Flat Irons

Titanium flat irons heat up pretty quickly compared to the ceramic types. It will heat up in seconds and the heat is evenly distributed throughout the plate’s surface.

The best titanium flat irons in the market today are made from metal irons of superb quality. It can also absorb heat fast and glides through your hair very smoothly, making it easy for you to style your hair quickly and efficiently.

The most notable difference between titanium and ceramic flat irons is the weight. Titanium flat irons are very lightweight. Titanium is well-known to be one of the conductors of negative ions that diffuse static electricity resulting in frizz-free hair.

Aside from this, you don’t need your flat iron to be really hot in order to achieve beautiful straight hair. Aside from this, your hair will be sleek in no time because of the high ionic charge.

Titanium flat irons are no doubt one of the best hair straighteners in the market today. But, make sure to use it carefully since it has a high tolerance to high temperature; the risk of damaging your hair is higher.

Titanium Flat Irons

Recommended Titanium Flat Irons (After Rigorous Testing)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Titanium Flat Irons

Does it work with very curly, thick and long hair?

Yes, but you have to section your hair in small sections to get the best possible results.

Can this type of flat iron be used to curl your hair and create beach-like waves?

Yes, you can use the titanium flat irons to curl your hair any way you like, especially those that come in a rounded shape design which makes the flat iron easier to manoeuvre. However, keep in mind that the recommended heat for curling hair is up to 350 degrees, anything higher may result in split ends.

Does it burn when the flat iron comes in direct contact with skin or the roots of the hair?

Yes, just like with any other types of flat iron, your skin or roots of your hair will get burned from direct contact, even if the titanium flat iron comes with a side protection it is still recommended to take extra precaution.

Can I use Titanium flat irons with my wet hair?

No, it is not advisable to use it on wet or damp hair unless specified like with most flat irons.

Does this type of flat iron work well with African-American hair?

Yes, this type of flat iron works on all types of hair. It is recommended to use a maximum temperature of 360 degrees for African-American hair even If you are natural to prevent your hair from drying out and prevent split ends from occurring.

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