Tourmaline Flat Irons Guide & Resources

Tourmaline flat iron is another popular type of hair straightener in the market today. Tourmaline flat irons are probably one of the most interesting and fascinating in the science of hair straighteners.

The plates of this type are coated with powdered tourmaline, a crystalline mineral. The plates of ceramic flat irons and also titanium flat irons can be coated with tourmaline.

The best tourmaline flat irons help in preventing unnecessary damage to your hair caused by constant use of flat iron since you can use at very low temperature to straighten your hair. This will also result in lessening the chances of burning your hair.

This types of flat irons can provide your hair with an exceptional sleek, shiny hair and straight look in as little time as possible because its ions’ output is extremely high. This will also result in a healthier looking hair without any frizz.

However, one of the downsides of this flat iron is that the tourmaline coating will ultimately chip or peel off with excessive use, exposing either the titanium or ceramic plates underneath it.

If your hair is already damaged or tends to get damaged easily, then tourmaline flat iron is the recommended hair straightener for you.

Recommended Tourmaline Flat Irons (After Rigorous Testing)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Tourmaline Flat Irons

Does it work well with African-American or mixed curly hair?

Yes, it does. Just make sure to use protection on your hair first like pre-heat treatments. It is also recommended to adjust the temperature so that your hair will not get burn.

Is it okay to use with fine hair?

Yes, you can use it with all sorts of hair types; just always remember to use the heat protectant and adjust the heat setting accordingly.

Can I use it on my wet hair?

No, this is not recommended for use on wet hair.

Can I use this flat iron to curl my hair?

Yes, it is very good at curling your hair. The smooth tourmaline-coated plates help a lot to achieve the perfect curl you’ve always wanted.

Does it snag your hair?

No, the plates of the tourmaline flat iron will glide smoothly through your hair. There is absolutely no way that it will snag your hair.

Do I need to use a glove when using a tourmaline flat iron?

There are some brands of tourmaline flat iron that comes with a protective glove for your hands. These gloves will help when you’re styling your hair and you finish with a strand, and move on to another section, your hair may still be hot. Though, you should not let the temperature of your flat iron get too hot. The gloves will protect your hands from getting burned.

Does this type of flat iron come in dual voltage?

Most tourmaline flat irons are dual voltage and will work in almost any country; some may not come with an adapter though. Make sure to check the full instructions and features first.

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