Best Wall Mount Hair Dryer: Easy Blowouts at Home

Best Wall Mount Hair Dryers

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Last Updated on December 31, 2021

Do you know that wall-mounted hair dryers are not only meant for commercial places alone but can also be fitted at your home?

Hotels, guesthouses, fitness clubs, health spas, and hospitals are the most likely places to find wall mount hair dryers.

Since they can’t be taken out of the room, they are more secure and convenient for customers to use and prevent theft and abuse.

Having a wall mount hair dryer in your home is a great choice too. You can share the dryer with your family, roommates, or friends who share a space.

Since it is intact on the wall, you don’t have to ask around where the last person who used the dryer kept it. It is also a space saver for people who don’t have big storage spaces.

Most wall mount hair dryers are designed for industrial usage. Some brands have made some that are best used at home. Here is a list of the best wall mount hair dryers.

Best Wall Mount Hair Dryer Comparison Chart

ProductFeaturesMotor (watts)Heat/SpeedPrice
Conair 1600 Watt Hair DryerCeramic1600 watts2 / 2Check Price
Andis 30975 1600-Watt Hair DryerPlastic1800 watts2 / 2Check Price
Sunbeam Wall Mount Hair DryerIonic1875 watts3 / 2Check Price
Oster Professional Hair Dryer-1500 watts2 / 2Check Price
Jerdon JHD41B Wall Mount Hair Dryer-1600 watts2 / 2Check Price
XZST New Type Wall Mount Hair Dryer-1600 watts2 / 3Check Price

Top 6 Wall Mount Hair Dryers Review

Conair 1600 Watt Wall-Mount Hair Dryer

This is a wall mount hair dryer that operates on 1600watts. This dryer is compact and lightweight, and it can fit in any size bathroom.

This hairdryer’s unique feature comes with an LED nightlight that makes it ideal for locating and using in a dark room as a night light. The dryer is easily mounted on any surface including ceramic tiles, walls, or countertop.

The dryer comes with mounting hardware that makes it easier to put it anywhere. When the dryer is placed on the wall mount, it shuts off automatically.

Conair 1600 Watt Wall-Mount Hair Dryer has two speed and two heat settings that are adjustable to fit any hair type. It has a removable filter for easy cleaning and maintenance.

With a 6′ coil cord, you can easily style your hair quickly because it offers a flexible movement of the hand. This dryer stays for long as it securely stays in place as it has strong hardware. The dryer can save you some storage space when mounted on your bathroom.

Key Features:

  • Has a long coil cord for easy styling
  • Has a removable filter for easier cleaning
  • Built-in LED night light
  • 2speed/heat settings to customize to all hair types
  • Auto shut off when the dryer is placed on wall mount

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Andis 1600-Watt Quiet Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

This is one of the popular brands of wall mount hair dryers. This dryer features a metal mounting plate for secure wall attachment with an exclusive Andis innovation in cord storage.

It comes with a long-lasting electronic LED light and therefore you don’t need to have a bulb in your bathroom as it is less expensive to operate than most night lights.

The soft diffused light provides visibility at night for safely moving around your hair. This dryer operates its long-lasting motor quietly meaning that you will not have to replace the dryer in a few years, and it does not have an irritating sound that will offend your ears.

It has three position switches with two heat /speed settings that can be adjusted to suit different hair textures. It also has a lifeline shock protection that is built into the unit to enhance more safety.

This dryer is energy efficient, and even after a long hair drying process, it stays cool. This dryer has a longer cord and thus comes with a hanger loop to keep the cord from getting in the way and for easier storage.

Key Features:

  • It has a bright light such that you don’t have to turn on the lights when using the bathroom at night. This will save you money
  • A long-lasting motor that operates quietly
  • Built-in lifeline shock protection for added safety
  • Durable electronic light -no bulbs to burn out or replace
  • Metal mounting plate 

Sunbeam 1875-Watt Wall Mount Hair Dryer

This is a unique wall mount hair dryer that offers dual wattage at 1875 and 1200watts. This allows you to choose the wattage you want, and it can save energy by up to 35%.

It had an energy-saving LED night light with a dimmer switch that makes it economical for both business and home use. The dryer uses ionic technology that reduces frizz and static and dries hair quickly.

It has two speed and three heat settings with a cool shot button. This makes it suitable for all hair types since the speed and heat can be adjusted and customized to suit a particular hair type. The cool shot button is used to lock the style in place.

This dryer has a quiet motor and an auto-off feature, which provides a secure and cool environment to dry your hair. For efficient cleaning and maintenance, the dryer has a removable lint screen and filter.

The dryer is ergonomically designed with a contoured handle that has a soft-touch finish that is non-slip for easy operation. Its six feet coiled cord allows flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Has a very quiet motor that will not bother anyone while using the dryer
  • The dual wattage allows you to switch between different watts to save energy up to 35%
  • Has an LED light that does not need a bulb and a dimmer switch to save energy
  • Removable lint screen and filter for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • 2speed and 3 heat settings with a cool shot button

Oster Professional Wall Mount Hair Dryer

Oster is a renowned brand for quality electrical appliances, and their hairdryer is no exception. This is a wall mount 1600W hair dryer that can be secured to the wall with a magnet.

This hair dryer comes with a night light. You don’t have to switch your lights on while using it at night as it has enough light to dry your hair safely. Thus, you will end up saving on energy. 

Its night light is also cheaper than operating most night lights. This makes it economical to use at home or in commercial areas like hotels.

The dryer is also safe as it has an auto shut-off that shuts off automatically when the dryer comes into contact with its base. It has two settings to offer different styling options.

Its filter is easily removable which makes cleaning and maintaining the dryer a seamless process. Its fan blades are also accessible and easy to clean.

This prevents lint buildup, which causes a dryer to overheat and burn out. Its curled cord is six feet long, and it offers flexibility and ease of use.

Key Features:

  • Removable filter that enhances easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy to install on the wall magnetically
  • Auto shut-off for added safety
  • Two heat settings for styling options
  • Long cord for flexible use

Jerdon JHD41B Wall Mount Hair Dryer

The Jerdon JHD41B Wall Mount Hair Dryer is a powerful and convenient dryer that dries your hair in minutes. It features two-speed settings and two heat settings that can be adjusted to suit all hair textures and types.

It has a powerful 1600W airflow motor that operates quietly. This is one of the safest dryers. It has an ALCI safety plug built into the power cord designed to prevent electrical shocks and prevent the dryer from malfunctioning when the power surges or when there are thunderstorms.

It also has an automatic off switch that goes into effect once the dryer is placed in the base. The dryer comes with all the necessary hardware for easier installation. With its wall mount design, this hairdryer is compact and handle, which makes it very durable.

Key Features:

  • Has 2-speed settings and 2 heat settings to offer styling options
  • Has a built-in ALCI safety plug and an automatic off switch for added safety
  • Comes with all necessary hardware for easy installation
  • Compact and very durable
  • Sleek design

XZST New Type Wall Mount Hair Dryer

This is a professional wall mount blow dryer that operates on a 1600W motor. This dryer dries your hair faster than the traditional hairdryers.

It has three-speed and two heat settings that give you maximum air and heat control to ensure maximum results for all hair types and textures. It also has a cool shot button to lock your style in place. 

This dryer uses constant thermostat temperature to dry your hair fast while protecting it from heat damage. The dyer is lightweight and ergonomically designed which makes it comfortable to use while styling your hair.

It is a multi-functional hair dryer with multiple modes to give you a unique drying experience. It has an LED night light that saves power and ensures flexibility of use.

Key Features:

  • 3 speed and 2 heat settings
  • Dries hair fast
  • LED night light
  • Uses thermostat temperature for hair protection

What Is A Wall Mounted Hair Dryer?

A wall-mounted hair dryer is simply a dryer that is fitted on the wall. It consists of two main parts: a dryer base attached to the wall and the blow dryer itself.

Once you finish drying your hair, you hang the dryer on the wall. Initially, wall mount hair dryers were designed for commercial use.  They were used in hotels and cruise ships in the bathrooms or fitting rooms. 

Some brands are now designing wall mount hair dryers for home use. They save on storage space if you live in small spaces and share with family members or the people you live with.

These dryers are usually lightweight, safe, and easy to use. Most of them come with an LED night light that saves your energy since you don’t have to turn on the lights while using the dryer at night.

Things To Consider When Purchasing The Best Wall Mount Hair Dryer

Size and Shape

The very first thing you need to consider when purchasing a wall mount hair dryer is its size and shape. A good wall mount dryer should have a compact design, and it should not be bulky. It is also good to consider the size of your bathroom so that you do not end up buying a big dryer.

Heat / Speed Settings

Most wall mount hair dryers come with a high and low heat setting. Others have many control options like a cool shot button and various speed settings to choose from.

Go for a dryer with a variety of control options so that you can customize the settings to fit different hair types.

Night Light

Most wall mount dryers will come with a night light feature. This is a useful feature to consider because the dryer can be used at any time of the day.

Also, it helps to save on power energy because its light is enough, and you don’t have to turn on the lights while using the dryer.

Auto shut-off

Look for a wall mount hair dryer that has an automatic shut-off feature. It shuts off the dryer automatically when it’s placed in the base. This prevents any electrical accidents and also saves on energy.


The last thing you want is to get shocked while operating your hairdryer. Look for a wall mount hair dryer that is shockproof because it will be operated with wet hands most of the time.

Heating Technology

For a quality hair dryer, look for one that uses either ionic or tourmaline technology. Ionic technology reduces frizz, protects hair from heat damage, and offers shinier hair.  Tourmaline dryers heat up quickly and dry hair 40% quicker than other dryers.

FAQ’S & Answer

Is there a difference between a wall mount hair dryer and a handheld one?

There is no difference in terms of use and effectiveness. The only difference is that the wall mount dryer is attached to the wall.

Do wall mount hair dryers overheat?

Overheating a dryer, whether it is a wall mount or handheld, is caused by improper cleaning and poor maintenance. Once the dryer is clogged with lint, it can overheat, and this will reduce its lifespan. Most dryers have a removable filter for easy cleaning. Clean your dryer regularly to prevent overheating.

Why Should I Have a Wall-Mounted Dryer?

Because it saves you on storage space. It also prevents abuse from children or theft if used on commercial premises.


A wall mount hair dryer is what you need if you have limited space or you share a room with your family members or friends. It is also a great power-saving option with its amazing features like the auto shut-off and LED night light.

Our favorite is the Conair 1600 Watt Wall-Mount Hair Dryer from our review of the best wall mount hair dryer. This dryer is compact and lightweight, and it can fit in any size bathroom.

It has a built-in LED night light, a removable filter for easy cleaning, and an auto shut off feature. The dryer is easily mounted on any surface including ceramic tiles, walls, or countertop. The dryer comes with mounting hardware that makes it easier to put it anywhere.

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