Best Professional Flat Irons of 2019 – Guide and Reviews

Flat iron hair straighteners have come a long way in the last few years. Gone are the too hot or too cool Teflon coated irons that damaged your hair and smelled funny. The old school irons also had flaky plates that tugged and pulled at your hair and left you frustrated.

That one size fits all idea is long gone. If you haven't tried a best professional flat irons in years, you are going to be impressed!



Plate Material


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Wet to Dry



Up to 450°F


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Up to 400°F






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Tourmaline Ceramic


170°F to 450°F




Up to 450°F




Up to 365°F

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The best professional flat irons are made from top quality materials. Many of the companies that are manufacturing today's irons are lead by stylists determined to make the best products for the best results.

They are on the leading edge of hair appliances, harnessing technology and innovation to provide easy to use products. With so many brands and styles to choose from, how can you be sure you pick the right professional flat iron for you?

Recommended Top 10 Professional​ Flat Iron Reviews

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Wet-to-Dry - Best Professional Flat Iron

Editor Rating:

Coming in at number one on our list of the best professional flat irons and only this iron on our list that is intended to be used on damp hair, BaByliss promises "ultra-shiny, pin-straight styles with just one pass". 

Not having to fully dry your hair before straightening it can be a big time saver. When you are use a regular straightening iron on damp or wet hair, the steam damages cuticles.

The hair may be straight, but it can be dull and look damaged. Vents are built into the plates and the housing so the steam can escape. 

Hair is noticeably shinier and natural feeling than when you use a regular straightening iron on damp hair. BaByliss Pro uses their trademarked Nano Titanium technology to fully harness the heat conductive powers of titanium. Their irons straighten hair faster and provide long lasting results.

The titanium plates are smooth, corrosion resistant and conduct ultra-high heat. While the plates are a standard 1.5" wide, they are 5" long for faster straightening.

The longer plate means larger sections of hair can be styled at a time. Vents are built into the plates and the housing so you can iron damp hair without the damaged steam usually causes.

The Ryton housing keeps the handle cool for maximum comfort as you style. It weighs under a pound and has a slim, hand fitting handle design. It boasts temperatures up to 450° using the integrated ceramic heaters. 


  • Styling damp hair saves time.
  • Vents in the plates and handle prevent the damaged steam usually causes to your hair.
  • While the size is a standard 1.5" wide, they are 5" long meaning you can style a larger portion of hair at a time.
  • The light weight, slim design, and Ryton housing make styling easy, cool, and comfortable.
  • It works either dry or wet hair, so you get the best of both worlds.


  • The temperature setting dial can easily be moved without the user realizing it, resulting in too little or too much heat.

2. Karmin G3 Salon Pro - One of The Best Flat Iron

Editor Rating:

Everyone looks for ways to save time in the mornings, but that doesn't mean you have to skimp on your beauty routine. The Karmin G3 Salon Profession Ceramic Flat Iron can be a huge timesaver.

It's the hottest flat iron on our list, but also the fastest heating. The 30-second flash heating takes about 30 seconds.

There are temperature settings for all types of hair, ranging from 250° to 460° Fahrenheit.  This professional grade flat iron is made with Karmin's Advanced 100% ceramic and tourmaline plates.

Their ion field technology seals in natural oils as it use negative ions and infrared heat, working from the inside out. The result is silky, static-free hair with natural shine.

The tangle-free 360° cord is over 9 feet long for convenience and ease of use. It weighs in at just 12 ounces so your arm doesn't get tired even with styles that take a little longer.

Smaller hands will ever lose your grip with the anti-slip edges and the slim handle design. Floating plates means less snags and pulls. The Karmin G3 is designed to straighten, curl, flip, or add volume to your hairstyle.

The iron also has an auto-shut-off mode after one hour and drop safe technology. This makes the G3 salon professional ceramic flat iron worry-free.


  • Quickest and hottest iron, has achieving temperatures between 250° and 460°.
  • Advanced 100% pure ceramic and tourmaline, 1 inch plates for snag free use with even heating.
  • Ion field technology and infrared heat seals in natural oils for frizz-free shine.
  • The 360° swivel cord is over 9 feet long for ease of use and convenience.
  • One hour auto-shut off, means you'll never worry if you've left the iron on.
  • Lightweight, slim handle design and anti-slip edges mean less arm and hand fatigue.


  • With only 1" plates, thicker and/or longer hair makes take more time to style than larger plate irons.
  • The extra high heat could tempt you into styling with lots more heat than necessary to save time. This might lead to hair damage.

Editor Rating:

Coming in at number three on our list of the best professional flat irons is the HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener.

Salon quality tools and great customer service is how HSI Professional has built their worldwide reputation.

Some flat irons boast ceramic and tourmaline plates but are just metal plates with ceramic and tourmaline coating.

These are 100% True Solid ceramic and tourmaline plates that use advanced infrared heat. Infrared heat works from inside the hair cuticle, sealing in moisture for healthy, shiny looking hair.

Heat balanced microprocessors are located across the plates, constantly monitoring and adjusting the temperature.

Whether quickly styling your hair for the day, or taking extra time to primp for a big night out, you still want your tools to be easy to use. The LCD screen allows you to ensure you get the exact temperature you desire.

The 360 degree swivel cord keeps things moving along without annoying cord knots. Straight hair, curled locks, and even flips are easy thanks to the curved edges.

The HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener allows you to achieve a salon look style at home.

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  • With an adjustable temperature range from 140° to 450° Fahrenheit, there is a setting for all textures.
  • LCD display allows for precise temperature control so you can learn the least amount of heat necessary to achieve your salon style.
  • 100% Ceramic plates with tourmaline coating, that means the plate will not flake like some cheaper flat irons.
  • Smooth floating plates reduce snags and pull as you style.
  • Negative ion technology heats hair from the inside, sealing in moisture and smoothing the cuticle surface.
  • Microprocessors located along the plates maintain even heating eliminating flat iron hot spots.


  • The flat iron plates are only 1" wide.
  • Thicker and/or longer hair may take longer to style.

4. xtava Pro-Satin - One of The Best Infrared Straightener

Editor Rating:

The plates are a little different on the xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener. The ceramic tourmaline plate is 2 inches wide on the bottom. Their upper plate utilizes Xtava's dual plate technology to maintain even heating as you style your hair.

The larger plates allow for larger sections to be styled at a time and can be a great timesaver for those with longer and/or coarser hair.

Infrared technology allows for less stress to the hair cuticle by heating it from inside, locking in moisture. More moisture in the cuticle means less frizzes and more shine while maintaining the health of your hair.

The advanced microprocessor keeps even heating throughout the plate, eliminating pesky hot spots from the iron.

The LCD screen allows you to choose settings between 265° and 445°, at 10° increments. Since you always want to use just enough heat to avoid hair damage, this precision of temperature lets you find just the right balance.

The Pro-Satin heats up in about 90 seconds. The one-hour auto-shutoff gives you piece of mind that you will never leave the iron on all day.

On the base of the straightener, there is a pullback switch to lock the plates shut for storage and travel.

This will keep the plates from shifting. The 8-foot cord connects with a 360° swivel for more room to move around and fewer twists and knots in the cord.

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  • The 2 inch wide plates mean larger portions of hair can be styled at a time.
  • Ceramic and tourmaline plates are even heating, eliminating hot spots on the iron.
  • Dual upper plate infrared technology means heat sealed hair for frizz-less shine.
  • LCD screen takes the guesswork out of finding the correct temperature for your hair type.
  • The 10° increments allow you to pick the best heat setting for your hair without going too high and causing damage.
  • Being able to lock the iron shut eliminates plate shift when you travel.
  • Auto-shut off


  • Keratin treatments often need 450°, so this iron won't get the job done.
  • The unit takes a full 90 seconds to heat which may be more time than you'd prefer to start the hair styling portion of your beauty routine.

5. BIO IONIC Onepass 1 Inch - Straightening Iron Review

Editor Rating:

BIO IONIC claims their Onepass Straightening Iron is the fastest ever. What makes this iron so different is the silicone speed strips on the edges of the plate.

These strips keep your hair in place during the pass to prevent it from bunching up or slipping out of the iron too soon. The plates are made from nano ionic mineral for high levels of negative ions and infrared energy.

Breaking down larger water molecules to smaller ones allows for greater absorption into the cuticle. This means it hydrates the hair from the inside to create smooth, healthy looking hair.

The 1-inch plates are perfect for adding curl or flips to your hairstyle, eliminating the need for a separate curling iron. Other irons can take a moment to recover lost heat, but the BioCeramic heaters in this iron recover it quicker. Consistent heat makes for a consistent experience lock after lock.

The 9-foot swivel cord gives you the freedom to move around in front of the mirror with less cord snags and knots. The Bio Ionic OnePass Flat Iron have ergonomic handle, that fits easily and comfortably into your hand for more stability and control.

The adjustable heat settings range from 240° to 400° so you use just the amount of heat you need to get the job done without damaging your hair.


  • Patented silicone speed strips prevent the hair from bunching up in the iron or slipping out before you get to the ends. This means less restyling of sections.
  • BioCeramic heaters recover instantly between each use making this iron's heat more consistent.
  • One inch plates allow versatility in styling. You can also use for curls and flips.
  • NanoIonic mineral plates use high concentrations of negative ions and infrared heat for shiny, brilliant hair.


  • Users may not like the way the silicon grips the hair.
  • Those with coarse hair may find that the 400° doesn't provide the desired results.
  • Keratin treatments often need an iron that will work at a 450° temperature.
  • Standard 1" plates, means thicker and/or longer hair may take longer to style.

6. Izutech Ktx 450 - Titanium Digital Flat Iron Review

Editor Rating:

Izutech is on a mission to make the best flat irons in the world. If this iron is any indication, they are well on their way.

It's like a mashup of several other irons on the list with some of our favorite features. The plates are made from professional grade, corrosion resistant, pure titanium for salon quality you can use at home. 

The iron takes less than 30 seconds to heat to the preset styling temperature, but not much longer to reach the maximum temperature of 450°. The ceramic heaters keep the temperature stable across the plates.

No more hot spots. Recovering any heat loss from a styling pass instantly, you get a more consistent result each and every time. Floating plates reduce snags and pulls. It is suitable for keratin treatments.

Izutech Ktx 450 has developed a combination of heat, plate size dimensions, and negative ions to achieve a maximum seal on the hair cuticle. This means shinier, healthy-looking hair with less damage than other irons.

The plates have individual heat sensors, that way if the top plate loses its temperature, the bottom plate does not overheat. The high heat resistant body makes it comfortable to hold and use.


  • The adjustable heat settings range from 250° to 450° for ironing a variety of hair types and lengths.
  • The titanium plates make for even snag free heating for a more comfortable experience.
  • Zero Recovery Time
  • Rapid Heat Up Time
  • Negative ion technology for inside out heat makes for shiny, healthy looking hair.
  • This flat iron is suitable for keratin treatments at home and in the salon.


  • This iron does not have auto-shut off. It will stay on all day if left turned on and unattended.

7. HSI Professional Ceramic - Best Hair Straightener for All Hair Types

Editor Rating:

This flat iron is also from HSI Professional, the same company that gave us our number one choice. There are a lot of similarities as well as some important differences.

HSI Professional 1 Ceramic flat iron uses the same 100% True Solid ceramic and tourmaline plates and infrared technology as the other model. The heat balance microprocessors still monitor the plates to provide consistent, even heat through the top and bottom plates.​

Healthy, shining hair comes from the infrared heat sealing the moisture into the cuticle. However, this unit is not quite as powerful. The temperature range is adjustable only to 400° instead of 450°.

The temperature control is via a dial with only the minimum and maximum settings marked. This unit is larger in overall size, but with the same 360° swivel cord attachment to keep them from becoming twisted and knotted.

The curved edges provide the ease to use this iron to make curls or flips when you style your hair. While this unit doesn't have the same temperature range or bells and whistles of the digital plus version, it's still a fantastic flat iron.

HSI Professional's core plate and microprocessor technology make this a great tool to achieve salon quality styles in the comfort of your own home.


  • The adjustable temperature range from 240° to 400° Fahrenheit, there is a setting for most textures.
  • 100% Ceramic plates with tourmaline coating, that means the plate will not flake like some cheaper flat irons.
  • Smooth floating plates reduce discomfort for snag-free styling.
  • Negative ion technology heats hair from the inside, sealing in moisture and smoothing the cuticle surface for shining, frizz-free hair.
  • The curved edges allow you to easily make curls and flips with the flat iron.
  • Microprocessors located along the plates maintain even heating eliminating flat iron hot spots.


  • The maximum heat setting of 400° may not provide enough heat for thick, coarse hair.
  • The adjustable temperature dial is not as precise as the electronic control and LCD screen.
  • The flat iron plates are only 1" wide.

8. Solano Sleekheat450 - Professional Flat Iron Review

Editor Rating:

Comfort and function meet on this Solano Sleekheat450 making your morning hair styling routine one that looks like you came out of a salon.

​The professional ceramic and tourmaline plates are beveled on all sides. This allows your hair to glide through the plates and offers the versatility of making curls and flips.

Far infrared heat dries the hair from inside the cuticle improving strand health. Negative ions reduce frizz by locking in moisture for fewer flyaways. Cool touch tips keep your hands safe and comfortable.

The flat iron heats in about a minute, but has instant heat recovery. Each pass has a consistent, even heat delivered to the section of hair for more control and a quicker styling time.

The variable temperature control allows you to pick just the right temperature for your hair type. With a range of 170°F to 450°F, everyone from fine, thin hair to thick, coarse locks can use it.

The 1 1/4 inch size is slightly larger than the standard 1 inch of other models, means fewer passes and less time.


  • Ceramic plates keep the heat evenly distributed across the surface meaningless hot spots and damage to your hair.
  • The added tourmaline and beveled plate sides give you a smooth glide and easy curls and flips without an additional tool.
  • With a temperature range from 170°F to 450°F, you can find the right temperature for your hair no matter the type or texture.
  • Negative ions and far infrared heat seals in moisture and minimizes static electricity for healthy looking shine.


  • Defined as "Instant Heat" by Solana, the straightening iron takes a full minute to reach the desired temperature. Users who have only a moment for a touch-up or a time-crunched morning may find this a little too long when compared to other irons.
  • With the plates measuring 1 1/4 inches, it is larger than many straightening irons. However, those with thick, long, or coarse hair may still need a larger surface to speed styling times.

9. Turboion Rbb Croc Classic - Straightener Review

Editor Rating:

If you've used other hair straighteners in the past, the Croc Classic Straightener may look a little, well, weird. Form and function definitely came before the aptly named device, and once you see all this iron has to offer, you won't mind.

The odd shape allows the digital temperature read out to be in plain view on the handle so you know the exact settings.

If you have thicker, coarser, or longer hair, you will really appreciate the ergonomic design. It's easier to hold and use and has a nano silver coating to keep the handle cool. Your hand is comfortable, no matter how long it takes to style your hair.

But the Croc Classic Straightener is more than its reptilian appearance. The 1 1/2 inch titanium ceramic plates deliver smooth, silky hair.

The Nano fine ceramic heating element eliminates hot spots so you can be sure each stroke is consistent. With temperatures up to 450°, there is a setting for every hair type and texture.

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  • The digital temperature readout is plainly visible on the outside of the handle making it much easier to monitor than other models.
  • 1 1/2 inch titanium ceramic plates provide smooth, salon-like results and quicker styling time.
  • The 9 feet of electrical cord with its 360° connection, allows you the freedom to move around without knots or tangles.
  • The ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold and provides comfort when your style requires a lengthy amount of time.


  • Curls may be harder to make with the larger plate size.
  • The shape may not work with your existing heat proof storage.

10. GHD Gold Professional 1" Styler - Flat Iron Review

Editor Rating:

Going for the gold is all about the next generation of stylers. The GHD Gold Profession 1" Styler features advanced heat technology to curl, wave, or straighten your hair.

The gold plates have ceramic heaters to provide even heat across the surface. The contoured plate edges and round barrel makes curls and waves easy and effortless.

The GHD Gold Professional 1 plates deliver smooth, frizz-free hair with a healthy shine. It reduces snags and snarls, making the pass quick and easy.

The styler heats up quickly and the plate guard allows you to pack up the styler as soon as you are done, no waiting! While the temperature is always 365°, it works just as well or better than other irons at higher settings.


  • The heat setting of 365° is enough to style most hair without worrying about burns or heat damage.
  • A rounded, 1-inch barrel is great to make waves and curls in addition to straightening your hair.
  • The gold plates and ceramic heaters eliminate hot spots on the plates making each pass consistent.


  • No adjustable heat settings, the unit operates at 365°.
  • The lower temperature may make this ineffective for thick and coarse hair.

Things to Consider When Buying the Top Rated Professional Flat Irons

Some professional flat irons can be an investment so how do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few things to consider as you choose your next flat iron.

Know Your Plate Materials

Today's flat irons have come a long way since the Teflon days. Plate function and heating is the most important part of the iron. Plates make the difference between a good iron, a great iron, and a fantastic iron.

Ceramic plates offer smooth even heating. Some plates are 100% ceramic, offering some of the most optimal heat, and others are just ceramic coated. A combination of ceramic and another material is very common.

Titanium plates are often a combination of titanium and ceramic. One of the smoothest metals, titanium conducts high heat very well. There are even gold plates for even heat and luxuriously smooth passes.

Tourmaline is another component of many professional flat irons. Tourmalines are precious gemstones that are ground up very fine and combined with the other plate materials to emit negative ions.

Ionic Technology

By now you've used or heard of a hair styling tool that promised ionic technology of some type. There are lots of different buzz words made up by ad campaigns, but they are all talking about the same thing.

An ion is an atom that has lost or added an electron. Positive ions have lost an electron and negative ions have gained an electron.

Styling tools that generate negative ions will break larger water molecules down to smaller water cuticles. This allows the heat to dry the hair faster. Negative ions also seal hair cuticles for a smoother finish with less frizziness and flyaways.

Temperature Control and Variable Heating

Nothing makes or breaks a hair straightener more than the operating temperatures and variations. Choosing a flat iron that allows you to change the temperature settings allows you full control of your styling experience.

It allows you to pick the best temperature for your type and texture of hair, therefore speeding up your styling routine.

Temperatures that are too high and too low can lead to damage. Too high means you are at risk of heat damage, but too low means you are likely to make multiple passes on the same section. Multiple passes can do as much damage as high heat!

If you want an iron to perform at home Keratin treatments, it is usually suggested that the iron is able to go up to 450°.

Other Considerations:

  • How heavy is the appliance?
  • Is it easy to see what the temperature is?
  • Do I need a smaller/larger plate size?
  • Can I also use it to make waves, flips, and curls?
  • Will it automatically shut off if I forget about it?


I've heard that using a flat iron to straighten my hair will damage it. Is it really safe?

How do I know what temp setting?

These things are expensive, how can I make them last?

I have to make lots of passes on the same section, what am I doing wrong?

How will I know if the temperature setting is correct?

Final Verdict

Finding the best professional flat irons is easier today than ever before. You simply match the features of the iron to the type and texture of your hair to achieve salon results. Many of today's hair tool manufacturers keep searching out new technologies and materials to get the best results without drying out your hair.

Infrared heat, microprocessors, Nano technology, and quality plate materials have really improved the results you can get from flat irons compared to a few years ago. Variable temperatures with easy to read displays help you find and keep the temperature that works for your hair.

The best professional flat irons are easy and fun to use. With so many different plate types and temperature settings, it's easy to find the perfect one that fits your budget. Looking your best means feeling your best and with a little practice, you can start every day looking and feeling salon fabulous!


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