10 Best Flat Irons and Hair Straighteners of 2020 for Every Hair Types

Straightening the hair to look gorgeous is the dream of many women and even men. Achieving that perfect hairstyle requires a special tool. For that to be possible today, women rely on the best flat irons. Flat irons are also known as hair straighteners.

These are perfect hair styling tools. They contain flat plates, which can get hot, and touch together on sides of the hair to straighten it. In the process, it changes the hairstyle and texture. It creates beautiful curls and flowing hair waves and so on. When you apply the flat irons to the hair, they heat the hair follicles, trap its moisture, and remove frizz out the hair.

There are different kinds of flat plates on the market. They are produced from different materials. Because of that, they can be applied for different uses. Depends on flat plates and materials flat irons called, Ceramic flat iron, Titanium flat iron, Tourmaline flat iron and so on. The best flat iron depends on what you want to achieve, the hairstyle you want, as well as the quantity of heat you want to be produced. If you were finding it hard to make your choice, the information here would assist you.


Plate Material

Size(width in Inch)


Check Latest Price





Up to 450°F




Up to 392°F




250°F to 460°F



170°F to 450°F



Up to 410°F



Up to 400°F




240°F to 450°F




Up to 450°F



300ºF to 450°F

Wet to Dry,



Up to 400°F

The 10 Best Flat Iron Reviews

Are you finding it difficult to select the best flat irons? Other people are confused as well. It can be confusing, because of the various brands on the market. The types of materials used to produce it to determine the best flat iron.

The irons are supposed to deliver consistent heat. It is necessary that when you are making your choice, you have to opt for those that deliver consistent heat. This would make it straighten the hair without difficulties. It can straighten it just in a single pass. Different varieties of hair straighteners are available, but the best flat irons can be found in the ceramic models.

If you are looking for the best, look for those integrated with the latest tourmaline and ceramic technologies. These can offer the best results. The best flat irons can do a lot of things for you, which include a wave, curl, twist, as well as straighten your hair, and several other things.

To make things easier for you, the top ten best flat irons are reviewed here. This means that you can choose from any of them after considering their features, pros, and cons.

This is one of the best hair straightening irons on the market. The flat iron is exceptionally lightweight because of its compact design. It is an advantage because it makes it easier to work with. Because of the lightweight, wider sections of your hair can be easily straightened.

The BabylissPro Nano Titanium flat iron is produced with superior quality pure titanium plated irons. This makes it perfect and enhances the speed. Anytime the iron is used, it would deliver a smooth and perfect result.

The reason for this is simple and that is because Nano Titanium is a good heat conductor. When you use this product, it would deliver consistent heat. It is a perfect hair straightener. Negative ions are making for quicker straightening and bringing out your hair's natural moisture in the process.

The Nano Titanium Babyliss pro flat iron is extra long, as it is about five inches long. The heat can reach 450°F, thereby making it possible for more sections of the hair to be curled, straightened, or waved. Heat increases the speed and the straightening efficiency. Because of the efficiency of the flat iron, hand fatigue is reduced. Most importantly, it enhances the styling efficiency and so on.

The flat iron is an excellent investment for your hair styling items like me. It helps you to use it with a soft hand and gives your hair a more sleek and smooth feel. I definitely recommend you to collect the hair tools even you are the first time user on the band.

This product uses state of the art technology, and that is why it can compete favorably with similar products on the market. Apart from the fact that it is lightweight, because of the ultra thin profile feature, this product is easy and simple to use. It is cased with superior quality Ryton material. This material resists high heat. It is safe to use.

The flat iron is available in different plates, which include the two inches plate, 1-1/2 inch plates, and also 1 inch plate. The plate emits high infrared heat, because of this; it can penetrate to the hair and ensure a gentle and harmless strengthening in the process.


  • Titanium plate provides high heat, that helps to stop corrosion.
  • It strengthens the hair very well.
  • More than 50 heat settings, meaning that it can take care of every type of hair.
  • Extra long 5" plates for easy movement with no form of restrictions
  • Allows you to do a lot of things such as hair curling and so on.
  • It is lightweight, meaning that there would be no hand fatigue while using the product.


  • Because the flat iron is not long enough, it can lead to hair snagging

One of the most innovative flat irons. It works well because it ensures even and equitable heat distribution. The equitable heat distribution, the product releases a very good amount of negative ions as well as infrared. When the straightener is applied to the hair, the changes would be noticeable, as the hair will be smooth and silky.

CHI Original Pro is a classic flat iron, and it is the best for different kinds of hairs. It is suitable for any type of hairstyle you want. This is a great tool for hairstylists. With this product, you are going to wave, curl, smooth, as well as straighten your hairs.

This product features two 1-inch ceramic plates, and these work together to give you the type of hairstyle you want for yourself. If you heat the iron, it can smooth the hair starting from the root to the tip. It is possible to achieve at least one-inch increment.

It is going to raise the temperature rapidly to ensure that you get the required quantity of heat. The temperature can reach 392°F or 200 C. Moreover, it offers versatile hairstyling option. This flat iron is one of the best CHI flat irons on the market.

That means you can achieve any types of hairstyle you want to achieve. It is the most suitable device for curved designs. If you are looking for a tool to deliver a controlled curled, as well as waves in your hairs, you have to think of this product.

This is the CHI flat iron; I've been using the last few years with everyday use before it started losing heat output; after that, I tried with other flat iron but none lived up to this CHI model.


  • This flat iron emits enough quantities of heat and that makes it easier to do lots of hairstyles.
  • It is a versatile flat iron.
  • It distributes heat equitably.
  • Suitable for various kinds of hairs.
  • Eliminate frizz and static electricity.
  • Dual voltage allows you to use the flat iron internationally.


  • Extremely high temperature, this product may not be the best for all hairstyles

Karmin G3 is one of the best flat irons. It is good for home and for professional uses. It can be used for all kinds of hairs. The iron features a tangle free swivel cord. In addition to that, it heats very well and distributes its heat equitably. For different hairstyles you want to make, you can adjust the temperature to the most suitable level.

Karmin G3 is a versatile straightening device. This is because it is suitable for hair flipping, curling, as well as hair straightening. Moreover, the device can add volume to straight your hair. The product is perfect for anybody who uses it.

Karmin G3 Salon Professional Ceramic Flat Iron is more efficient and that is why you can achieve any hairstyle you want effortless. At the end of the styling, you are going to like the outcome. It would be shiny, silky and very smooth.

This super glossy and sleek iron is available in three different shapes. This means that it makes options available for you. You can choose those ones that are appropriate to your style and preferences. The flat iron heats rapidly, but you can set the temperature to the level that is suitable for your hairstyle. The temperature can be varied from 250 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit.

The device is easy to use and it would always deliver a quick and efficient result. This is possible because it is designed with the superior quality heating element. Because of this, it delivers flash and quick heating. It reduces hand fatigue, which stylists often complain about.

You can use this device in any country because it uses worldwide voltage range of 100 to 240V. This means that you can travel with it anywhere you go as it can be used in different countries.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It features Hologram security seal, meaning that it is safe to use.
  • Designed with pure tourmaline ceramic plates.
  • It has Adjustable temperature range from 250°F to 460°F.


  • Sometimes, it would be difficult to use in a long hair

Another great flat iron and hair straightener, that is KIPOZI 1 Inch Pro. It features everything you need such as a touch screen. The device switches itself automatically. It delivers saloon heat capacity of 450°F. In addition to that, it features a floating plate.

Moreover, it uses a double voltage of 360 degrees and more than that. If you are looking for an excellent hair straightener, you can always opt for this brand. It would turn you to a professional stylist. This is one plate that performs two salon tasks, which include hair curling and flat ironing.

The appearance is okay and that is because of the stylish design. Moreover, to deliver the required quantity of heat, it features high setting. This is to ensure that you use it. The temperature does not drop, which could affect the outcome of the job you are doing.

Apart from the high setting, the product also features multiple heat settings. It equally uses floating ceramic plates. This facilitates the hair straightening process. This Kipozi flat iron is to ensure that the hair does not damage in the process. Excess heat can damage the hair and that is why there is a provision for heat adjustment so that you can set it to the appropriate heat level.

You can see from the features above that this product is an advanced flat iron. It is not surprising that it can deliver high heat of 450°F, which is equivalent to salon heat. Most importantly, it featured floating plates as said earlier. This plate would simply glide through your hair, and make it smooth. It can be used for different kinds of hairstyling and that is why it is regarded as a versatile and easy to use the product. It would always deliver snag free hair styling.


  • Advanced heat setting capability.
  • It delivers double voltage and this means that it can be used in any part of the world.
  • It delivers professionally straightened hair.
  • It equally has a manual that guides you in how best to use the product.
  • It is lightweight, meaning that there would be no hand fatigue while using the product


  • The surface can easily heat up with the iron

This brand is a superior product that can always polish and smooth the hair strands without difficulties. It ensures that you have healthy and shiny hairs. For those who are looking for the best branded flat iron, this product is good for them.

This brand has been tested and it is capable of delivering perfect hair smoothing from the inside of the system to the outside of it. And it has been around for decades and they actually know what their customers are looking for.

When you use Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth, you do not have the need to visit the salon because this product would do that work for you.

Several interesting features make this brand great and here are some of them. The product has dual voltage and this means that it can be used in different parts of the world. You can travel with it anywhere you want to go. Moreover, the temperature can be controlled digitally. You can either increase the temperature, or you can reduce it, and it depends on what you want to achieve when you are using this product. Moreover, reading the temperature is not a problem because the reading can always be displayed.

It can heat up to 410°F and it can reach this high temperature within one minute. The heat recovery time is just 5 seconds. Moreover, the brand uses a ceramic plate of 1.25 inches and it is cushioned and fitted with beveled edges. Paul Mitchell Protools is an effective flat iron, and it features infrared technology, as well as a negative ion. The product has the best of features and that is why it would always deliver the best result for its users.


  • The flat iron is durable and it can serve for a longer period.
  • It features the most recent technologies and that is why it would always deliver the best results.
  • The brand heats fast and offers effective temperature control.
  • It works smoothly and effectively.
  • It works on dual voltage and can be used in different parts of the world.


  • It releases odor during the first use

BIO IONIC Flat iron is the professional choice for many hair stylists because of the great features. A renowned hairstylist found the brand. If you are looking for the perfect styling tool, you should not hesitate to use it.

Bio Ionic OnePass Flat Iron is facilitated hair straightening because of the speed with which it operates. Moreover, it delivers fine and shining hairs. It utilizes new tri strip technology. Because of that, it would always deliver smoother hairs at least three times better than similar products out there.

Most importantly, it contains NanoIonicTm Mineral and this does not only condition the hair, it smoothes and seals it. This is possible because it operates at the high temperature of four hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

The NanoIonic Mineral dries and hydrates damaged hairs. In the same way, it cans smoothes your flyaway hairs and controls hair frizz. This brand is great because it is going to create a shine and brilliance hair. Nonionic minerals are important because it performs several functions for the benefit of hair users. It emits negative ions, and this helps to break down water clusters. This water gets deep in the hair where it hydrates the air making it feel smooth and silky.

There are lots of things that set the brand apart from several others, and the most important among them is the superior technology, which it uses and that is why it would always deliver an efficient hairstyling. In terms of quality, it is superior to several other brands on the market today.


  • The brand features the superior Nanolonic Mineral cushion plate technology.
  • The system can heat up within the next five seconds.
  • It uses dual voltage and this means that it can be used in all parts of the world.
  • The maximum heat temperature is up to 400 degrees.
  • The product is light and it is easy to use.


  • It uses floating plate that is not suitable for all hair types.

This brand would always deliver a straight and shiny hair. If you are addicted to sleek hair, this is the flat iron, which delivers that hair look for you. This product is unique because it can be used for different kinds of hairstyling purposes.

This means that the brand is a versatile product. The product would instantly transform your hair into something marvelous and wonderful. This product features everything good you expect from this kind of flat iron. It uses ceramic ironing system. When you use it, it is going to hydrate your hair and make it shine.

This is possible because it uses infrared technology, which is the best that you can get in the industry. Because of the superior technology, the iron would penetrate deep into your hairs and give you the kind of hairstyle you have always desired.

Most importantly, it features dual voltage and this means that it is a worldwide product. The implication of this is that you can actually use this product in various parts of the world. It features one hundred percent solid ceramic tourmaline plates. This is the best plate in this industry and when you use it, your hair would be protected. Moreover, it would deliver an extra shine to your hairs. It can flip and curl your hairs and it would look as if it is a salon hair styled product.

The temperature can be adjusted up to 450°F and this means that it operates at a very high temperature. The temperature level can equally be adjusted and that is why it would always deliver a good result. Another nice feature is 360 swivels cord. Moreover, it features an ergonomic design. Because of this, it would deliver the type of hairstyle you want.


  • It features an automatic temperature adjustment.
  • The iron can get hot very fast.
  • The product offers good hair curling.
  • Infrared red technology ensures flexible hairstyling.


  • There is no automatic shutoff.

Rusk Engineering CTC is a professional ceramic straight iron and it is 1 ¼ inches in size. It is cased using a superior quality ryton material. The product features ceramic heater as well as titanium infused ceramic plates and uses sol-gel technology.

Because of the features, you can get the type of heat you want and you are going to get the type of results you want. Furthermore, the brand uses CTC professional ceramic iron. This is a superior type of iron because the strength level is put at 8. When you use it, your hair would be shiny, smooth, and straight.

This means that it is one of the best that you can lay your hands on the market today. To get the best result, ensure that you position the iron close to your hair root. You would be surprised at the quality you get. This Rusk Engineering flat iron is one of the best flat iron for african american hair.

This brand is manufactured in such a way that it would satisfy the standard of professional hairdressers. It is easy to use as it is lightweight, which means that there would be nothing like hand fatigue when you are using it.

This Rusk Flat Iron uses titanium infused ceramic iron and CTC technology. Because of this, it would achieve heat transfer from hair roots to other parts of the hair. Moreover, it uses sol-gel technology, and because of this, it would deliver a smooth glide. It ensures that your hair is always in an optimal condition.

The Rusk Engineering CTC Flat Iron also uses the best raw materials and that is why it conducts heat very well. When you apply it to the hair, it would always deliver the best result, because of the efficient technology. The temperature can be adjusted from 300 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and this can be displayed. The heating process does not take more than one minute.


  • It is perfect for hair curling.
  • It features LCD display.
  • The product is cased with ryton material.
  • The product features sol-gel technology and this ensures smooth styling.


  • There is no automatic cutoff

The brand is another superior quality flat iron, and it features a dual touch styler. This means that it would always deliver the required heat and this would ensure that your hairs are protected when you are styling it. When you use it, you are going to achieve a healthier styling.

The tool is perfect because you are going to achieve different kinds of hairstyles. The heat sensor is included and this ensures that you can actually detect when excess heat is applied to the system.

Because of this, it would ensure that your hairs are not damaged. When it detects excess heat, it would regulate it by normalizing with the hair temperature.

The product features keratin micro conditioner and this ensures that you have healthy skins. It does not emit oily residues and that ensures you have smooth skin. Moreover, it features a ceramic floating plate, which is one of the best. Because of that, it would deliver uniform heating as well as smooth glide. This product would always ensure an optimum hairgrip irrespective of the way you use the straightener.

Most importantly, it makes for different styling options. You can achieve different styling options, which include wavy, curls, straight as well as sleek hairs. It is going to achieve that because of the superior technology. LumaBella Keratin offers heat setting options and there is a total of five heat settings that range from 300º F to 450° F and this is for different kinds of styling options and hair types.


  • It features five heat settings, which range from 300ºF to 450°F.
  • The product has keratin and this ensures that it conditions the hair.
  • It can reduce the temperature when it is deemed too much.


  • The major complaint is that it does not feature hook where it can be hanged.

Another great product that is meant for those who want to achieve shiny and straight hair. It can be used for both dry and wet hair. When you use this flat iron, it is going to deliver the same result you would get if you had visited a salon.

Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron works very well as it can offer up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit heat. Moreover, excess water from the hairs would be vaporized instantly, and it can save you extra time.

Whether your hair is dry or wet, this product is going to straighten your hairs even before it is wet. It also features steam hydration, and that protects and that ensures that your hair does not over dry.

It does this by keeping the right type of moisture. It would always ensure that your hair is sleek and healthy. The brand can blow dry your hairs before it can actually straighten it. Remington Wet 2 Straight comes in two different sizes, the super slim 1-inch plates (model: S7901) is the straightener that can do everything for your hair, on other sides if your hair is long or very thick then 2-inch plates (model: S8001G) is blessed for you.

You can set the temperature range to the suitable level. This means that you can select the best temperature for your type of hair. It displays its temperature where you can easily observe it. This helps determine whether to increase or decrease the temperature.

When you order this product, you are going to get everything you need including the user guides. The makers of this flat iron have been in the business for the past seventy years. It is not surprising that they come forward with such a revolutionary product. Read more about the 


  • It makes shiny and soft hair.
  • There is little or no hair damage when you use this flat iron.
  • The brand is highly affordable despite the high-end services.
  • It is readily available.


  • It smells during the first time use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which flat iron type should I look for, is it tourmaline, iconic, ceramic or metal material?

A. When you are making your choice, the most important factor to consider is your hair type. This may help in determining the best material. However, in making that choice, it is important that you select the best quality materials out of the various brands on the market. The best materials used in producing flat irons are tourmaline, iconic as well as ceramic material. There are instances where companies combine these materials in making flat irons. Metal plate is equally good, but it is always better for those with less curly hairs. Metal plate is cheaper than the other types.

Q. What is the best temperature for my hair?

A. At least three important factors would guide the choice you make here, and they include your hair section, as well as your hair type, and the plate size. You should know that the highest setting in most cases is 410°F and the lowest in most cases is 170°F. Experts have recommended exposing your hairs to 347°F to 419°F in five minutes. It is better that you keep the temperature low.

Q. What is the best flat iron size should I use for my hair?

A. The flat iron width varies. Small sizes could be within ½ inch while large size is within 2 inches. The size you choose should depend on the size of your hair as well as the hairstyle that you want to make. Smaller widths are recommended for short hairs, while larger sizes are better for long hairs.

Q. Should I be cleaning my flat iron frequently?

A. It is recommended that you clean it after use because hair burnt and build up could reduce its effectiveness. Anytime you observe strange colors, it is recommended that you clean it. Clean it as many times as you can.

Q. What are major important features I should check before I buy flat irons?

A. There are lots of features to consider, only the most important would be mentioned here. You should know that features vary and it depends on brands.

However, when you are looking for one, consider the following features:

  • Automatic shut off/onBuilt in brushes and comb for hair straightening.
  • Cordless flat iron.
  • LCD or any other digital display.

Final Verdict

There are various kinds of flat irons on the market. Many of them have intimidating qualities such that many people will find it difficult to make their choice. To minimize the trouble for most people, the ten best top flat irons for 2020 are reviewed here. If you go through the reviews, you would discover the best ten.

Moreover, you would see the features, good, and bad aspects of each product and this can easily guide you in making your choice. All the ten products reviewed here were thoroughly tested before they were reviewed. This means that any of them can satisfy you. These ten are the best on the market today.

How To Choose The Best Flat Irons?

If you are looking for the best flat irons on the market, you can consider that help you to choose the best. It is important that when you are looking for one that you consider issues like maximum safety of the product. Because it uses electricity, the issue of safety is indispensable. The other important factor you should bear at the back of your mind is the issue of versatility.

Here are the other important features to look out for:

Type of material

The first thing to look out for is the type of material. When you are considering material, consider those that are suitable for your hair type. The best types on the market include tourmaline iron and ceramic. These are high quality materials and they are good for all the hair types. Another good material to consider is the titanium iron. This is equally good for most hairs, but it is best for thinner hairs.

Plate Width

You have to consider the plate width suitable for your needs, and your hair types. If you have short hair, then you should opt for small plates. Small plates are good for curling, crimping as well as straightening. You must consider your needs. In the same way, larger plates are better for those with long hairs. It is equally good for hair straightening


It is recommended that you choose those straighteners that can heat the hair to three hundred and sixty degrees Fahrenheit and more than that. This will deliver better results. In addition, you must consider the issue of versatility when you are looking for flat iron. If you get one with dual temperature, it is the best because you can use it anywhere you go. There are various models on the market as you know and it would be better if you choose one with temperature control.

The temperature should be adjusted to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit at least. This is the only way you can have an efficient flat iron. Temperature read out feature is the other factor to consider. Most of the brands on the market today feature a digital temperature readout, and this makes it easy for you to monitor the temperature and take an important decision about its control. You can easily learn when the iron is ready for use.

Shape and design

Moreover, when you are making your choice, you have to consider the shape and design. For those who want to create curls, it is better they look for rounded shape flat irons. These are some of the factors to consider when you are making your choice. You have to compare various flat irons on the market and check whether these features are available.

Not all these features may be available in all the brands on the market, but it is important you check the extent of their availability and make your decision based on that. Because of that, you have to read the reviews to discover, which features are available and those that are not available. If you make your choice based on these features, you are going to get the best flat iron on the market.

Ease of control

Another important feature to look out is ease of control. Because of that, those with auto-off feature are considered because they can minimize accident or fire as you use the product.

Cleaning tools

It is important that you keep flat iron clean after use. Because of this, you have to consider cleaning tools available with the product before you make your choice. Some of them are constructed with in-built comb and brush and so on. You must ensure that the flat iron is clean and smooth all the times because this is going to increase the efficiency of the product.

Other Consideration

Flat irons should have carrying bags. This would make it easy for you to convey it without exposing it to heat. Secondly, it is important that the product possesses a heat resistant mat. You can be traveling with the iron from place to place.

Because of that, it is important that you do not expose it to heat. It should always be protected from damage, and from fire. You must ensure that you use only the products with heat resistant mat and carry bag.

Another important feature to consider includes an iron holder. For your safety and convenience of you, you must look for a brand with iron holder. This would assist you in storing the flat iron safely after use.

Replacement plate is another feature to look out for when you are making your choice. It is better that you choose the models that have replacement plates. This is going to increase the lifespan of the straightener.

What Is The Best Flat Iron Brand?

There are lots of flat iron brands on the market today. It would be difficult to choose the best. Those considered as best are reviewed as follows:

Bio Ionic


This is one of the leading brands on the market. The brand is composed of high quality irons. These brands are high and they can be very expensive for most users. However, if you manage to lay your hands on the product you are going to enjoy it because of the superb features. This Bio Ionic brand is good, and it is one of the best on the market today. You have a lot to gain when you get this.


This company is well established and they have various products on the market. Their flat irons are available in different sizes and materials. The brands are good because of the ergonomic hands. This makes most of their products easy and comfortable to hold. If you want a brand that can straighten your hair, then you should look for any of Croc products. The major complaint is that the brand can get over hot sometimes. This means that you that you have to be cautious using the brand.

ISA Professional


Anytime makers of superior quality flat irons are mentioned, the name of ISA Professional would never miss. The company products are indeed a good brand and many people would like to use them because of their superior quality. They specialize in making superior quality hair straighteners, and because of the quality of their brand it can be expensive. If you have a stubborn, coarse, and thick hair that always prove very difficult to straighten, then you should always look for this product.

Paul Mitchell


Paul Mitchell iron is a popular brand and there are thousands of the brands in the US market alone. Their models are unique because they offer different kinds of features and that is why their products can be used in different hairstyles. The latest products specialize in hair straightening.

Some models on the market are a combination of ceramic and silicon iron. You can always achieve a frizz free look whenever you use the product because they provide the necessary hydration and conditioning that would always bring that to be.

HSI Professional


HIS Professional has achieved a reputation when it comes to the production of superior quality flat irons. Among other things, their products are known for their ergonomic handle. This means that it is not difficult for anybody to handle the flat iron. Furthermore, the brand features dual voltage setting. This means that most of the products can be used in other parts of the world. Furthermore, it features adjustable temperature controls, as well as cool down features and so on.



Remington is another superior brand that many people would like to have. When you use their brand, it would straighten your hair. Moreover, the brand is remarkable because it can fight frizz easily. Most of their products on the market today feature digital control feature, as well temperature lock settings. In addition to that, the feature of Remington is cordless wet and dry models, auto shut off feature and floating plates and so on.



Conair is another high quality brand on the market. This brand is available in many parts of the world. You can even get them at various retail shops across the country. Different kinds of models are available on the market and they include dry and wet models. Their setting features are the best and that is why the brand is very easy and simple to use. The brand Conair products are available in different plate sizes, designs, colors as well as sizes and so on.



The other superior quality product on the market is the CHI brand. The products are always great because they can straighten your hairs without difficulties. Moreover, heating setting is simple and easy. The design is ergonomic, and that is why most of their brands are user friendly. If you are looking for the perfect flat irons for hair flipping, curling, as well as straightening, then you should opt for this great brand.

Babyliss Pro


Babyliss has different kinds of flat irons on the market, and these cover various kinds of hairstyles. If you are looking for the perfect product for mid to longer hairstyles, you can always opt for their brand. They use titanium plates, which are known for its longevity. It is not surprising that this product would serve you for a long time. However, when you are using the Babyliss Pro, you should know that it can always be hotter than other irons out there.


This is another good quality flat iron. The brand is known for their affordability and that is why it is very popular among many people. They have flat irons for everybody including those for professionals, which can cost more. The brand Rusk is available in different colors, sizes, and designs. This means that you can always get what you want when you decide to use any of the products of the company. The brand is good.

Other brands

These are not the only flat iron brands on the market. There are several other brands. You have to read reviews or research the market to discover more brands. Other noticeable brands include the following:

Amika, Andis, PYT, Eber, Herstyler, Cortex, GVP, Royale and so on

How To Use Flat Iron?

Before you start to apply flat irons to your hairs, it is important that you prepare your hairs. To prepare your hair for straightening or curling, you can use conditioning and shampoo products. Use only those meant for that purpose. You can use even local shampooing or conditioning materials you find in the market. There is no need to go for the most expensive products here.

Wash your hairs and after washing it, you have to pat it to dry it. You can use your towel. This can help to remove water from your hairs. It is important that you dry your hairs after showering so that as to prevent excess frizz. When the hair is still wet, you can always apply heat treatment and thermal protection serum. This is because it would make it easy for you to spread it very well to all parts of the hair.

Use flat Iron

It would ensure that clumps are not created in the process. After you have successfully applied it, you must comb your hairs using a wide toothed comb for a better combing after applying the serum or heat treatment product. When it comes to the straightening of the hair, it must not be wet. You have to blow dry it. It is better that you straighten your hair when it is dry. Some people would prefer to do theirs when it is wet. The choice is yours.

When it is dry, the flat iron would work better. Most importantly, it would ensure that heat does not shock the hair and prevent breaking off in the process. When you use flat irons to straighten your hair, it is recommended that you use it in layers. You can achieve the best result when you begin the straightening process from the bottom to the top layers of your hairs.

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Before you start applying the flat irons, it is better to clip at least 3/4th of the hairs. This is good for those with thin hairs. However, you have to determine the number of layers you want for your hairs before you begin to clip it.

However, while running the irons you have to bear at the back of your mind that this should be done once. If there is any need for another run, then it is in this section of their hairs that are too thick. When you have clipped the hair, the ironing process has to start from the bottom layer of the hairs to the upper layer. You can iron 1-inch section and then clamp the iron close to the scalp.

Ensure that clamping is as close as possible. Then you have to pull down the iron down the hair length and this has to be done gently and slowly. While doing this, heat setting is very important and because of that, you have to read the direction to know the appropriate heat setting to apply. The direction would inform how long to leave the iron on the hair.

When you are through with the bottom layer, then you create another layer above it, and you do this simply by clipping your hair up again. Repeat the same procedure on this layer and so on. This is the way to go through your hairs layer by layer. If for instance that your hairs are frizzy or dry, then you can first apply serum gloss such as guy classic shine gloss serum or Toni to the system. Rub this between your palm and your hands.

This would bring about an extra shine and that would equally help keep the hair secured. If you want to keep the hair frizzes at the hairline, then you can apply hair spray on a toothbrush and have it brushed down. Apart from using flat irons to straighten your hairs, you can equally use it add waves to your hair. The procedure is also not difficult. You can create formation in your hair using flat iron. There are several other things that you can do in your hair using Flat Irons.

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