Xtava Hair Dryer Review And Buying Guide

Xtava Hair Dryer

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Hair drying is something many people take for granted. A majority don’t realize that you can easily damage your hair’s health by incorporating the wrong hair dryer into your hair drying routine.

Therefore, it is paramount to find the right brand of hair drying tools. It can be frustrating to settle on one brand of hair dryers because the market is so flooded with new hair tools.

With all this confusion, Xtava hair dryer review, the Xtava brands have remained relevant over many years now. Below is a review of some of its topline hair dryer units that are still ruling the hair world throne.

xtava 1875-Watt Pro Hair Dryer

xtava 1875-Watt Pro Hair Dryer

The xtava is a brand that has taken hair straightening to the next level. It is a great performer, and that’s why it is loved by many. One of its hair dryer products doing so well in the market is the xtava 1875-Watt Pro Hair Dryer.

Many people wonder why? But the simple answer is pretty simple; it dries up hair. Within the shortest time possible, it leaves it frizz free, especially for individuals who suffer from hair frizz.

Furthermore, it is safe to use hot hair tools that will maintain your hair’s health for as long as you use them. This pro hair dryer will ensure you are the envy of the town by maintaining your hair’s natural shine and giving you a smooth and sleek finish.

Without further ado, let’s discuss some of its features to understand the Xtava 1875-Watt Pro Hair Dryer better for all hair types.

Adjustable Heat Settings

Most manufacturers forget that people have different hair types that would need different heat temperatures to achieve a straightened or for hair drying purposes. This is the gap that the Xtava brand noticed and covered.

Whether you rock long, thick coarse hair or the short delicate and soft ones, this hair dryer has different heat settings that will take care of each hair type to ensure everybody is accounted for and get desirable results.

There is a heat button for the thick, coarse ones and an alternative for delicate and damaged hair. In the instance where you do not want to subject your hair to a lot of heat, feel free to switch to the general drying option that is relatively cooler.

These settings do not end there as there is a bonus set that you can use to bring out the finishing touch. This is the part that leaves our hair looking sleek, or for achieving different styles that you would like to incorporate.

Speed Settings

We are living in a fast world where everybody is always on the go. Nobody likes to be in a situation that slows them down. Not only that but even using any kind of tool that slows them down.

Lately for something to sell, it must be a great performer, not only that but also perform in the shortest time possible. Hence the Xtava brand is following this trend by equipping this unit with 2-speed settings.

If you feel the first level is slow, feel free to adjust it to the next level for a fast-drying process. This will save you the much-needed time that you can use in taking care of other situations.

Compact Design

We are in an era where the smaller something is the better. Nobody wants to go through the hassle of carrying something that’s heavy. It even becomes uncomfortable to use as the weight exerted on your hand is just too much.

Therefore, the xtava brand is coming up with a good size unit that is small but light in weight. Because of that, the hair dryer units are comfortable to lift and conveniently work on your hair to bring out desirable results.

They are easy to store as they don’t take up much space. During travel, it is possible to easily pack and travel the world while ensuring your hair is looking good.

Cool Shot Button

The Xtava 1875-Watt Pro Hair Dryer is not only for hair drying purposes. It straightens your hair as well as a great hot tool for hair styling purposes.

With a cool shot button, this unit can reduce frizz to a minimum, bring out that smooth shiny look and boost all the trendy and high-end hairstyles you admire from the fashion magazine.

Xtava Pro Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Xtava Pro Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Another great hair dryer unit from the xtava brand is the Xtava Pro Hair Dryer with Diffuser. Like the 1875 version, this is a classic unit that is a hair dryer, straightener and can also be used for hair design purposes.

The difference comes when this unit comes with a diffuser, whereas its 1875 version has not been equipped with one. It is familiar and a favorite to many hair dryer tools and below are some of the features it comes with.


In each and every professional salon you walk into, the conversation is always the same, how to acquire the big volume hair design. This trend has ruled the airwaves for a while and it seems like it’s going nowhere.

One of the ways of achieving this hair design is by using a hair dryer incorporated with a diffuser, a feature that is present in this hair dryer unit.

Since it became public knowledge, a majority have ditched the salon and have taken to doing it themselves hair projects thereby saving them a few notes. The thing that makes this particular hair dryer with diffuser one of the most sought after is construction.

These two items are well attached and will hardly disassemble, especially when making your hair. Furthermore, it is a great size 1.8 inches in diameter to be precise, a good size to well capture the hair and enhance the desired look.

Extra-Long Cord

Most hot air tools, if not all come with a standard 5-foot-long cord of connectivity. This causes a lot of inconveniences when working on your hair or even a client’s hair.

The short cord does not give you the freedom to move around. It sometimes gets very uncomfortable t the point where you cannot achieve certain hair looks.

Unlike those other hair dryer units, Xtava Pro Hair Dryer with Diffuser comes with an almost 9-foot-long connectivity cord. This gives you the room to maneuver and give your hair or your client’s hair the best look possible.

Extra-Long Bristles

These features favor people with long and thick coarse hair. It’s not always easy to penetrate through the thick layered hair. However, with extra-long bristles that have been embossed in this hair dryer, penetration becomes easier.

Further facilitates the root to the tip drying, a factor that overall fastens the process of drying and straightening the hair. This is reinforced by the fact that it comes with a good ventilation system that promotes the flow of air and fastening up the drying process.

Power Wattage

This unit comes with a power wattage of 1875, some people might argue that it is too much and others would defend it back and say that it is too average. However, this is the power that is recommended by certification standards bodies.

It is enough power to elevate heat to the right temperature and ensure individuals get the best-desired results irrespective of the hair texture and type.

ALCI Safety Plug

In everything that we do, safety has to come first and this is something that the xtava brand has incorporated in their unit. If an electrical fault happens when using this unit, you don’t have to worry about getting shocked.

With this plug present, you are protected from such accidents that might be dire and, in the worst case land you in the emergency room.

Why Is Xtava The Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair?

Unlike other hair dryers, the xtava hair dryer comes embossed with a diffuser. This is a big plastic attachment placed on the mouth of the hair dryer and is used to disperse air into the hair.

The thing that makes the diffuser stand out and is compatible with curly hair is its ability to cover a large surface simultaneously. This greatly reduces the distraction of curls. On the other hand, it boosts the curls giving them a clean and fresh and silky look.

How To Use Xtava Hair Dryer?

First and foremost, ensure that your hair is clean. Use the xtava heat protectant spray or any other good quality heat protectant spray and sprinkle it on your already washed hair. Take a comb and comb out the hair to make sure all the strands get the spray.

As some of you might not be aware, the spray protects your hair cuticles and has different nutrients that overall nourish your hair.

Moving on swiftly, take the hair dryer out of its case and connect it to the wall socket. Switch it on and let it blow dry for a few seconds to gather up the heat. If your hair is thick or coarse and soaking wet, you can adjust the temperature to high heat settings.

However, if you have medium, delicate, or damaged hair, use medium and low heat temperature settings to avoid heat hair damage. Depending on how fast you want the hair dryer to run, you can adjust the speed appropriately.

If you are working on your hair, it would be advisable to work in Infront of a mirror to monitor the results. If you have big hair, working on it in sections is also advised. Gently apply the heat on each section until your hair is completely dry.

If you are going for the volume look, you can replace the hair dryer head with a diffuser when it’s almost dry and gently work on it until you get the desired result.

After finishing, simply switch off the dryer and unplug it from the wall. Wait for it to cool off then wipe it and store it in a safe drawer.

Alternatively, if it has a hanging pin, you can hang it on a high wall where it’s not within reach of small children or will not knock someone’s head when he or she is passing.

How Does A Diffuser Work On Hair?

While using a diffuser, one has to maintain a circular motion movement. This is what prompts our hair volume, bringing out the voluminous look.

Individuals will naturally curl or want to achieve the wavy hair style, the circular motion movement to what boosts and springs out the curls respectively.


Is the Xtava hair dryer too loud?

The Xtava hair dryer is not loud, and neither is it quiet. It emits sound vibrations that we can handle comfortably for a short period of the hair drying process.

Does the Xtava hair dryer have a concentrator nozzle and does it rotate?

Yes, the Xtava hair dryer has a concentrator nozzle and, for that matter a standard quality that rotates.

Does the Xtava have a diffuser?

Other versions come with no diffuser i.e. the xtava 1875 hair dryer and some that come with a diffuser,, a good example being the Xtava Pro Hair Dryer with Diffuser.

Is the Xtava hair dryer a dual voltage product?

No. The Xtava hair dryer is not a dual voltage product and cannot be used in areas other than the USA. However, you can spend a few notes to purchase an adapter that will allow you to use it in areas that don’t share the same voltage system as the USA.

At The End Of The Day

With good-looking and healthy hair, you get the confidence to go around and beat the day’s hassle. It goes without saying, hair dryers are a vital unit for our morning routine.

Not only that but our everyday life. Therefore, head out there and acquire Xtava Hair Dryer or any other best hair dryers to suit your taste and preference.

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