Ceramic Flat Irons Guide & Resources

When it comes to flat irons, the ceramic flat iron is probably the most popular kind of all hair straighteners out there. It is available in various ranges both for use at home and at a professional salon.

The best ceramic flat iron provides you with a set of smooth ceramic plates that evenly distribute heat as well as protects your hair from any types of heat damage. Keep in mind that not all are the pure ceramic; there are those which are made from aluminium and coated with ceramic.

Though it is more affordable, one of the biggest disadvantages of these ceramic-coated flat irons is that it tends to peel or chip with constant use. So make sure to always double check the make of the plates before buying one right away.

When buying, remember that the price is not always the way to determine if what you will get is the best ceramic flat iron. Always look for the ceramic flat iron with pure ceramic or solid ceramic in its label or box.

Recommended Ceramic Flat Irons (After Rigorous Testing)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Ceramic Flat Irons

What type of hair do Ceramic Flat Irons work best?

Ceramic flat irons work best with fine hair. It distributes heat evenly so your hair will not be burned from the heat. It also works well with thick hair because it produces extra negative ions which will lessen the frizz in your hair leaving it with a silky and smooth finish.

Is it good for curling hair?

Those ceramic flat irons which are designed slimmer with rounded edges are best for curling hair.

Does it have the automatic shut-off?

Most ceramic flat iron brands come with the automatic shut-off feature. Make sure to check the features listed at the back of the box or check online reviews about the product you are eyeing.

Can I use this with my wet hair?

There are brands which can be used with wet hair. However, it is recommended to use it on damp hair, so towel dry your hair first before using and always read the instructions that come with your ceramic flat iron to avoid any accidents.

How do I clean the plates?

Before cleaning the ceramic plates, make sure it is turned off has completely cooled down, then simply wipe down the plates of your ceramic flat iron using a somewhat damp cloth. Also, clean around its edges carefully to get rid of any hair products.

Does the outside get hot?

The handle of most models stays cool but it is recommended to use a curling or straightener iron mat in order to protect the surface of your flat iron when placing it down while using it.

Does it come with dual voltage?

Most ceramic flat irons come with a dual voltage (110v-120v) feature. This allows you to use it when traveling outside of the country.

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