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Best Flat Irons For Damaged Hair

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Last Updated on April 21, 2022

Damaged hair is generally associated with heat.

Are you afraid to straighten your hair using hot hair tools as they cause further damage?

Manufacturers have devised new technologies that come with the new generation of flat irons that are very much effective for straightening damaged hair.

Instead of damaging further, the new flat iron is constructed to spearhead the way to recovery of your hair health.

Are you searching for the best flat iron for damaged hair?

I have done and completed a list of the 9 best quality flat irons for your hair available in the market today.

Best Flat Irons For Damaged Hair Comparison Chart

ProductPlate MaterialPlate SizeTemperaturePrice
BaBylissPRO Straightening IronNano Titanium1'', 1.5", 2"Up to 450°FCheck Price
BIO IONIC OnepassSilicone1''Up to 400°FCheck Price
HSI Professional GliderCeramic1''Up to 450°FCheck Price
NITION Professional SalonCeramic1''Up to 450°FCheck Price
INFINITIPRO BY CONAIRCeramic1'', 1.25", 1.75"Up to 455°FCheck Price
KIPOZI Hair StraightenerTitanium1''Up to 450°FCheck Price
CHI G2 Hairstyling IronCeramic1.25"Up to 425°FCheck Price
VOLOOM Classic VolumizingCeramic1.5"Up to 395°FCheck Price
FURIDEN ProfessionalCeramic1"Up to 450°FCheck Price

Top 9 Flat Irons For Damaged Hair Review

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron



Size:1”, 1.5″, 2″
Temperature:Up to 450°F
Weight:1 Pound

Damaged hair comes with a lot of challenges. It is even frustrating when different brands and some professional advising use a good quality hot hair tool on your damaged hair.

However, after thorough research and development, the team of expertise at Babyliss pro has come up with a flat iron that works better in the salon for individuals with healthy hair and those with damaged hair. It comes embossed with a variety of features. 

First and foremost, it comes equipped with nano titanium plates. As much as the titanium plates emit ultra-high heat, the manufacturers added the ceramic heater that comes with the gentle infrared heat.

This hot hair tool has featured 50 heat settings. The flat iron gives you the flexibility to calibrate low heat settings in the instance where you have damaged hair and high heat settings for individuals with thick and coarse hair.

Additionally, the plates are elongated. For that reason, you can manage your hair quickly and save yourself lots of time. This unit is light in weight and allows for a comfortable grip when working on your hair or a client’s hair.


  • Small and portable design perfect for travel.
  • Multi-purpose use – can be used for hair drying, straightening, and hair styling.
  • It has an adjustable heat setting.
  • Uniform heat distribution to prevent further hair damage.
  • Smooth plates that easily glide on your hair.


  • It does not have the automatic shut off function.

2. BIO IONIC OnePass Straightening Iron


Temperature:Up to 400°F
Weight:9.6 Ounces

When straightening your damaged hair, you want a hot hair tool that will be a good quality flat iron that works for damaged hair. That is the best choice of what this Bio Ionic OnePass featured.

As its name suggests, it is a one-pass straightening iron. The one-pass feature has been reinforced by the fact that it comes constructed with silicone speed strips that provide enough heat to straighten your hair with one pass.

Not only that, but the silicone plates were incorporated to tackle individuals with fine, delicate, or damaged hair. As an illustration, you find that it will smoothly glide through your hair, preventing the common tugging problem that mostly pulls out hair strands promoting hair damage.

It featured Nanoionics minerals infused that play a major role in instant heat and heat recovery in the situation where temperatures go down. Advanced natural technology has been incorporated in this unit, to facilitate fast hair drying.

Furthermore, it facilitates hair hydration, a factor that leaves your hair ingested with the right nutrients for a fast recovery process.


  • Silicone speed strips allow quick straightening.
  • Nanoionics minerals emit negative ions.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Safe to use hot hair tools.
  • Portable design that is easy to store away.


  • Not suitable for all hair types.

3. HSI Professional Glider



Temperature:Up to 450°F

This brand has packaged this flat iron with everything that an individual who has hair damage needs to start their hair straightening journey. First and foremost, this is the unique design hot hair tool that features some of the most advanced technologies.

It is a digital unit that features micro sensors that have been incorporated with the heat balance technology to regulate the temperatures emitted, preventing further hair damage.

Its plates are ceramic infused and have special unique tourmaline crystals that will gently penetrate infrared heat into the hair, leaving it looking silky and shiny. 

Another feature is the flexibility that comes with its adjustable heat settings from 140-450°F that gives you control, especially in the instance where you want to achieve different hairstyles.

Finally, it comes packaged with hair treatment oil that will give your hair essential nutrients to facilitate recovery and gloves to prevent heat burns on your hands.


  • It is a dual voltage hot hair tool that can be used anywhere in the world.
  • Adjustable heat settings eliminate frizz.
  • Light in weight design that is perfect for travel.
  • Micro sensors Prevent further hair damage.
  • It has a high drying power.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It is slightly expensive.

4. NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener


Temperature:Up to 450°F
Color:Champagne Gold
Weight:9.17 Ounces

The features incorporated in this flat iron make it safe to use but perfect for all hair textures and types are it healthy or damaged. It is a 5 in 1 hot hair tool that features the Nano Silver, Argan oil, Tourmaline & Titanium infusion.

All this player infused together brings out perfect ceramic coated plates that are great at reducing hair frizz and will smoothly glide and comb through your hair, preventing tugging and pulling out of hair strands. Because of this, further hair damage is reduced to a minimum. 

The plates are a special elongated version that will straighten your hair and be incorporated when it comes to styling the high-end hair design you admire. It is easy to use straightener that comes structured with buttons that are simple to operate.

Not only that but there is the presence of an LCD screen that displays easy-to-read and analyze information. If you forget to shut it off, this is a smart technology flat iron that will automatically shut off after 60 minutes of it lying idle.


  • It comes with heat resistant gloves.
  • Instant heat up.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • High-quality construction that is strong and durable.
  • It is a dual voltage unit hence perfect for travel continentally.


  • The flat iron gets too hot; hence it easily burns your hands, especially when one is not using hand gloves.

5. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron


Size:1”, 1.25″, 1.75″
Temperature:Up to 455°F
Weight:1 Pound

Some of the most advanced technologies have been integrated into the construction of this hot hair tool to make it safe to use, especially if you have delicate, fine, or damaged hair. For this reason, it features a unique combo of ceramic and tourmaline plates.

While the tourmaline plays the role of producing negative ions for fast hair drying, reducing frizz and static energy, its ceramic counter produces uniform heat that gently penetrates the hair preventing further damage from heat. 

Since the ceramic material is a good conductor, the plates tend to heat up faster and maintain the temperature calibrated for a uniform hair look outcome.

The plates are not only floating to prevent tugging and pulling out of hair strands, but they come with extra length that supports hair styling purposes.


  • Budget flat iron.
  • Different heat settings with 15-second heat-up time.
  • Quality material that offers a comfortable grip.
  • Perfect for all hair types.
  • It has an automatic shut off function.
  • Easy to use.
  • It has a high drying power.


  • If not clean regularly, it will not work perfectly.

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6. KIPOZI Titanium Plates Professional Flat Iron

KIPOZI Titanium Plates Professional Flat Iron


Temperature:Up to 450°F

Life has become so fast; it is not easy to find time to allocate for salon appointments. Not only that, but this service comes at a costly price that one would not wish to spend, especially during these harsh economic times.

However, the Kipozi brand has invented some favorite flat irons for professional use but is a simple operation for everyday home use.

It is an infusion of titanium plates with an advanced PTC ceramic heater that will facilitate faster hair drying and straightening and prevent the common hair breakage that most people complain about. What intrigues me is its adjustable temperature settings.

That gives you the flexibility to calibrate the right temperature setting that goes hand in hand with your hair texture and type preventing further damage, especially for individuals who are on the road to nursing their hair back to health.

Unlike other flat irons that have the only plate, this brand has incorporated 3D floating plates. With this number of floating plates, there is no way you will experience the pulling and tugging of hair that leads to hair breakage.


  • Multi-purpose use i.e. apart from straightening and drying of hair, can also be used for styling purposes.
  • Instant heat up.
  • The 450℉ heat gets hair straight quickly.
  • Swiveling cord that is easy to maneuver when working on our hair or clients.
  • It is a dual voltage unit that can be used worldwide.
  • Portable design perfect for travel.


  • Its plates are not extended enough; hence it’s not suitable for people with long hair.

7. CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Straightening Iron

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron


Temperature:Up to 425°F
Weight:15.87 Ounces

The flat irons are also favorite from the CHI brand that has been designed to give out professional-grade hair looks. Its construction features an upgraded design. A good example is its built-in screen that displays information that is easy to analyze.

Unlike the other version of flat irons that had less heat setting, this unit comes with an adjustable heat setting, making it compatible with different hair types and textures. 

We have 0-370 degrees for fine, fragile, and damaged hair, 375 -395 degrees for medium and wavy hair, and finally the 400 – 425 degrees for thick and coarse hair textures.

Its ceramic plates can administer infrared heat that penetrates your hair preventing hair damage from heat. Not only that, but it reduces frizz while at the same time hydrating your hair, leaving it looking shiny and healthier than before.


  • 40-second heat up time.
  • Ceramic and Titanium infused plates.
  • LCD display.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • Suitable to use on all hair types.
  • Portable design and perfect for travel use.


  • No information.

8. VOLOOM Classic 1 1/2 Inch Volumizing Hair Iron

VOLOOM Classic 1 1/2 Inch Volumizing Hair Iron


Temperature:Up to 395°F
Weight:1.79 Pounds

The next generation of styling comes with this flat iron that is not only for hairstyling purposes, but it offers outstanding performance, especially when it comes to achieving the voluminous hair look.

The flat iron features ceramic coated plates perfect for people who have delicate, fine, and damaged hair. The plates are constructed to emit infrared heat that will tenderly and uniformly slip into your hair, preventing heat damage. 

This volumizing hair iron comes with a lot of flexibility. It has an adjustable temperature unit that is ideal for use when you want to determine the temperature that is compatible with your hair texture.

It comes with a 360-degree swivel cord that is not only long but swivels for easy movement when working on your hair or a client’s hair in a salon.


  • Constructed with quality material that is strong and durable.
  • Give long-lasting hair volume.
  • Used VOLOOM technology.
  • It is easy to use a hot hair hand tool.
  • It is comfortable to hold.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.


  • It can not be used to straighten hair.

9. FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener

FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener


Temperature:Up to 450°F
Weight:1 Pound

Among the flat iron brands, nothing comes close to beating the unique construction that comes with this straightener. It is a new design that comes with straightening purposes but is perfect for achieving the numerous hairstyles you admire from high-end fashion magazines.

It is a rapid heat-up hot hair tool that will maintain the absorbed heat to easily glide through your hair, preventing snagging and tugging of hair that causes hair breakages. Whether you have fine, delicate, or damaged hair to the thick and coarse hair texture. 

This FURIDEN flat iron works perfectly on both sides. With adjustable heat settings, it gives you the flexibility to adjust the temperature to a desirable level to achieve desirable results.

Its connector cord is a special construction that is not only long but swivels for easy movement when working on your hair. Finally, its outer case features some of the best and high-quality material that is strong and will serve you for a long time.


  • Durable, Lasts Longer.
  • Heats quickly within 15 seconds.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Portable design that is perfect for travel.
  • It is a dual voltage product that can be used worldwide.
  • Auto shut off system.
  • It easily glides through any hair texture.
  • It comes with a case for storage purposes.


  • It is slightly expensive.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Flat Iron For Damaged Hair

You can always consider several key features when purchasing the flat iron to ensure no further hair damage and flexibility when it comes to function. The elements to consider include:


Different brands of flat iron come embossed with different temperature settings. Thus, it becomes easy to choose the one that goes hand in hand with your hair texture and type.

If you have delicate, fine, or damaged hair, you will have to choose the one that has low-temperature calibrations. The temperatures suitable for this hair type mostly fall under the 300 to 325 degrees range.

However, some come with adjustable temperature settings. With this option, you have control and flexibility to test different levels of heat temperatures and reach a suitable one that will not cause further damage to your already damaged hair.

Type Of Plates

We all know too well that subjecting already damaged hair to excess heat will cause further damage. Thus, one is supposed to choose a flat iron that will not absorb too much heat.

In this case, tourmaline and titanium plates will not be good options. They tend to get and emit very hot temperatures. However, we have ceramic plates that can absorb heat but not too much heat to the point that it causes damage more to your already damaged hair.

The ceramic plates emit infrared heat that will gently penetrate your hair. Finally, the ceramic plates have the ionic power that results in delivering not only shiny but healthy-looking hair.


When purchasing the flat iron, consider the voltage it comes with. If the voltage capacity goes hand in hand with the voltage in your area well and good.

However, if you are a constant traveler i.e., traveling for vacation and business trips to different parts of the world, you might want to acquire a flat iron unit with a dual voltage capacity.

The only thing you will need is to spend a few coins getting a travel adapter, and there is then when you can traverse the continent with your hair looking good. However, if the brand you have settled on does not have a dual voltage unit, you can always employ a voltage converter.

Floating Plates

The one problem that flat irons are associated with is pulling, snugging, and tugging of hair. This causes hair breakage and even further damage to people who have weak hair strands.

But manufacturers are taking care of this unit by incorporating floating plates. In combination with the ceramic material that emits enough heat, the floating plates will easily glide through your hair preventing this problem and even further hair damage.

The more the number of plates, the smooth operation you will experience. There are those that have one plate and others feature up to 3 plates.

Is Titanium Or Ceramic Better For Damaged Hair?

I like distinguishing these two materials differently. The titanium is the faster version. For those who do not know, the titanium material tends to absorb very high heat temperatures and at the same time naturally produce negative ions.

Therefore, the negative ions will infuse with the positive ions in water to create a neutral charge. With the high heat temperatures, there are high drying power and straightening of hair within the shortest time possible.

If you are using the titanium flat iron on already damaged hair, there is a possibility of further damage due to the high temperatures emitted and subjected.

On this other end, we have the ceramic plates from extensive research; I find it the safe option. They can absorb the high temperatures, but it’s not as much as the titanium plates’ level. Moreover, ceramic plates can produce infrared heat.

The heat penetrates gently into your hair and uniformly. This reduces hair damage to a minimum. Furthermore, the ionic strength that comes with this plate hydrates your hair leaving it smooth, shiny, and healthy.

FAQ’s & Answer

Do I need to use hair protection spray before straightening?

Yes, you do. The hair protection spray protects your hair from heat damage, but its ingredients also contain natural oil and nutrients that will boost both your hair growth and nurse it back to health in the case where it is damaged.

My flat-iron gets hot to a point where it is uncomfortable to hold. What can I do?

There are flat iron brands that come embossed with high heating material plates like titanium and tourmaline. You can always employ the use of a heat-resistant glove to protect your hands against heat burns.

Can I use my flat iron to style my hair?

Absolutely yes. The flattest iron comes with the capacity to style the hair. You can always consider the ones with elongated plates that are flexible to use, especially when you want to achieve different hair designs.

What is a dual voltage flat iron?

This is a flat iron hair tool that features the dual voltage capacity of all the regions in the world. This makes these units perfect for travel and flexible to be used anywhere in the world.


Nobody has an excuse to wear their hair shabby in the name of hot hair tools that cause further damage to already damaged hair.

You complained, and different brands researched and came up with the solution, which is the best flat iron for damaged hair that is perfect for this hair type without further hair damage.

From the above article pick one and steer your hair back to recovery why maintain the sleek look always.

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