Megainvo Professional Steam Flat Iron Review

Megainvo Professional Steam Flat Iron Review

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Ever been on a seemingly unending chase for a good quality Flat Iron? I know your answer is an automatic yes. I have been there myself. I had tried a number of flat irons that disappointed me in a big way. The kind of disappointments like less than the required heat, getting my hair burnt, or my hot iron ending up damaged after a few times of using it, pushed me to keep on searching until I found the right one.

Now, the truth is, I finally came across the kind of service that I had missed in all the others. Megainvo Professional Steam Flat Iron came my way, though at the verge of giving up. This flat iron is all about durability, and affordability and it gives me the kind of quality I had desired and missed for a long time in all the others.

Megainvo Professional Steam Flat Iron

Megainvo Professional Flat Iron Is Best For You; But Why?

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Adjustable Heat Temperatures

Megainvo steam iron has 6 heat levels that you can use to adjust the temperatures to your liking. The LCD display allows you to see the heat settings as you adjust them. This way, you are able to select the amount of heat that goes with your hair texture. From light to coarse hair, all that is taken care of due to this feature. You are assured of not ending up with burnt or partially done hair.

Leaves Your Hair Nourished

The kind of technology that this Flat Iron uses ensures that your hair is not deprived of moisture. It converts the water into steam resulting in hair that is well hydrated and nourished all time round. You won’t have to walk around with hair that looks dull and with split ends. With Megainvo Professional steam Flat Iron, you end up getting that shiny and well-nourished hair.

Long Lasting Straightening Effect

This Flat Iron doesn’t just stop at giving your hair a worthy straightening finish. It goes beyond that. The reason I say this is because once you are done straightening your hair, you remain with that straight, hydrated and shiny look for a long time. This kind of effect lasts for quite a while, you can never be disappointed. Yes, that is the kind of effect that you can only get from Megainvo Flat Iron.

Infra-red Technology

The bottom of the Megainvo Steam Flat Iron is made up of a material called tourmaline. This material heats up through the infra-red technology resulting in disinfected and activated scalp cells. This kind of action ensures that your hair doesn’t lose its moisture. The end result of all this is shiny and elastic straightened hair.

Megainvo Steam Flat Iron

Key Features

  • 6 temperature levels with LED display
  • Infra-red technology
  • Steam design
  • Dual voltage from 110-240V
  • One hour auto-shutoff
  • 2.5M long flexible swivel cord that turns up to 360⁰
  • Lightweight at 850g
  • 10ml tank capacity for water
  • Water filling bottle
  • Gloves
  • User manual
  • A heat-resistant portable bag

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Megainvo Pros And Cons

  • Evenly distributed heat.
  • Has a Quad Core Heater for safety purposes.
  • Has a fireproof rubber that prevents fire.
  • plusHas no radiation and can be used even on children.
  • plusAuto shuts off after 1 hour.
  • plusIts dual voltage nature allows it to be used anywhere.
  • plusThe internal heat protector makes it shut off once it overheats.
  • plusComes with a portable bag that is heat resistant.
  • Prolonged usage may damage hair.
  • Possibility of being scalded by steam if no precautions are taken.
  • May not be easy to use because it requires procedures to release air, open it and fill it with water.
  • Considering that it’s a steam iron, you may have to refill it a number of times before you are done with your hair straightening procedure.

Megainvo Professional Steam Flat Iron FAQs

The best way to avoid any kind of injuries to your hand is by wearing gloves for as long as you are using the flat iron.

This gadget is very safe for you and your baby. It does not release any kind of radiation, thus safe for everyone including young children.

Final Verdict

Nothing is as satisfying as finally discovering something that gives you the best service whenever you need it. Megainvo Professional Steam Flat Iron is designed in such a way that you achieve the desired results for your hair.

It leaves your hair lustrous, straight, well-nourished and strong. Using it ensures that your hair gets the kind of tender treatment that it deserves. Beyond this ability to leave your hair well-nourished and shiny, this Flat Iron is one of the most affordable hair gadgets that you can ever come across.

With all these qualities, this is the kind of Flat Iron that you cannot afford to miss in your home. It gives you what you want anytime and anywhere.

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