Our 8 Best Smelling Hairsprays – 2024

Best Smelling Hairspray

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Clean hair that smells nice is hard to beat. With a good-smelling hair spray, you get to make your hair smell great. However, finding a perfect spray for your hair can be daunting if you don’t know the brands to look for. There are many alternatives available in the market, and as such, you should be choosy and selective about the hair spray you buy.

Luckily, we have done all the research for you and compiled a list of the best smelling hairsprays available on the market. In the list, you will get to discover some of the best hair sprays that not only smell good but give you an appearance and aesthetic effect that will leave everyone awed.

Our Best Selection

ProductCheck Price
Best For All Hair Types: Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong Shop On Amazon | $24.70
Best For Fine Hair: Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Time-Saving Spray Shop On Amazon | $33.59
Best For Thick Hair: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Sea Spray Shop On Amazon | $27.50
Best For Curly Hair: Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Hairspray Shop On Amazon
Best For Thin Hair: Oribe Dry Styling Collection Hair Spray Shop On Amazon
Best Sulfate Free: OGX Smoothing + Shea Sleek Hairspray Shop On Amazon | $39.95
Best For Flat Hair: John Frieda Volume Lift Hairspray Shop On Amazon | $11.58
Best Triple-Action: Living Proof Dry Shampoo + Dry Volume Blast Shop On Amazon

8 Best Smelling Hairsprays Of 2024

1. Best For All Hair Types: Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong

When you are looking to build an updo with a firm hold that is still movable, this is the fragrance for you. It can be used as a foundation before braiding, and you can be assured that the good smelling feature will not wear off quickly. It is a strong spray, and as such, you should hold the can at least ten inches away from the head. You should also ensure that the hair being sprayed is dry and styled to achieve the full effect of this hairspray.

The hairspray is known to infuse hair with shine, and it does not leave any sticky residue behind. It is infused with Argan oil which you can brush out easily without flaking. The hairspray also repels humidity and can fight frizz.

The strong nature of the spray makes it ideal for a firm hold and valuable for securing updos. It has a unique scent from spicy amber and musk with sweet florals.

With a single application of this spray, you will have a firm set that will stick on for days. The design of the hairspray makes it one of the best sprays that you can use for your hair and has a fantastic scent to match.

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2. Best For Fine Hair: Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Time-Saving Spray

Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray

The spray works wonders for your blow-dry and makes the entire experience last for much less. It has excellent ingredients that will significantly reduce blow-dry time in addition to intense thermal protection. It is also known to detangle your hair, smoothen and soften it as you make it through the blow-dry experience. Additionally, it is known to eliminate frizz, which means you are left with clean, dry, and great smelling air after your blow-dry.

Ingredients that make up the spray include Argan oil, Jojoba oil, fragrance, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Cyclopentasiloxane, and Dimethicone.

There is less breakage of hair while you are getting the blow-dry, and you are also protected from the heat, which makes the experience more pleasant for you.

The recommended usage is to spray evenly on damp hair, layer with a styling product then proceed with the blow-dry.

With a shorter drying time, you’ll have your hair feeling like silk in no time. You only have to spray a bit to get astounding results, and your hair is not left feeling greasy.

It also smells great and leaves your hair better, cleaner, softer and silkier. Applying too much of the spray is not recommended as a bit can achieve a more significant effect during the blow-dry.

3. Best For Thick Hair: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Sea Spray

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Sea Spray

Textures available with this spray include ginger green tea mango with hints of lemon, jasmine, musk, spice, wood, and bergamot. It is a liquid spray made from water, magnesium sulfate, white ginger, oxidized keratin, panthenol, limonene, and other valuable ingredients. The ingredients cause the Awapuhi extract to achieve its perfect balance of moisture to create that healthy-looking finish for your hair.

It has a unique effect on the hair because its texturizing spray creates tousled beach waves. Additionally, it can add volume, texture, and a lush body to your hair with touchable movements.

To use the spray, you need to spray it generously on clean, damp hair while tousling with your fingers. Once you are done, air-dry or blow-dry your hair with a diffuser; if you need additional lift and definition, you can spray it on dry hair.

It is ideal for all hair types, and there are no limitations on who can use it and who cannot. The curls that are created smell nice with hints of Italian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, ginger, lily, green tea, musk, jasmine, ginger, wood, and spice.

t is an excellent hair product to use for styling and leaves a finish that will amaze you.

4. Best For Curly Hair: Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Hairspray

Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray

Whenever you need to turn your hair into a work of art that will last all day, this is the hairspray for you. It can give insane gloss to your hair and provide a firmer setting hold for all kinds of hairstyles. It has a tropical Berry scent which is simply fantastic for your hair and will give you a truly unique effect everyone will be curious about. You should hold the can between 8 and 10 inches away from the hair for the best results.

You can spray over styled hair or in the spots where you desire to achieve the effect. A finished hairstyle can also be given a better hold by spraying it in short bursts.

In addition to the hold, an attractive shine is established and will leave your hair looking attractive.

There is no dulling residue left behind as a result of using the spray, and it does not have any sticky feeling.

It always leaves your hair feeling clean, which is the reason many stylists and hairdressers use it. It works excellently and has been designed for ease of application.

5. Best For Thin Hair: Oribe Dry Styling Collection Hair Spray

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Dry styling is not as complicated as many people tend to think, and it has been proven to work wonders in many instances. The Oribe Dry texturizing spray has been formulated to eliminate parabens, sodium chloride, and sulfates. As such, it is safe for your skin, and you can use it without worrying about developing any scars or infections due to the chemicals in the spray.

All the chemicals used in this spray have been tested for safety and are color and treatment safe. It is an invisible spray for dry hair and is known to build in incredible volume.

You are left with styled hair for days and inflated hair that has that added lushness and thickness.

The dry texturizing spray leaves your hair with a sexy lift and sultry texture, and it is known to be one of the best alternatives to dry shampoo.

It has the added advantage of absorbing oil at the roots without leaving behind any powdery residue. Your dry hair is left with a light texture, and it also smells great.

The mist is lovely and easily controllable right from the can, making the spray an excellent hair product.

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6. Best Sulfate Free: OGX Smoothing + Shea Sleek Hairspray

OGX Smoothing + Shea Sleek Hairspray

You no longer have a reason to worry about humidity when you have this fantastic hairspray. It has been infused with marula oil and Shea butter, making it capable of defying the weather, resisting moisture, and holding your style in place more powerfully. It is also capable of blocking humidity and provides you with sleek and appealing strands of hair. Additionally, the hairspray is capable of fighting frizz which is essential for smoother hair.

Perfect is not enough for your hair, and this hairspray makes it softer, bouncier, curlier, fuller, or straighter, thanks to its nature-inspired design.

The hairspray is ideal for blow-dry and speeds up the experience by half while protecting you from the heat.

Your hair is not damaged during the blow-dry, and you get the most stylish appearance that is not damaged or broken in any way.

The hairspray should be applied after styling to keep your hair protected from elements of the weather and humidity for much longer.

It also has a pleasant smell which is the reason many people love it for their hair. It leaves you with clean hair that also smells good, which most people aim for.

7. Best For Flat Hair: John Frieda Volume Lift Hairspray

John Frieda Volume Lift Hairspray

The hairspray is recommended for fine or flat hair and has a fantastic nourishing effect on your hair. It enhances the fullness of your hair and improves the hold of any style of hair. It is safe to be used on color-treated hair, and as such, it is the perfect choice for styling. It also softens your hair and leaves it with touchable movement as well as a bouncy feeling that is truly pleasing.

You no longer have to be left with a heavy feeling after styling, thanks to the incredible design of this hairspray.

With the spray, you have more time for style shaping, creating volume, and ensuring that your hair can easily resist humidity. It also can create a fine gentle mist for even coverage all over your hair, as well as easing its application.

To apply the hairspray:

  • Ensure that you hold the can 10-12 inches away from your hair in an upright position.
  • Spray lightly to finish and hold your style. You can also achieve a fuller volume by gently pushing crown hair upwards after spraying.
  • Remember to always shake well before using the spray to ensure that you achieve the best results.

8. Best Triple-Action: Living Proof Dry Shampoo + Dry Volume Blast

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

The spray is famous for its ability to create texture and volume and be as light as air. It is also known to provide big and long-lasting results on dry hair and does not weigh your hair down when applied. Any time you use it, you are left with smooth and soft hair that is not stiff or crunchy, making the spray one of the best treatments for that setting on your hair.

The spaces between your hair fibers increase when you use the dry volume blast, which adds volume and achieves a great texture. The spray molecules have been infused with patented molecules that repel dirt, resist humidity, and protect your hair strands. The spray is also color-safe and safe for hair that is chemically treated.

It did not contain any silicones, phthalates, or parabens, making it a safe product for all kinds of hair and marked as a cruelty-free product.

It does not leave behind any greasiness or residue, and it also smells great. So if you have flat, straight hair, this is the product that will surely give you a significant boost.

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How To Choose The Best Smelling Hairspray?

A smelling hairspray is essential when you need to maintain your hair in a clean condition. It is also suitable for fuller hair, and when you need to hold your style for longer, this is the product you should use.

The smelling hairspray is also ideal for blow-dry and is known to protect you from the heat while reducing the time you need to spend on the treatment.

The smelling hairspray is incredible for flat hair and can improve the look and feel of your hair. Additionally, it can also repel dirt particles which leaves your hair looking cleaner for much longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can hairspray be used on men?

Hairspray can be used by both men and women. It holds thinner hair in men better and protects it from the elements.

Does hairspray work with air drying?

Hairspray can work with both heat styling and air drying. The handling of the hair will be a little different, but the holding effect will remain the same.

Does hairspray work on flat hair?

Hairspray is also a good volume root booster, and when you spray it in flat areas of your hair and comb through the hair, you get to improve the volume of hair.


Good smelling hairspray is hard to find, and in addition to maintaining the cleanliness of hair, it is also known to have a stronger hold on styling.

The excellent smell adds to the smooth texture left by the spray, which, in addition to protection from humidity, means that you can maintain a hairstyle for much longer.

With the hairsprays that have been outlined above, you get to achieve a lot more than that. You get lighter hair and finishes that do not feel heavy.

You also stay protected from the heat during blow-dry, and you spend less time drying out your hair, thanks to the robust nature of the hairspray.

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