The 10 Best Hair Dryers for Thick Hair – Top Picks Of 2023

Best Hair Dryer For Thick Hair

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Are you aware that your hair is one of the first things that people you meet every day look at, and they are left with a general impression of you? Although silent, your hair speaks much about your personality. Behind every classy, shiny, elegant and healthy long or short hair, there is a good hairdryer.

Better still, if your hair is the thick type, plenty of dryers have specific features for dealing with that particular hair type. This review focuses on the best hair dryers for thick hair, their features, pros and cons.

Our Top Picks

ProductCheck Price
Best For All Hair Types: BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Hair DryerPrice on Amazon
Best Reliable: Elchim 2001 High Pressure Hair DryerPrice on Amazon
Best Lightweight: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Iron/FuchsiaPrice on Amazon
Best Powerful: RUSK Engineering W8less Professional DryerPrice on Amazon
Best Fast Drying: T3 Micro Cura Digital Ionic Blow Hair DryerPrice on Amazon
Best Frizz-Fighting: Hot Tools Pro Signature Ionic Ceramic Hair DryerPrice on Amazon
Best Salon Grade: TREZORO Ionic Salon Hair DryerPrice on Amazon
Best Quick Dry: JINRI 1875W Professional Salon Hair DryerPrice on Amazon
Best Wind Force: Karrong 1800W Professional Blow DryerPrice on Amazon
Best For Travel: Hiveseen Professional Salon Hair DryerPrice on Amazon

10 Best Hair Dryers for Thick Hair In 2023

1. Best For All Hair Types: BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

The dryer applies the ceramic technology that brings out an extra-gentle effect while drying your hair.

The dryer also features a far-infrared heating technology essential in taking care of your hair, thus preventing hair damage.

This product also features a narrow barrel that extends to maximize the pressure of the air released.

This dryer integrates a professional AC that ensures that the gadget stays in good drying condition.

The gadget incorporates settings for heat and speed that are easy to operate and allow you to adjust according to your preferences.

  • The dryer is very powerful and takes a shorter time to dry hair completely.
  • The dryer dries hair into a smooth and pleasant texture.
  • The dryer has a gentle effect when drying that triggers the feeling of relaxation.
  • Thanks to the professional-grade cord, it is easy to use this device and move it throughout the hair.
  • The equipment is light in weight, making it comfortable to use.
  • Operating the dryer for a long time can make its handle become too hot.
  • The dryer has some considerable weight that can lead to fatigue when using it for long hours.

2. Best Reliable: Elchim 2001 High Pressure Hair Dryer

Elchim Classic 2001 Blow Dryer

The device features an infrared heat emission technology that dries your hair uniformly in a gentle manner.

The infrared heat emission technology is also essential for cuticle sealing, thus producing a smoother and healthier hair finish with more shining and hydrated strands.

The dryer features a powerful engine and heating element, with an AC of 1875W, making it perfect for all hair types, including the coarse and thick type of hair.

The gadget incorporates a concentrator used together with the precision nozzle attachment that is essential in improving the way your hair looks through brushing.

  • The dryer takes a shorter time to dry your hair thoroughly.
  • This dryer is a piece of excellent equipment for styling your hair due to its effective regulation and concentration of heat and air pressure on particular parts of your hair.
  • It is neither heavy nor light in weight which makes it easier to handle without getting tired quickly.
  • The buttons on the dryer for adjusting the heat and power are efficient in switching from low heat to high heat.
  • If not correctly held during hair drying, you can accidentally or unknowingly change the heat and power settings.

3. Best Lightweight: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Iron/Fuchsia

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The dryer features a unique temperature measurement technique that measures air temperatures twenty times per second, thus preventing damaging your hair through extremely high temperatures.

The dryer features a high speed of air pressure and high power of 1600W that helps dry your hair thoroughly in just a few minutes, if not seconds.

The device incorporates four specific heat settings, namely gentle drying, fast-drying, constant cold and regular drying, allowing you to adjust the heat intensity depending on your preferences.

The dryer also incorporates three specific speed settings, including regular drying, fast drying and gentle drying, that help you regulate the speed according to your preferences.

  • The external surfaces of the dryer do not overheat even after long hours of drying hair.
  • Even when using it for long hours, it does not cause hand fatigue due to its light and balanced weight.
  • Drying your hair using this dryer makes your hair smoother than before.
  • The machine is less time-consuming due to the powerful engine and high flow of air pressure.
  • The dryer allows you to adjust the heat and speed according to your liking, so if you are in a hurry, you don’t have to worry since you can adjust to a higher speed and heat.
  • The dryer can stop functioning within a few months due to using it daily for long hours.

4. Best Powerful: RUSK Engineering W8less Professional Dryer

RUSK Engineering W8less 2000-Watt Dryer

This dryer is made from ceramic material, thus having a gross weight of less than 1lbs, making it a lightweight product that is easy to use and handle without getting tired faster.

It incorporates a powerful 2000W operating system that is fast in drying your hair and styling it.

The best rusk professional dryer also integrates a far-infrared heat emission technology that allows infrared heat to penetrate the innermost strands of your hair, resulting in efficient and faster drying.

The infrared heat emission is also essential in doing away with frizz and static reactions on your hair.

  • The dryer works well with all hair types, including thick and coarse hair that can be difficult to dry using other dryers.
  • It is less time consuming, thus saving you time when you are in a rush to get to work.
  • It improves the health of your hair through the penetration of infrared into each strand of your hair.
  • It is an easy to use dryer even for beginners and produces less noise making it an ideal tool at home or work.
  • When using this RUSK Engineering W8less, you have to hold it by the bottom of the handle, which can become tiresome.
  • You can accidentally or unknowingly change the heat settings while holding the dryer by the top of the handle.

5. Best Fast Drying: T3 Micro Cura Digital Ionic Blow Hair Dryer

T3 - Cura Hair Dryer

The dryer features buttons for controlling the heat and speed of pressurized airflow, giving your hair a gentle drying effect without interfering with the shininess and attractiveness of your hair.

The best hair dryer also incorporates a powerful ion-generating system that leaves your hair more robust than before, softer and smoother.

This machine has a lighter weight that enables you to use it quickly and with minimum effort.

The dryer also incorporates a drying concentrator for aiding you in drying a specific section of your hair with a lot of ease.

  • This design of this dryer is an added advantage since it has a unique angle of the handle that makes your wrist comfortable when handling it.
  • The dryer is easy to use due to its lightweight.
  • The drying effect of this dryer produces shiny and beautiful hair with much more robust and softer hair strands.
  • The rate of blow-drying your hair is higher with this T3-CURA Digital Ionic Hair Dryer.
  • The dryer incorporates three and two heat and speed settings, respectively, which improve the ease of use by easily adjusting to your preferred personalized setting.
  • The machine is not very ideal with thick, complex, and coarse hair; thus can sometimes fail to achieve smoother hair results on these types of hair.

6. Best Frizz-Fighting: Hot Tools Pro Signature Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

HOT TOOLS Signature Series Ionic Hair Dryer

The dryer has an 1875 watts powerful AC that aids in faster drying of your hair, thus helping you in keeping time.

The machine incorporates a Direct Ionic Technology that is purposely essential in reducing the frizz effect, thus ultimately making your hair healthier and shinier.

The dryer also integrates modern ceramic technology that is essential in emitting far-infrared heat that helps in the cuticle sealing and protecting your hair from damage.

The device also has six options for adjusting the speed and temperature of airflow depending on your liking.

The dryer also has a Cold Shot button that is purposely essential in setting the style of your hair with a cooler airflow for maintaining the hair hold throughout the day.

  • The machine is ideal for home and professional applications thanks to its 1875W powerful airflow that dries hair faster.
  • The dryer keeps your hair healthier, firmer and smoother than before.
  • It is convenient and accessible due to the integrated easy to use features such as the six adjusting options for heat and speed.
  • It is an ideal dryer for protecting your hair from damage, thanks to the infra-red emission system.
  • In some rare scenarios, the diffuser attachment is weak and easily falls off when in operation.

7. Best Salon Grade: TREZORO Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

TREZORO Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

The dryer consists of an integrated improved ions generating system that uses turbo to increase the speed of more ions. This system aids in reducing the frizz effect and getting rid of the static effect.

This hair dryer for thick hair also incorporates a 2200W DC motor that is powerful enough to enhance drying speed.

This product features three and two settings for heat and speed, respectively, that serve the purpose of meeting your hair preferences. 

The dryer is made with a unique design and soft external surface that helps you not to get tired when operating it.

  • It is ideal for making your hair into different hairstyles, including straight, curly, thin or thick.
  • The dryer quickly makes your hair softer and smoother thanks to the combination of tourmaline and ceramic effects
  • It is easy to use this device due to the unique design of the handle that doesn’t slip from the hand easily.
  • It is easy to remove any debris and dirt from the inner parts of the dryer thanks to the removable back filter.
  • While operating the dryer, you might adjust the heat and speed buttons on the front side of the machine where your fingers enfold.

8. Best Quick Dry: JINRI 1875W Professional Salon Hair Dryer

Jinri 1875W Professional Salon Hair Dryer

This dryer has a high power of 1875W, making it faster in drying your hair, so if you are always in a morning rush, this is the ideal dryer for you.

It contains a ceramic component, which is an excellent way to prevent the dryer from overheating and subsequently burning your hair.

The tourmaline in the dryer incorporates silicate, which is essential in the maintenance of relevant hair moisture as well as maintaining a shiny appearance.

The dryer incorporates three and two heat and speed settings, respectively, and an additional button for a cool shot effect. These adjustments help you regulate the heat and airspeed according to your liking.

The dryer has built-in ions technology that is essential in getting rid of static while at the same time reducing frizz effects.

  • This dryer contains ceramic features that function to protect your hair from heat damage and frizz.
  • It is easy to use the dryer thanks to the heat, speed, cool shot settings, and a unique design that makes the wrist comfortable during drying.
  • It is an ideal hair dryer for all hair types, including straight, thin, curly and thick hair.
  • Easy to clean due to the removable back filter.
  • It takes a shorter time to completely dry your hair, ideal for morning hour and evening hour rushes.
  • When turned on and in operation mode, it makes some noise that might not be desirable.

9. Best Wind Force: Karrong 1800W Professional Blow Dryer

Karrong 1800W Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

The Karrong 1800W Professional Ionic Hair Dryer is a compact dryer and also light in weight. This feature makes it an ideal dryer both professionally and at home.

The dryer’s intelligent design incorporates a suspension ring that makes hanging on a wall or a bracket easy.

The dryer integrates a double safety removal filter that ensures your hair is not trapped inside the dryer.

The dryer incorporates a negative ion technology that takes care of your hair by reducing frizz and improving the shining hair appearance. 

The dryer also has speed adjustments and three heat settings.

  • The machine is easy to clean, thanks to the detachable attachments. This ensures that the dryer lasts longer.
  • It is suitable for home and professional applications due to its convenience, lightweight, and ease of use.
  • If you love travelling with your dryer, this machine will suit your needs since it is lightweight, portable and convenient.
  • It dries hair quickly thanks to the 1800W power.
  • This product maintains a constant temperature due to the integrated continuous temperature technology.
  • The adjustment buttons are too close to where the hand grips, increasing the chances of changing the settings during operation.

10. Best For Travel: Hiveseen Professional Salon Hair Dryer

Hiveseen Professional Salon Hair Dryer

The drier features two and three-speed and heat settings that give you the freedom to adjust the heat level and speed of air it generates.

The dryer also incorporates an ions generator technology and ceramic heater responsible for creating negative ions. The negative ions are essential in protecting your hair from heat damage and maintaining its smooth, shiny and healthy appearance.

The product features Nanoe technology that is essential in making your hair appear healthy, shiny and classy. 

The dryer has a 2.7 meters electric cable that enhances its convenience.

  • To save on the storage space, you can hang the drier on the wall, thanks to the hanging hook design.
  • This product lasts longer due to the leakage plug design that protects the internal parts from water.
  • Convenient and easy to use due to the extended power cable that allows you to use it even when the electric socket is in the next room.
  • The dryer works in all hair types, including short, curly, long, thin and thick hair.
  • The attachments may become loose over time and fall off whenever you attach them to the mouth of the dryer. This effect is mainly due to the lack of grooves or threads to keep them in place.

How To Pick The Right Hair Dryer for Thick Hair?

To choose the best hair dryer for thick hair, you must put the following factors into consideration first;

The Power in Watts

The watt is the measure of the power of the hairdryer. Therefore it is crucial to check how powerful the dryer is. This is specifically important since you are dealing with thick hair, which demands a more powerful dryer.

Therefore, instead of going for a 1000W or 1800W, you should consider a high wattage dryer of up to 3600W. A 3600W dryer will generate a high air temperature ideal for long and thick hair types.

Material of the heating element

Most hair dryers are made of heating elements that are referred to as coils. Standard hair dryers of around 1200W have a metal heating coil that produces irregular heat, which can burn your hair.

That said, for your thick hair, you should consider hair dryers that have ceramic, titanium or tourmaline.

These three materials are effective in generating uniformly distributed powerful heat that will not damage your hair. Mostly, you will find that dryers that have these materials have higher power exceeding approximately 2200W.

Weight and size

Since you want an ideal dryer for thick hair, you will most likely get too exhausted if you went for a heavyweight dryer. In this case, you should consider a dryer that is lighter and balanced in weight for your hands’ comfort.

It is important to note that heavyweight dryers are not the best for thick hair because they demand more time to dry up completely, which may lead to fatigue.


Did you know that different models of hair dryers contain varying technologies? The best technologies currently include ionic technology, far-infrared heat technology, and Nanoe technology with technological advancements.

All these technologies are ideal for thick hair since they discharge particular molecules that penetrate the innermost of your hair strands.

Drying Tips For Thick Hair

The truth is that thick hair takes forever to dry, and unless you have a suitable hairdryer and the tips for using it, you will end up being late for work. You can therefore improve your hair drying skills using the following tips.

  • While in the shower, the first step should be to condition your hair using a great conditioner. A conditioner helps in smoothening the hair strands.
  • Dry your hair using a clean towel. Remember that hair drying always works best while the hair is approximately 30% dry.
  • Replace serum with quick-dry spray. The serum takes time to dry up, which is why you should use a quick blow dry spray if you are in a hurry.
  • It is essential to use the best blow dryer for thick hair since it has higher power, speed, and heat, ideal for thick hair.
  • Always avoid using metal brushes and instead use boar bristles. For instance, a Phillips vent brush has features that evenly distribute oils for easier drying.
  • While drying your thick hair, always focus more on the base of the hair strands since the tips often dry quickly due to environmental exposure.
  • Do not dry all the sections of the hair simultaneously. Instead, take time to dry your hair section by section.

Common Mistakes While Drying Thick Hair

Blow-drying your hair, especially if it is thick hair, by yourself is not as simple as it may look. These are some of the common mistakes that people often make when drying thick hair. Take a look.

  • Using products that are not fit for thick hair drying is a common mistake among many people. You should be aware that thick hair needs heavy products instead of light products.
  • The greatest mistake is to begin to dry your hair using a hairdryer when the hair is still soaking wet. Avoid that by using a towel to pre-dry the hair to approximately 30% dryness.
  • Failing first to divide the hair into sections. If you dry your thick hair without focusing on specific areas, you will end up consuming too much time.
  • Using a brush that is not perfect for thick hair. The best brushes for thick hair include the skeleton brush, round brush and boar bristle brushes.
  • Blow drying the hair using too hot air is another common mistake. Often when you are in a hurry to leave the house, you adjust the temperature settings too high. This is not always advisable since too much heat damages your hair’s structure. Use cooler temperatures and gradually increase as the hair dries out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way of blowing thick, frizzy and curly hair?

The most important thing about ensuring successful drying of thick and curly hair is having the correct tools for the work. For instance, you can use a round bristle brush and a good dryer. Always dry your hair section by section.

What are the best brushes in the market for hair drying?

The choice of a hairbrush depends on the type of your hair. That is to say that if your hair is straight and delicate, the ideal brush is a premium oval brush.

If your hair is the wavy type, consider a round brush. Lastly, if your hair is curly, the best brush to use would be a detangling brush.

What method of hair drying can I use that is safe for my hair?

To avoid damaging your hair, it is always advisable to first make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Then you can use hair products that protect the hair against heat before drying your hair. When hair drying, ensure that the dryer does not come into direct contact with your hair.

My hair is frizzy and dry. What is the best way of drying it?

First, make sure you have the correct items, including a good hairdryer, a round bristle brush and a type of serum that is anti-frizzy. This way, you will attain a final smoother and firmer hair.

Final verdict

We hope that this review has helped you to identify the best dryer that meets the needs of your thick hair. For us, we choose to go with TREZORO Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer.

This is because it has unique features such as improved ions generating system, high power of 2200W DC, premium design and speed and heat settings that are perfect for thick hair.

The dryer is also relatively faster in hair drying than other dryers. However, the decision entirely remains with you, depending on your preferences and other factors.

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