Best Blow Dryers For Curly Hair: According to Reviews

Best Blow Dryers For Curly Hair

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Last Updated on April 23, 2022

Does your beautiful curly hair trouble you while drying and styling it?

Unlike straight hair, curly hair calls for special care and special hair tools too to maintain well-defined curls and waves.

Unfortunately, not all hair dryers are kind to your curls, waves, and kinks.

That is why you need to use the best blow dryer for curly hair to protect your hair from damage and frizz.

The best dryers for curly hair are designed to fight frizz, prevent heat damage, and preserve the shape of your curls.

When looking for a blow dryer, it’s important to consider negative ions and far-infrared heat because they help combat frizz and make curly hair more manageable.

Here is the list of the best blow dryers that will preserve your curls.

Best Blow Dryers For Curly Hair Comparison Chart



Motor (watts)



Nano Titanium

2000 watts

6 / 6

Ceramic, Ionic, Tourmaline

1875 watts

3 / 2


1875 watts

3 / 2


1600 watts

3 / 2

Ceramic, Nano Silver,

1875 watts

3 / 2

Nano Ionic

1875 watts

3 / 2


1875 watts

3 / 2


1875 watts

3 / 2

Ceramic, Tourmaline

1875 watts

3 / 2

Ceramic, Ionic, Tourmaline

1875 watts

3 / 2

Top 10 Blow Dryers For Curly Hair Review

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

This is a powerful hair dryer that is great for working on curly hair.  This dryer features an impressive 2000W motor meaning that it can dry thick and voluminous curly locks quickly and easily.

It dries your hair quickly meaning it will be exposed to heat for a lesser time, thus less heat damage to your curls. This dryer uses ionic and ceramic heating technology that delivers gentle heat evenly to protect your hair faster with less frizz.

The ionic technology helps to eliminate static, reduce frizz, and enhance shine. The dryer features six-speed/heat settings that give you maximum on top of your dryer.

You can adjust the heat or speed to a suitable setting fight to dry your hair type. A cool shot button is also included so that you can flash a blast of cold air after styling your curls so that they can stay in place for longer. 

This dryer also comes with a diffuser that helps to boost the curly and wavy hair and prevents it from being frizzy and twisted. For easier cleaning, the dryer has a removable filter to prevent lint buildup, making your dryer overheat.

Key Features:

  • A lightweight dryer that is easy to use
  • Concentrator and diffuser attachments are included to help make defined curls and waves
  • Has 3-heat and 3-speed settings
  • Uses ionic technology to reduce frizz

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

Remington D3190 Hair Dryer

For creating flowing curls and waves, Remington D3190 should be your go-to blow-dryer. This dryer combines ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline heating technologies to create an effective dryer for fast-drying hair with less frizz.

Its 1875W motor dries hair faster and protects it from heat damage. This dryer offers 3x more protection with its micro-conditioners and advanced coating technology that keeps your hair healthy.

The dryer features three heat, two-speed settings, and a shot button. You can set your dryer to the right heat and airflow that suits your hair type and use the cool shot button to lock your gorgeous style in place. 

This dryer comes with a diffuser to help create flowing curls and waves and a concentrator for perfecting straight hairstyles.

Maintaining the dryer clean and effective comes with a removable filter to allow easier cleaning of the air filter to avoid clogging that can lead to overheating and reduce the lifespan of your dryer.

This helps to keep your dryer working at peak efficiency. For easier storage, the dryer comes with a hanging loop.

Key Features:

  • Has micro-conditioners that offers up to three times more protection
  • Uses infrared heat for fast drying 
  • Tourmaline technology protects your hair from overheating
  • Ionic technology helps to reduce frizz
  • Has concentrator and diffuser attachments

JINRI Hair Dryer Infrared Sterilization Professional

JINRI Hair Dryer Infrared Sterilization Professional

This is one of the best hair dryers for curly hair as it provides a 5-minutes quick hair drying solution to curly hair. This dryer is equipped with a 1875W AC motor that dries your hair 455% faster compared to other conventional dryers.

This dryer lasts longer and has less drying time thus protecting your curly hair from heat damage. JINRI Hair Dryer emits non-damaging infrared heat gently for added heat protection and reduces up to 60% less frizz.

The dyers also use ionic technology that dries hair much faster and leaves it silky smooth and shiny. With three heat and two-speed settings plus a cool shot button, you get flexible heat and airflow.

You can customize the settings to dry different hair textures and use the cool shot button to lock your style in place.  A concentrator and a diffuser are also included.

The diffuser will help you to lift curly and wavy hair and prevent it from becoming tangled, frizzy, and unmanageable. The concentrator is useful when creating smooth straight lines.

Key Features:

  • Removable filter for easier cleaning
  • A diffuser is included to help create curls and waves
  • Dries your curly hair 45% faster protecting it from heat damage
  • A durable hair dryer

DevaCurl DevaDryer Ionic Hair Dryer with Diffuser

DevaCurl DevaDryer Ionic Hair Dryer with Diffuser

This hairdryer is specifically designed for any type of curls and waves. The dryer offers a quick way to give your waves and curls a new shape and bounce while reducing frizz.

Its kit is packed with everything you need to dry your curly hair fast, boost its volume, and prevent frizz.  The dryer uses ionic technology to combat frizz and reduce static and makes your hair smoother and shinier.

All this is made possible by its powerful 1600W AC motor. The dryer features three temperature and two-speed adjustable settings, which makes it a suitable dryer for all types of curly hair since the speed and heat can be customized to fit particular hair needs. 

Unlike other dryers that come with a round diffuser, this dryer features a uniquely designed and innovatively shaped Deva fuser shaped like a hand and has five prongs.

The patented ergonomic design enhances your natural curls or waves while creating body and lift due to easy positioning at the crown.

It also has fifty air vents and delivers 360˚ airflow to surround while gently drying curls, which speeds up the drying position and while adds more shape and bounce. The gentle drying process makes curls look beautifully defined and frizz-free.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for all types of hair curls
  • Features an innovative hand-shape diffuser that enhances natural curves and waves
  • Regulates airflow 360˚ that fastens the drying process
  • Uses ionic technology to reduce frizz

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

This is a lightweight hair dryer that is perfect to use for curly and wavy hair. This dryer’s unique feature is that its ceramic coated air outlet grill is infused with argan oil, tourmaline, and Nano silver all of that help to make your hair smoother, shinier, and healthy.

The Nano silver is a safe material that helps to repair damaged hair. Tourmaline distributes heat evenly and helps to reduce the formation of static and helps to reduce frizz.

It also releases far-infrared heat that dries your hair quickly and reduces heat damage. Argan oil helps to restore the hair moisture and makes your hair soft, slick, and shiny.

It also prevents split ends by smoothing your frizzy hair, and repairing damaged hair follicles. This dryer will take care of your curly hair. 

The dryer features a removable diffuser with a bigger diameter of air outlet that provides more interspace for drying your hair 20% faster than other diffusers.

This helps to define natural curls and waves. For easy cleaning, this dryer comes with a removable air inlet grille.

Key Features:

  • Features three heat and two-speed settings
  • Lightweight hairdryer
  • Infused with Nano silver, tourmaline, and argan oil 
  • Dries hair fast

KIPOZI 1875W Nano Ionic Blow Dryer

KIPOZI 1875W Professional Hair Dryer

This is a hair dryer that will save your time drying and styling your curly hair. Its powerful 1875W motor provides consistent and strong airflow that helps to dry your hair quickly and leaves your hair silky smooth and healthy.

This dryer uses advanced nano ionic technology that releases millions of negative ions that help to reduce frizz and dry your hair quickly.

With two speeds, three heat settings plus a cool shot button to lock your style in place, you can customize the settings to suit any curly hair. 

A concentrator and diffuser are included in the package box to provide a wide range of styling options. The concentrator helps create precise straight hair while the diffuser focuses airflow on helping define natural curls and waves.

The dryer comes with an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold and easy to use. The dryer is very lightweight and operates with a low noise that is not irritating to your ears.

Other additional features include a 6.56-foot-long cord, and Alci safety plug, and a removable air filter for easier cleaning.

Key Features:

  • A diffuser is included to help create well-defined curls and waves
  • A powerful DC motor that operates quietly
  • 2-speed and 3-heat settings
  • Uses advanced nano ionic technology

MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer

MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer

This is a professional infrared ionic hair dryer that dries your hair quickly and protects it from heat damage. Unlike conventional heat, far-infrared heat has a longer wavelength.

This allows it to penetrate directly into the cortex of the hair cuticles and heat the hair from the inside out and not on the surface like traditional blow dryers. 

This dryer also uses tourmaline ceramic and negative ionic technology that dries hair by reducing water droplets instead of heat that protects your hair from heat damage.

It also provides shine and smoothness and protects your hair from becoming dull and frizzy. A concentrator nozzle and a diffuser are included. 

The diffuser diffuses air from the blow dryer to dry your hair evenly and diffuse heat to prevent damage to your curly hair. The diffuser helps to dry the curls with indirect heat thus protecting them.

This dryer features three heat and two-speed settings plus a cool shot button. Whether your curly hair is soft or coarse, you can adjust the settings to customize your drying and styling experience.

Key Features:

  • Removable rear filter for easier cleaning
  • Far infrared technology that protects your curls from heat damage
  • 3-heat and 2-speed settings
  • Standard U.S ALCI safety plug

Wazor Pro Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer 1875W

Wazor Pro 1875W Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer

With a professional 1875W motor, Wazor Pro Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer is durable and has an extended lifespan lasting up to 4x longer than other dryers. The motor’s airflow is 90km/h, which dries your hair quickly and protects it from heat damage. 

The dryer uses tourmaline ceramic and ionic technology to dry your hair. It produces 100 times more negative ions than other dryers that produce an incredible shine and fuzz-free results. 

The dryer uses far-infrared heat that penetrates directly to the cortex of hair cuticles because it has a longer wavelength. This heats the hair evenly and in half of the time, it would take a conventional heat.

This reduces the risk of heat damage and gives your curly hair a protective barrier. With two speed settings and three heat settings, you have complete styling control and flexibility to customize your styling experience and lock your style in place with a cool shot button.

The air filter has a double safety net to prevent hair from being sucked into the dryer. The lint filter is also removable for easier cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Has a diffuser for creating curls styles
  • Removable lint remover for easy cleaning
  • Uses tourmaline technology to protect your hair cuticles from overheating
  • Generates 100x more negative ions 

Osensia Professional Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Osensia Professional Hair Dryer with Diffuser

This is a professional hair dryer that uses ionic tourmaline and ceramic heating technology to offer silky frizz-free hair. This dryer releases negative ions to reduce hair static, protect your hair strands, and boost moisture.

The result is soft, shiny, healthy-looking hair. This dryer distributes heat evenly for a healthier and fast blow out. This dryer comes with three attachments to help you achieve a variety of styles.

Two nozzle attachments are included to create precise straight hair and a diffuser that helps you create natural curls without the frizz. The Dryer features two-speed adjustable settings.

The high speed is used for overall drying while the medium speed is great for focused drying. The heat settings are three plus a cool shot button for setting the style in place.

The adjustable settings give you total control and customize your drying and heating experience based on your hair texture.

This dryer is easy and comfortable to use because it is lightweight and has an extra-long cord for maximum reach. It also features a handy hook for hanging that makes storage easy.

Key Features:

  • 3-heat, 2-speed setting, and a cool shot button
  • 2 nozzle attachments and a diffuser 
  • Lightweight dryer
  • Long swivel cord plus a hanging loop for easy storage
  • Advanced ceramic tourmaline technology

Berta 1875W Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer

Berta 1875W Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer

This is a fast-drying blow dryer that features a 1875W powered motor to provide gentle heat that quickly dries your hair.

This tourmaline ceramic ionic dryer deposits high volume ions onto the hair to eliminate static and condition the hair. This leaves your hair smooth, frizz-free, and shiny after every blow-dry.

This dryer enhances 50 percent faster drying time, and its ceramic construction and negative ions minimize heat damage for healthy, shiny hair. 

The dryer has two speed and three heat settings and the adjustable temperature and speed allows you to avoid heat damage.

The dryer features a narrow concentrator ideal for precision styling on straight smooth hair. A diffuser is also included for increasing volume and creating naturally defined curls and waves.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and comfortable dryer
  • 2-speed and 3-heat settings
  • Diffuser and concentrator attachments are included
  • Tourmaline ceramic ionic technology dries hair faster and protects it from damage

Things To Consider While Choosing The Blow Dryer For Curly Hair

Heating technology

Curly hair is in its own league, and you need a blow dryer that can easily detangle and defrizz your hair. You need to choose a hair dryer with negative ion technology so that it can help to reduce frizz, dry your hair faster, and protect it from heat damaged.

Speed/Heat Settings

Mostly, blow-dryers come with three standard heat and speed settings. Ensure you get such a dryer that has adjustable speed and heat settings.

Using a low to medium heat setting will help you create well-defined curls without creating any frizz in your hair for curly hair. Being in control of your dryer’s speed and heat will help you prevent heat damage on your hair.

Cool Shot Button

Go for a dryer that has a cool shot button. After drying and styling your hair, you want your style to last longer. A cool shot button will diffuse a blast of cold air that will help to lock your style in place.


The higher the wattage, the more powerful your hairdryer is, and the faster it will dry your hair. Always choose a dryer that has 1800W and above to get a salon-quality blowout experience.


Dryers come along with different attachments, which come in handy during the styling process.  The common attachments include the concentrator and diffuser.

If your hair is curly, ensure the dryer you choose has a diffuser as one of its attachments. A diffuser helps to create volume and naturally defined curls and waves while protecting your hair from heat damage.

FAQ’S & Answer

Can you blow-dry curly hair daily?

If you have to, you can blow-dry your curly hair daily. Ensure you use a quality dryer that is designed for curly hair and use hair products that will protect your hair from heat damage.

Is blow-drying curly hair good?

Blow-drying curly hair gives you frizz-free curls and keeps your hair moist and soft. Using medium to low heat prevents your hair from heat damage and breakage.

Is it better to air dry or diffuse curly hair?

While air drying is healthy for your hair, it takes much time, and your curls will sit flatter and won’t be well-defined. Diffusing is a quicker way to get beautiful curls.


When blow-drying curly hair, you need to use a dryer that is specifically designed for curly hair. This will help you to avoid frizz, protect your hair, and create beautiful naturally defined curls.

From our review of the best blow dryer for curly hair, our top dryer is the DevaCurl DevaDryer Ionic Hairdryer with Diffuser. This dryer is specifically designed for any type of curls and waves.

It features a unique round diffuser that is shaped like a hand and has five prongs that enhance natural curls and waves. It also delivers a 360-degrees airflow that fastens the drying process.

This dryer uses ionic technology that helps to tame frizz and gives your waves and curls a new shape and bounce.

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