The 4 Best Car Flat Irons Of 2023

Best Car Flat Irons

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Having unruly and disarranged hair can make you feel uncomfortable. That is why you need to have a car hair straightener with you always. It helps to do some quick touch-ups to your hair if you forgot to style it on a night out or have gone camping. There will always be those days when you need to use a flat iron, and having a car hair straightener can save you trouble.

Today, most cars come with a cigarette lighter outlet that makes it possible to style your hair right from your car seat. Though they do not produce salon-grade results, these flat irons are of great help when you need to fix your unruly hair quickly. Here is a list of the best car flat irons in the market.

Our Top Picks

ProductCheck Price
Best Overall: Streetwize 12v Volt In Car Hair StraightenersPrice on Amazon
Best Easy To Use: Jeegol Mini 0.5 12V Tourmaline Ionic Hair StraightenerPrice on Amazon
Best Budget: Boyz Toys 12v Hair StraightenersPrice on Amazon
Best For Short Hair: HeyBeauty 12V Car Plug Mini Hair StraightenerPrice on Amazon

Top 4 Car Flat Irons In 2023

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1. Best Overall: Streetwize 12v Volt In Car Hair Straighteners



This is one of the best car flat irons that give your hair a sleek look while you are on the go. It plugs into your vehicle cigarette lighter to heat up. It helps you always keep your hair neat when you are on a road trip, night out, camping, or moving.

This hair straightener uses 12V, and it heats up in a few minutes to offer salon performance on the go. It is ideal to use in cars, caravans, and motor homes while camping or at festivals.

When the car engine is not ruining, you can use Streetwize 12v Volt in Car Hair Straighteners for half an hour without draining the vehicle battery. This car flat iron features 1-inch plates that help to straighten and style your hair faster.

Its ceramic plates distribute heat evenly to quicken the hairstyling process. It also heats up to 450˚F which makes it suitable to style even long and coarse hair easily. You can adjust the temperature to choose the optimum heat setting that suits your hair.

Key Features:

  • 12V car hair straightener that plugs into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter
  • Ceramic plates that heat up in a few minutes
  • Can be used for 30 minutes without flattening your vehicle’s battery
  • Heats up to 450˚F to suit all hair types

2. Best Easy To Use: Jeegol Mini 0.5 12V Tourmaline Ionic Hair Straightener


Weight:5.61 Ounces

This is a tourmaline ionic car hair straightener that heats up quickly in 60 seconds, and it will be ready to style your hair. This flat iron has ceramic plates that have a tourmaline coating on top.

The tourmaline provides even heat distribution to make sure your hair is heated evenly and quickly. The tourmaline coating also makes your plates last longer.

Its plates heat up to the highest temperature of 400˚F in minutes saving you time. It is infused with even heat sensors that monitor and regulate temperature and quickly restore the heat to the perfect styling level, the plates emit high constant heat that penetrates quickly to leave soft and luxurious hair.

This flat iron comes with a universal plug that connects to all vehicle models that come with a cigarette lighter outlet or a 12-volt auxiliary port.

Whether you are boating or camping in a caravan, you can comfortably use this flat iron. It comes with a 4.5-inch-long cord that enables you to maneuver easily while using this straightener in your car.

Key Features:

  • Ceramic plates with tourmaline coating
  • Has a built-in fuse that ensures accurate conduction of heat throughout the styling process
  • Heats up quickly in 60 seconds
  • Uses ionic technology to reduce frizz

3. Best Budget: Boyz Toys 12v Hair Straighteners


Weight:5.64 Ounces

If you love camping or you attend festivals a lot, Boyz Toys 12v Hair Straighteners should be your go-to flat iron. It can charge up from your car’s power outlet 12V power lighter socket and hold constant and even temperature to style your hair.

This flat iron heats up to 350˚F meaning that it may not be suitable for thicker hair and longer. It comes with a universal plug diameter that helps you to connect it with any vehicle having a cigarette lighter outlet.

It features a twist-lock that helps you to secure it in place so that it does not come off at the receptacle and offers a smooth styling experience.

This flat iron comes with a wattage of 18, which ensures the battery power remains balanced. A built-in fuse is also included that ensures the right conduction of heat throughout the styling process.

Its 1-inch wide ceramic plates help to straighten your hair quickly by releasing negative ions that help to fight static and reduce frizz.

Key Features:

  • Heats up to maximum temperature 90seconds
  • Uses ionic technology to heat your hair
  • 1-inch ceramic plates that distribute heat evenly
  • Ideal for use in the car or home

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4. Best For Short Hair: HeyBeauty 12V Car Plug Mini Hair Straightener


Material:Ceramic, Tourmaline

This is a portable travel flat iron to use on any car. Nit uses ceramic tourmaline ionic technology that releases negative ions to make the hair smooth, silky, and reduce hair damage.

The plates are made of high temperature-resistant material that heats faster at a constant temperature. This flat iron features a worldwide universal voltage of 100V-240V to be used in any country.

Its mini-size and lightweight design make it easily portable, and it is ideal for traveling and other outdoor activities like camping, fishing, etc.

It comes with a professional car plug power to be used in all kinds of cars that have the 12v auxiliary port. It also features a professional power cord that can rotate 360 degrees to offer easy maneuverability as you style your hair from any angle.

It has a heating temperature that is adjustable to suit all hair types. When the heat reaches 200˚F, it remains constant to offer a smooth styling experience and heat that will not damage your hair.

Key Features:

  • Has a worldwide voltage for international use
  • Uses ceramic plates that distribute heat evenly and prevent hair damage
  • Adjustable heat to suit hair of all types
  • Professional car plug to suit all kinds of cars

What Is A 12v Hair Straightener?

This is a flat iron that uses a 12V power outlet or uses the car cigarette lighter of your car to heat up. It is also known as a car lighter outlet hair straightener, and it helps you style your hair while comfortably sitting in your car seat.

This is a low-powered flat iron, unlike professional salon hair straighteners. It is not designed to offer salon-quality results but to help you do quick touch-ups and quick fixes especially when you are outdoors.

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Who Can Use 12v Flat Iron?

A 12V flat iron can be used by anyone who is not into professional use. This is because it does not produce salon-quality results and it is not designed to be used at home either.

This type of flat iron is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, boating, a night out, or any other occasion that requires you to do quick fixes and touch-ups to maintain the gorgeous style of your hair.

These straighteners are also for a particular hair type. They can be used on all hair textures to eliminate frizz and kinks. 

Differences Between Travel Flat Irons And 12V Flat Iron


A travel flat iron comes with a universal dual voltage of 100-120V and 220-240V that is compatible with any voltage of a particular country. Thus, it can be used in all countries worldwide, and it is connected to wall sockets.

On the other hand, a 12V flat iron connects to a 12V auxiliary port or cigarette lighter outlet of your car. Thus, travel flat irons run uses AC while the 12V flat iron uses DC.


A travel flat iron offers you a complete styling option because it uses high voltage and offers various heat settings that you can adjust to suit your hair type. It can be used while traveling or still at home.

On the other hand, a 12V flat iron is only suitable for doing quick touch-ups and fixes and is only used in a car. They feature a universal power socket that can be used in all vehicles with a 12V auxiliary port.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the car flat iron when the car is moving?

It is not advisable to use your car’s flat iron whilst the car is still moving. Only use this straightener when you are not driving a seat will not empty your car’s battery.

Can car flat irons damage my hair?

No. Most of car flat irons are low voltage and thus do not generate too much heat that can damage your hair.

Can the car flat irons fit in all types of cars?

Yes, if the car has a 12V auxiliary port or a cigarette lighter outlet, you can use this type of flat iron on any car.


A car flat iron is a must-have tool if you want to always look stylish wherever you go. This effective hair straightener, which is inexpensive, comes in handy when you want to do a quick touchup on your hair, and it allows you to do that in the comfort of your car seat.

It is suitable to use for any outdoor activity that may call for a quick fix for your hair. Our recommended tool is the Jeegol Mini 0.5 12V Travel Hair Straightener from our review of the best car flat irons.

It uses ceramic plates coated with tourmaline to provide even heat distribution and reduce the time of styling your hair. Its plates heat up fast in 60 seconds, and the maximum temperatures go up to 400˚F to suit all hair types.

This flat iron uses ionic technology that helps to reduce frizz and leave the hair shiny. It comes with a universal plug that connects to all vehicle models that come with a cigarette lighter outlet or a 12-volt auxiliary port and can be used for any outdoor activity.

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