Best Curling Iron for Beach Waves That Actually Deliver on the Promise

Best Curling Iron For Beach Wave

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Last Updated on December 30, 2021

What is the perfect curling iron for beachy waves? This is a common question among women. You cannot manage to go wrong with beach waves since it is an ideal hairstyle with almost all hair lengths and different face shapes.

It adds volume to your hair and frames your face. Bear in mind that this hairstyle matches everything. For you to maintain beach waves, you need to invest in the appropriate and perfect hairstyling equipment.

On the other hand, while creating the beach waves, you need to consider three things, primarily definition, texture, and volume.

Thus, for you to achieve excellent results, you have to acquire the right tools. This article will make you more informed on the best tools for curling your beach waves.

Best Curling Iron for Beach Waves Comparison Chart

Iron Model Material Barrel SizeHeatPrice
HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold Curling IronGold Plated.375",.5",.625",1",1.25",1.5",2"Up to 430°FCheck Price
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling IronTitanium.75",1",1.25",1.5"Up to 450°FCheck Price
ghd Professional Hair Curling IronCeramic1.25''Up to 365°FCheck Price
The Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling IronCeramic1''290ºF to 410ºFCheck Price
BESTOPE Curling Iron Instant Heat UpCeramic0.35" - 1.25"-Check Price
PARWIN PRO 7 in 1 Curling IronCeramic,
Various170ºF to 450ºFCheck Price
Xtava 5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand SetCeramic0.3" - 1.25"250ºF to 410ºFCheck Price
Kiss Instawave Automatic Curling IronCeramic1"Up to 420°FCheck Price
Bed Head Rock N’ Roller Curling WandCeramic1"Up to 400°FCheck Price
Alure Three Barrel Curling IronCeramic,
1"0 to 410°FCheck Price

Top 10 Curling Iron for Beach Waves

HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold Curling Iron

With this tool, you have to add a bit of sparkle to the stylish using the 24-karat iron. Besides, this is a free ticket to having sweet hair. This product has the potential to create glamorous loops, romantic curls as well as beachy waves.

Outstanding features and benefits

Pulse technology- It enables this product to stay hot for consistent temperature maintenance, especially on styling surfaces, to guarantee you long-lasting results.

Rheostat control dial- This comes with numerous heat settings, which goes up to 430 degrees for maximum results.

Soft-touch handles- It generates a comfortable grip to allow you to create an enjoyable styling experience.

Unique styling surface- This is an excellent heat conductor that is responsible for distributing the HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold Curling Iron heat evenly to enhance durability as well as consistency.

Foldaway safety stand- HOT BECS Professional 24k Gold Curling Iron features foldaway safety stands for counter-tops protection, especially when used. Furthermore, it also boosts convenient storage whenever you are ready to store it.

Its system can quickly detect heat loss and restore it to the surface of heating, minimizing the styling duration and maximizing hold boosting shine because of developed cuticle closure.

  • It is an excellent curling iron.
  • This product has professional quality.
  • It is worth the price.
  • This product delivers outstanding performance.
  • It is a functional and practical product.
  • It is a less durable product.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron uses the technology of Nano titanium to generate far-infrared heat that is gentle, heating the product’s hair shaft from inside. This is specifically for styling with absolutely no damages.

Outstanding features and benefits

Nano titanium barrel- Uses the far-infrared heat for heating your hair shaft from inside for styling without causing any damage.

Fifty heat settings- This product comes with 50 heat settings to 450F, and it also has a turbo button for heat to instantly boost the heat output for more defined curls and maximum results.

Sol-Gel technology- The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron uses the technology of Sol-Gel for the transformation of titanium and ceramic nanoscale particles from the liquid-solid form.

This gives a higher as well as more consistent concentration. On the other hand, Sol-Gel barrels have a maximum percentage of ceramic and titanium than conventional barrels. Due to this, they are robust, more resistant, and durable to chemicals.

  • It is a great product.
  • It delivers maximum performance.
  • This product is worth the value since it comes with outstanding features.
  • It is hot and quick to use.
  • It is a quality product.
  • It is likely to burn your hair if you are not careful.

ghd Professional Hair Curling Iron

This product features a large barrel of 1.25 inch plus an ergonomic spring-activated lever. It is ideal for producing curls that are bouncy and soft, and at the root, they have a volume.

Outstanding Benefits and features

Ultra-zone TM technology- It constantly monitors temperature across your entire barrel as it adapts to your hair, making sure that there is a maximum temperature of the styling of approximately 365F for an impressive hair that is healthier. Moreover, it contains hair curler barrels for entire lengths and types of hair.

Protective cool tip- This generates a safer environment to handle your curler whilst as you curl your hair. Also, the in-built safety stand enables you to store your wand after or during styling.

Transformative design- It has a design of a barrel that is 1.25 inch large to produce consistent curls.

Killer combos- This builds the ultimate hairstyle, which is similar to a salon finish. ghd, curl grips out the spray featuring the advanced technology of styling hair.

  • It delivers impressive performance.
  • It is a quality product.
  • This product is durable and reliable since it comes with outstanding features.
  • It is an easy product to use.
  • It has a lightweight; hence you can maneuver with it around easily.
  • It is not worth the price.

The Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron

With this Curling Iron model for Beach Wave, you are likely to acquire quality waves in minutes easily. In case you need perfect curls, always opt for this product.

Outstanding features and benefits

Arrow button- With the arrow button plus a slow or fast speed switch, it is much easier for you to use this product. Furthermore, a modern button guarantees you the potential to reset your clamp from the starting point for easier styling.

On the other hand, this product allows you to produce three varying styles, such as defined curls, glam waves, and loose beachy waves.

Voltage and the USA outlets- This rotating, ceramic curling iron creates quality and easy waves in minimal duration. Moreover, it only functions with voltage and the USA outlets. Ensure that you do not use it with an adapter or converter. It also comes with a swivel cord of 8 feet and an automatic shut-off of 30 minutes.

  • This product is easy to operate because it allows you to create waves in minutes.
  • It is worth the value.
  • It delivers incredible performance.
  • It is a quality product.
  • This product has the potential to produce three varying styles.
  • Its cord is not durable.

BESTOPE Curling Iron Instant Heat Up

It is a curling iron set that is 5 in 1. This product gives you a ceramic tourmaline bucket that comes with an easy 5 in 1 easy to use interchangeable base, which guarantees you many curling options. It also contains five wands that are interchangeable to add unlimited styling effects.

Outstanding features and benefits

Dual voltage- It has a user-friendly design, which features a dual voltage that is universal of 110 to 240V AC. When used with a compatible adapter, it adjusts your voltage automatically to a perfect voltage.

60 min automatic off- Through the smart chip management, when you use this product for 60 minutes, BESTOPE Curling Iron automatically switches off to prevent your product from overheating and any hazard from occurring.

Five barrels- This product has 5 barrels, giving you premium quality services and making your hair look healthier. It is ideal for all kinds of hairstyles.

  • It is easy and fast to use.
  • This product is excellent.
  • It delivers superb performance due to having extraordinary performances that give long-lasting curls.
  • It is a quality product.
  • This product is worth the value.
  • It can be complicated if not well handled.

PARWIN PRO 7 in 1 Curling Iron

This product has seven interchangeable barrels of 25mm, 19mm, 13mm cone, oval size, and bubble. With all this, it can unlock massive possibilities, starting from the spiral, curl, ringlet to waves that are big. You can choose to practice style your entire hair, and the results will tell you it is of the maximum quality.

Outstanding features and benefits

Digital temperature control- The Curling Iron, PARWIN PRO 7 in 1 contains a manageable temperature of between 170 H TO 450 H Plus “–” and “+.” Additionally, it has an LCD, which guarantees you the appropriate readability for temperature setting accuracy.

Advanced technology- The PTC’s heating technology allows instant and fast heat-up for seconds and generates an experience that is time conserving. Moreover, it features a tourmaline ceramic barrel of 100%, making it produce smooth, silky, and shiny hair regardless of medium, fine, dyed, and coarse model of hair.

The conditioning technology for negative irons helps in anions emitting for cations counteracting to protect your hair, hence not damaging your hair.

Humanized design- It has a swivel cord of 360 degrees and 2.5 meters to create easy curling with absolutely no wire fighting. This also makes it easy and quick to change and install varying barrels. Furthermore, it has heat-resistant gloves to prevent you from being burnt, especially when curling.

  • This product is easy to use.
  • It is portable and easy to store.
  • It has a sturdy case.
  • This product comes with heat-resistant gloves.
  • It delivers maximum performance.
  • It does not come with a heat-resistant mat.

Xtava 5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set

The 5in 1 Professional Curling Iron features a 0.3 to the 0.75-inch clipless tapered barrel, a 0.7 to 1-barrel inch plus a clamp, 0.7 to 1 inch tapered clipless barrel with heat resistant gloves.

This is not similar to numerous curling irons since every Xtava barrel does not contain a cool tip to boost maximum surface area for curling.

Outstanding feature and benefits

Auto shut off and dual voltage- The product comes with a design that is feature friendly since it contains 110 to 240V AC dual voltage, which is universal and automatically adjusts to a perfect voltage if it is used with a compatible adapter.

Furthermore, it has an automatic shut off function of 60 minutes, a quick heating technology, and a swivel cord of 360 degrees and 8 foot.

Digital temperature control- Every styling equipment with maximum power and 9 precise temperature settings contains a modern LCD screen with easy readability. Moreover, the LCD screen has the potential to display temperature from 240 degrees to 410 degrees, which is perfect for the entire model of hair.

Tourmaline ceramic technology- It generates the best results in styling by generating ions, responsible for sealing moisture, minimizing frizz, and hair static. Additionally, ceramic coating generates a healthier and shinier finish to reduce hair damage and loss.

  • This product is worth the value.
  • It gets hot quickly.
  • It comes with three varying barrel sizes with clamp and clips style.
  • It is a quality product.
  • This product delivers outstanding performance.
  • It has short barrels.

Kiss Instawave Automatic Curling Iron

The Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron is a suitable styling tool for individuals who cannot style their hair—especially using conventional curling wands and irons. When using this product, ensure that you have clean hair, thoroughly combed and dry before using this equipment.

Outstanding feature and benefits

Ceramic ionic technology- It creates shiny salon waves and style curls with minimal frizz and damage with a single button touch.

Patented curl dial- This product has prongs and ridges that play the combs’ role; it detangles and smoothens hair during the entire process of curling.

Automatic settings- This product comes with an automatic hair curler with dual heat settings that can hit 420 degrees. It also has a shut off that is automatic after every use of 90 minutes.

  • This product is easy to use.
  • It delivers impressive and beautiful curls.
  • It gets hot quickly.
  • It is a quality product.
  • It is durable and reliable.
  • It is not suitable for hair that is a little shorter compared to shoulder length.

Bed Head Rock N’ Roller Curling Wand

This is a two in one styling iron since it can create perfect curls that rock totally. In case you require a curling iron, you can always opt for Bed Head Rock N’ Roller Curling Wand.

Outstanding feature and benefits

Rounded barrel- it has a versatility design for delivering varying models of texture, loose tousled waves, and curls.

Tourmaline ceramic – This helps in minimizing lock and frizz in for an outstanding body throughout. It also comes with a heat resistance protective glove plus a tangle-free swivel cord, which makes your entire process of styling easier.

Dual voltage- Its dual voltage makes it perfect for worldwide use, this means you can maneuver with it wherever you want.

Thanks to these features for making this product extraordinary in the industry. Therefore, if you require an incredible tool for making curls on your hair, opt for Bed Head Rock N’ Roller Curling Wand.

  • It is a quality product.
  • This product is worth the value.
  • It is an easy product to use.
  • This product delivers remarkable performance.
  • It is a practical and functional product.
  • It is not a perfect product for shoulder length hair.

Alure Three Barrel Curling Iron

The Alure Three Barrel Curling Iron Wand generates impressive natural curls that have enough potential to last the entire day. You can also opt to use the crimping iron for your hair to alter your look with absolutely no hassle.

Outstanding features and benefits

Multifunctional- This product is multifunctional since it can work on various hair models, whether long or short locks, thin or thick. It has three curling barrel iron functions like a charm.

Heat ceramic- It generates ions negatively charged for creating shiny and soft waves without any frizz. Additionally, three barrels can give you waves in minutes.

Heats up faster- The three-barrel curling iron extends up to 0- 410fin approximately 60 seconds. It adjusts the temperature easily to match your hair model, minimizing the duration you would have taken to dress up your hair.

LCD- This product contains an LCD to showcase the temperature, tangle-free cord, and 360 degrees rotatable, insulated barrel, and non-sip handle tips to generate added safety.

  • It is an easy product to use.
  • It gives you curls quickly and gets hot easily.
  • This product delivers 100% performance.
  • It is a quality product.
  • It is not worth the value.

Things To Consider When Choosing Curling Iron For Beach Waves

Before you go ahead to the nearby stores to buy curling iron for beach waves, there are several factors you have to consider. These factors include:


Curling irons usually come in varying shapes. Bear in mind that your curling iron’s shape is a determinant factor to your wave shape; hence, varying shapes can lead to numerous different curly impacts. These shapes are primarily:

Triple or double barrels: It is also called wavers; such products are likely to offer you the illusion that your entire hair is curly naturally compared to the heat styled product. Furthermore, it gives you S wave shape and not round curls.

Straight barrels: This is a popular shape in the creation of beachy waves using a curling iron. It is also an extended cylinder shape with a similar thickness all the way long.

Cone-shaped barrels: Its shape resembles an ice cream cone that is upside down. It generates precise curls and offers you the ability to produce varying sizes with a single tool. Also, you can generate beachy waves using barrels that are cone-shaped.


This is another primary factor that you should consider. Note that titanium and tourmaline or ceramic curling irons are very popular materials for curling irons. Moreover, they have the potential to give you maximum results.

However, titanium material is excellent for unmanageable, coarse, and thick hair. It is ideal for the type of hair that cannot hold curls for the entire day.

On the other hand, ceramic is a commonly used material for curling irons since it is gentler and safer on the hair. In case you curl your hair more than a single time in a week, a curling iron made of this material is appropriate.


The barrel size determines your curl size. You can achieve this according to your preference, as well as the size of the waves you need. Note that barrel size starts from 3/8 for ringlet tight style curls.

It has two widths that give you looser, bigger great looks. Additionally, note that you are likely to meet numerous sizes between the smallest and largest barrels between them.

How To Use Curling Iron To Get Beach Waves?

Almost everyone is in love with beachy waves since it is a cool and versatile style. They look impressive as a lady’s night picnic to a picnic in any given park.

You must be wondering how you can use the curling iron to acquire beach waves. There are several steps you should follow to get beach waves using your curling iron. These steps include:

Step 1

Use a heat protectant spray to spray your washed, fresh hair to avoid heat from causing havoc to your hair. When you are through, comb to eliminate tangles and knots, you may also require to spritz your entire hair lightly using a spray for sea salt.

This will enable you to get beachy textures, then you blow-dry or allow your hair to dry naturally. Before you use the curling iron, ensure that your hair is fully dry.

Step 2

Divide your hair into sections to be able to focus on a specific section. Clip a two-third of your top hair and leave a third of your hair down, commence curling it first.


After that, take two parts of your hair and wrap it on the curling iron and twist your iron far from your face. Hold the iron for curling for around 2 to 3 seconds, then release.

Step 4

At the end of every curl, lightly tug to ensure that the curl is not tight at the end of it all. This allows you to have long and relaxed waves.

Step 5

Curl your hair continuously from a single section to another. Try and differ a bit the size of the hairpiece you are likely to wrap on your wand. Differentiating these sections will offer you maximum performance.

Step 6

When you are curling your hair, spray it using the spray with the seas salt texture. This will add more texture to your beachy waves. To tousle and break up your waves, use your fingers, do not use a brush. 


What is the perfect curling iron for beachy waves?

It is much easier for you to acquire beachy waves using one and ½ barrel curling irons.

Which curling iron fits the best long hair?

In case you have long hair, and you are looking for a curling iron, it is ideal that you opt for a curling iron of 1 ¼. This will enable you to conserve time, and the hair will be a little exposed to maximum heat.

How do you clean a curling iron?

The entire process of cleaning your curling iron is similar to that of the flat iron. However, it is sticky with numerous build-up resulting from burned hair products; it is likely to be a hassle.

What materials can you use to make curling irons, and which one is the best?

Curling iron comes from varying materials such as Teflon, Tourmaline, gold, chrome, titanium, ceramic as well their entire combination. When it comes to the best, it depends on the hair type you have chosen and your budget. Note that top quality curling irons are made from tourmaline, ceramic, titanium, and gold.


Based on the review above, you are now familiar with the Best Curling Iron for Beach Waves. Furthermore, beachy waves are very classic, and they can never get out of fashion.

Therefore, it calls upon you to choose a curling iron that will serve you best. Whether you have coarse, frizzy, dry, thick, and thin hair, you will get a wave beach that will never go out of style. Make a wise decision and enjoy maximum performance.

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