Different Types of Flat Irons: Which Flat Iron is Best by Hair Type?

Different Types of Flat Irons

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Whether you have kinky, coarse, thick, wavy, frizzy, curly, or thin hair, you can give your hair a new look by using a flat iron. This is a must-have tool for every woman who wants to achieve straight, long, shiny, smooth, and healthy hair.

Flat irons transform your hair’s look within a few minutes and make your hair easily manageable.

Flat irons are of different types and brands. Choosing the right flat iron that suits your hair needs can be tough. This is if you don’t know how to differentiate the different types of flat irons available in the market.

This article explains the different flat irons type so that you don’t end up buying a tool that is not right for your hair type.

Generally, flat irons differ from each other because they are made of different materials and technologies to fit different hair needs.

Different Types of Flat Irons

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Titanium Flat Irons

Flat irons made of titanium material are the most effective in achieving straight and smooth hair with perfection. Titanium is a durable metal, and when used in flat irons, it is great to straighten long, coarse, and thick hair.

This is because of its effective hair transfer system. It heats up quickly and distributes the heat evenly. This ensures that all your locks are straightened without leaves patches and lumps.

The titanium flat iron heats up in seconds, saving you time and getting your hair done quickly.

Titanium flat irons work by producing negative ions and infrared heat that tames frizzes and leaves your hair straight, shiny, and sleek. Since titanium plates can handle high heats for much longer times, they are durable.

Advantages of Using Titanium Flat Irons

  • Durable – the material is scratch-proof and withstands high temperatures, thus calling for no plates’ replacements.
  • Fast heating – Titanium flat irons heat up fast, and you can start styling your hair immediately. You waste no time waiting for your flat iron to heat.
  • Even distribution of heat – Titanium plates distribute heat evenly leading to a fast and flawless straightening process.
  • Best for thick and coarse hair – Titanium flat irons should be your choice if you have unruly coarse hair that is hard to manage.

Ceramic Flat Irons

Ceramic flat irons are common and the most preferred flat irons in the market. Ceramic is a nonmetallic material that is corrosion-resistant. These straightening irons are safe to use and ideal for thin fragile hair.

The ceramic plates allow even heat distribution. The fact that they are cheaper makes them the most preferred option. 

Ceramic is a great material to straighten your hair as it does not pull, tug, or get snagged in the hair to cause pain. It has a smooth finish that is suitable for thin and fine hair.

It offers flawless and smooth ironing while straightening or styling your hair. The ceramic flat irons come in a wide range of temperature control.

This helps you to choose the heat that is suitable for your hair. The ceramic plates do not heat hastily to extremely high temperatures, which makes them safe for your hair.

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Advantages of Using Ceramic Flat Irons

  • Ceramic plates heat up quickly – If time is not on your side, ceramic plates will not keep you waiting. It heats up fast.
  • Heat is distributed evenly – forget about patchy areas caused by irregular heat distribution while straightening your hair. The ceramic flat irons distribute heat evenly, and with only a few passes, your hair will be done.
  • Reduces hair damage – ceramic flat irons produce negative ions that neutralize the positive ions produced when the heat is subjected to your hair. This seals your hair cuticles and prevents it from damage while leaving your hair straight and shiner.
  • Won’t break your bank – the budget of a ceramic flat iron is very affordable yet, it is a high-quality tool that straightens your hair just like its expensive counterparts.
  • Does not dry out your hair – ceramic flat irons use infrared technology that adds hydration to your hair.

Tourmaline Flat Irons

Tourmaline is a crystal boron material that is put on flat iron plates. This flat iron works great on most hair types and straightens hair with less heat. The material emits negative ions that neutralize the positive ions present in damaged or dry hair to achieve straight, smooth, and shiny hair. 

Tourmaline flat irons are great at trapping and sealing in moisture in the hair to make it healthy and shiny. Since tourmaline uses less heat to straighten hair, chances of damaging your hair are very minimal.

It distributes heat evenly and straightens a section of hair within a few seconds. The material is long-lasting and quite expensive than other flat irons.

Advantages of Using Tourmaline Flat Iron

  • Distributes heat evenly and uses less heat to straighten hair.
  • Prevents hair damage by using less heat to style your hair and protect it from excess heat.
  • Long-lasting material.
  • Traps and seal in moisture.

Ionic Flat Irons

Water and humid weather make your hair to be positively charged, and that is why it becomes frizzy and damaged. Ionic flat irons are designed to produce negative ions to neutralize these positive ions.

The results are shining, smooth, and frizz-free hair. These ionic flat ions also use advanced technology that traps moisture in hair to produce smooth results. 

The ionic flat iron is great for hair that is frizzy, coarse, dry, and damaged. It provides enough negative ions to smoothen your hair and make it shinier. If your hair is fine, use low temperature while using ionic flat irons to protect your hair from heat effects.

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Advantages of using Ionic Flat Irons

  • Suitable for frizzy, dry, curly, wavy, coarse hair.
  • Traps moisture in the hair.
  • Gives smoother glossier hair.

Wet to Dry Flat Irons

These are unique flat irons that have venting systems, and you can use them on damp or wet hair. It simply dries and straightens your hair at the same time.

If you don’t have time to dry your hair, this is the ideal flat iron to use as it fastens the straightening process in the least time possible.

This flat iron is suitable for thick, coarse, long hair as it prevents frizzes as well. The flat iron does not achieve full smooth and straight hair, which calls to use another flat iron to make your hair smooth and frizz-free.

Professional Flat Iron

These are flat irons that are used in high-end salons. Apart from getting your hair straight, they have superior features that enhance quality and long-lasting straightening results. They give your hair an incredible texture, and they are quite expensive and need professionalism to use at home.

Final Verdict

These are the types of flat irons that you are likely to find in the market today. They are made of different materials, and each flat iron works best on a particular type of hair. Don’t just settle for a flat iron blindly without knowing if it is suitable for your hair needs.

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