Our 10 Best Tourmaline Hair Dryers To Buy In 2023

Best Tourmaline Hair Dryers

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With the emergence of high-tech hair dryers, tourmaline models seem to stand out and work better. They provide a quick, frizz-free, shinier finish and prevent your hair from heat damage. Tourmaline hair dryers are highly effective as they can reduce the drying time by up to 40%.

Thus, they are becoming very popular. In a few years, all hair dryer brands will claim to have a tourmaline hair dryer. Tourmaline is a crystalline gemstone that produces negative ions and infrared heat that is gentler on hair during styling and speeds up drying time.

It enables your hair to endure high levels of heat without causing damage and results in a shinier and less frizzy finish. Since the amount of tourmaline used in each hair dryer’s brand is different, here is a list of the best tourmaline hair dryers.

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10 Best Tourmaline Hair Dryers Of 2023

1. Best For Salon & Spa: BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer

This is a hair dryer that is made with both tourmaline and titanium material. This dryer releases millions of negative ions that neutralize the positive ions on your wet hair to combat static and frizz.

The dryer also emits far-infrared heat that dry hair faster and produce lots of shine. Titanium dryers transfer heat to the hair very quickly and evenly. This cuts down the styling time and makes the hair dying process much easier.

The BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer is suitable for all hair types including thick and coarse hair and offers shiny, healthy-looking hair.

This hair dryer is also ultra-light which lessens hand stress and ensures freestyling with no fatigue.

The hair dryer features six heat settings to offer a wide range of drying and styling options that suits all hair types. It has a concentrator nozzle with a quiet motor that focuses the airflow for more targeted drying and reduces noise during the drying process.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Features six heat settings
  • Lightweight hair dryer that is easier to use
  • Made with both tourmaline and titanium material
  • Dries hair quickly and minimizes heat damage

2. Best Selling Amazon: TREZORO Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

TREZORO Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

This is a perfect hair styling tool that uses an advanced ions generator built-in to remove static and reduce frizz. This hair dryer is made of ceramic tourmaline material that makes your hair soft and smooth.

This hair dryer uses a cutting-edge ionic system that preserves moisture, keeps the hair smooth and shiny. It is enhanced with a 2200W DC motor that runs at 23000 revolutions per minute to provide powerful airflow and fast drying. 

This hair dryer features two professional concentrator nozzles for fast drying g and precision styling to meet all hair types’ demands. This makes it an ideal styling tool for both men and women. It is also suitable for all hair types whether long, curly, thin, short, straight, or thick.

It comes with three heat settings (warm, cold, hot) and two speed settings (low and high). It has detachable rear filters for easy cleaning. This hair dryer has an ergonomic streamlined design with a non-slip handle for flexible operation.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all hair types and hairstyles
  • Detachable rear filter for easy cleaning
  • Has 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings
  • Made of both ceramic and tourmaline material
  • Dries hair fast

3. Best For Healthy Hair: Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

Remington D3190 Hair Dryer

This hair dryer combines ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline technologies for fast, less frizz, healthy styles. Remington D3190 has an advanced coating technology that offers three times more protection during styling.

It uses a proprietary micro-conditioner technology that keeps your hair healthy and protects it from heat damage. It features a 1875W maximum power that enhances quick drying of hair. 

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer comes with three heat and two-speed settings where you can choose the right heat and airflow speed that is suitable for your hair type.

Once you have finished drying and styling your hair, use the cool shot button to lock your style in place. Its air filters are removable for easier cleaning and to keep your dryer working at its peak efficiency. 

It has a concentrator and diffuser attachment that enables you to style with precision and build volume while drying your hair. The diffuser helps you create flowing curls and waves while the concentrator perfects straight hairstyles that enable your strands to look more polished, smooth, and shiny.

Key Features:

  • Protects hair from damage
  • Dries hair faster with less frizz
  • Uses advanced coating technology to offer 3 times protection
  • Removable air filters for easier cleaning
  • Comes with a concentrator and diffuser

4. Best For Faster Drying: Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer

Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer

This is a ceramic and tourmaline hair dryer that works fast and delivers shiny and smooth results. This hair dryer uses infrared heat technology to offer maximum shine and softness to your hair and to control your hair from heat damage.

It traps in your hair’s natural moisture to prevent over-drying. It also uses the tourmaline ionic technology that helps to reduce frizz and enhance shine.

This hair dryer features a combined three layers of ceramic coating boosted with tourmaline to help reduce heat damage on your hair and enhance smooth results.

It comes with two heat and two-speed settings and a cool shot button that gives you all the control you need to achieve the best results depending on your hair type. 

The hair dryer has an added concentrator and volumizing finger diffuser attachments that give you maximum precision for tailored hairstyles. It also comes with a hanging ring for easier storage when not in use. This hair dryer is best for frizzy hair as the tourmaline ionic technology helps to reduce the frizz.

Key Features:

  • Reduces frizz and enhances shine
  • Protects your hair from heat damage
  • Dries your hair faster
  • Has concentrator and volumizing finger diffuser attachments

5. Best Frizz Fighting: Conair 1875-Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

Conair 1875-Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

The best Conair hair dryer is an advanced hair dryer that features a high torque DC motor that delivers a powerful airflow that helps you to dry and style your hair faster. This ionic hair dryer uses tourmaline and ceramic technology that generates infrared heat for quick and gentle drying of hair.

The dryer provides uniform heat for fast drying and frizz-fighting conditioning ions for more shine, less damage, and to make your hair more manageable. 

The ionic technology reduces frizz by neutralizing the positive charge on frizzy hair and eliminating the static electricity in hair, contributing to more shine. To keep your hair dryer clean, it comes with a hinged filter that can be easily removed for cleaning.

Hair and dirt can block and clog the vent, which can cause your dryer to overheat. With three heat and two-speed settings, this hair dryer gives you maximum styling control where you can customize the heat and airflow to fit your styling needs.

It comes with a concentrator for creating smooth and sleek styles and a diffuser for curls and waves.

Key Features:

  • Uses tourmaline ceramic technology that creates infrared heat for fast drying
  • Custom heat and speed settings to suit all hair types
  • Hinged filter for easy cleaning
  • Frizz-fighting conditioning ions
  • Lass hair damage

6. Best For Long-term: Berta 1875W Professional Hair Dryer

BERTA 1875W Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

This is a tourmaline ceramic and a negative ionic hair dryer featuring a 1875W and AC motor to quickly dry your hair.

It has a tourmaline ionic infused heater and an integrated ion generator that deposits high volumes of negative ions to your hair to neutralize the positive charge and maintain moisture in hair for less frizz, smooth and shiny hair.

This hair dryer features two speeds, three temperature settings, and one cool shot button. This gives you the freedom to tune the heat setting and speed that suits your hair condition. The cool shot button blows out cool air to style your hair when using hot air. 

The dryer comes with a removable end cap that gives your dryer extra protection and prevents it from being ruined. The cap is also easy to remove for cleaning as dirt, hair and other debris sucked in the rear grill can damage your hair dryer.

It also comes with four attachments: two airflow nozzles, a styling pik, and a finger diffuser that helps you to style your hair at home regardless of whether it is thick, curly, straight, or thin.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight hairdryer
  • Has 4 attachments
  • 2 speeds and 3 temperature settings
  • Removable end cap for easier cleaning
  • Dries hair faster
  • Uses tourmaline ceramic and negative ionic technology

7. Best Turbo Ionic: Hot Tools Professional 1875W Quiet Dryer

Hot Tools Professional 1875W Turbo Ionic Dryer

If you have frizzy and curly hair, Hot Tools Professional 1875W Turbo Ionic Dryer should be your go-to dryer. This is the best tourmaline hair dryer to style your hair to lustrous perfection.

This hair dryer uses 1600W that produces powerful airflow to help style your hair quickly and reduce drying time. It gives silkier hair that has more body and volume. 

This dryer is lightweight and compact and its ergonomic design helps to alleviate styling strains for your wrists and arms to allow a more comfortable styling experience.

It has a heat/speed setting that gives you full styling control over a variety of hair types. The hair dryer uses direction technology to reduce frizz, create softer hair, and shine more. 

This hair dryer’s unique thing is that it has a quiet performance that creates a softer sound than other dryers and creates a more inviting styling experience.

The best tourmaline blow dryer comes with attachments to include a finger diffuser, a concentrator, and a styling pick.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Lightweight design for easier styling
  • Reduces frizz and creates more shine
  • Six heat and speed settings
  • Reduce drying time

8. Best For Thick Hair: Wazor Infrared Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Wazor Pro 1875W Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer

This is a professional hair dryer that uses a salon-quality AC motor that has an extended lifespan of 4x longer. This hair dryer uses tourmaline technology that protects your hair cuticles from overheating.

It also uses negative ionic technology and has 100x more negative ions than other ionic dryers. It results in softer, healthier hair with less static.  It has a 1875W motor with a high speed of airflow that ensures faster drying and styling.

The hair dryer uses infrared heat which has a longer wavelength than conventional heat. It heats the hair cuticles in and out evenly and faster, reducing the risk of heat damage.

This dryer features two-speed and three heat settings for complete drying and styling flexibility on any hair type. It has a double safety net that prevents hair from being sucked into the hair dryer that can block the air vents and cause overheating.

It also comes with a removable lint filter to facilitate timely cleanup. It comes with a diffuser, concentrator, and a comb to knot and smooth hair.

Key Features:

  • Removable lint-remover for easier cleaning
  • Uses tourmaline technology
  • 2 speed and 3 heat settings
  • Durable hair dryer

9. Best Design: BELLFORNO Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

BellForno Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

If you have been looking for the best hair dryer ionic ceramic tourmaline, then you can never go wrong with this selection. First, this product’s combined effect of the ceramic tourmaline tends to prevent the user’s hair from damage and overheating.

When it comes to reducing frizz and removing static, the cutting–edge best ionic generator, on this dryer, transfers more ions breaking down molecules to eventually cut drying time halfway.

The three heat settings and two speeds buttons are fully equipped with two concentrator nozzles and a diffuser to meet the user’s demands.

You will love how this product comes with the best design with a comfortable slip handle, a soft-touch body for flexible operation, and easy hair cleaning.

The 2200 watts motor on this new upgraded product offers fast drying and powerful airflow, making it great for home use in professional salons.

Key Features

  • Perfect for different hairstyles
  • It comes with a detachable air filter for safety and easy cleaning
  • Has six-speed and heat settings to help seal cuticles and set any style
  • It gives you a healthy and shiny final look
  • Some say it is a bit pricey compared to others

10. Best Lightweight: Andis 80480 1875-Watt Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

Andis Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

The ceramic technology used to make this product preserves the moisture to give the users incredible shine and luster.

The variable speed and heat settings offer the best styling selections for the user. The lightweight and compact design promise an ergonomic and comfortable usage of this product.

The most essential feature is that it’s made with active ionization, which tends to break up the water molecules providing you with faster and best drying times.

Besides, this versatile dryer also offers you hand and held-up models with various power levels to give you full control over it.

The special shape of the Andis hair dryer promises to deliver the best airflow precisely alongside making curling and straightening the user’s hair simple and easy.

With an elegant black finish together with a powerful motor, this dryer is rated among the classic ones which perform best.

Key Features

  • Made with ceramic technology for better shine and luster
  • It comes with variable speed and heat settings for different styling selections
  • It comes with a lightweight and compact design, which makes it ergonomic and ease to use
  • Affordable
  • Andis might not have the super high temperatures some require to have their hair dried immediately

What Is A Tourmaline Hair Dryer?

A tourmaline hair dryer is a hairdryer that is made with tourmaline material. This is a semi-precious crystalline mineral best known for its ability to emit negative ions. When hair is wet, it has positively charged water molecules.

When a tourmaline hair dryer is used on such wet hair, its negative ions neutralize the positive ions on hair that quick its drying process. 

Tourmaline can be used on both ceramic and ionic hair dryers to make the dyers more effective and protect hair from heat damage. Tourmaline hair dryer reduces the hair drying process which makes it a more preferred option than other dryers.

How Does A Tourmaline Hair Dryer Work?

When tourmaline is used in hair drying technology, it has many benefits. This is how it works; when tourmaline is heated, it produces gentle infrared heat. Unlike conventional heat, infrared heat easily penetrates your hair cuticles and heats them from the inside out.

By doing this, it locks in all the moisture of your hair preventing hair damage. Also, when tourmaline is heated it produces six times more negative ions than other standard ceramic dryers.

These negative ions neutralize the positive ions in water molecules that speed up the hair drying process while preventing frizziness by sealing each hair cuticle.

When these negative ions are combined with infrared heat emitted by heating the tourmaline, it speeds up the drying process of your hair. Thus, your hair is exposed to heat for less time which minimizes its damage. 

Tourmaline hair dryers break down water molecules with their negative ions and it is less dependent on heat to dry the hair. Heat can damage your hair and weaken your hair strands.

This will lead to hair breakage. Tourmaline technology ensures that less heat is conducted and thus protects your hair and ensures it is healthy.

How To Choose The Right Tourmaline Hair Dryer?

Faster Drying of Hair

Tourmaline is said to reduce hair drying time by 40%. A tourmaline hair dryer dries hair by releasing negative ions that neutralize the positively charged static hair.

It also uses infrared heat, and when these two technologies are combined, the hair drying process is faster. This saves you time and also minimizes your hair’s exposure to heat that can damage it.

Greater Safety

Tourmaline hair dryers use infrared heat that is less likely to burn your hair, unlike direct heat. This makes it a suitable and ideal option for people who dry their hair regularly. Since it also dries your hair quickly, it exposes your hair to heat for less time, thus protecting your hair from heat damage.

Better Conditioning

Tourmaline hair dryers produce lots of negative ions. These ions lock in your hair’s natural moisture and prevent your hair from becoming frizzy. As a result, your hair looks healthy, naturally lustrous, smooth, and beautiful.

Energy Efficiency

Since tourmaline hair dryers dry hair faster, they use less energy, unlike other dryers. It also has a more controlled heat setting that reduces the energy needed to dry hair by about 26%.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does tourmaline help hair?

When tourmaline is heated, it produces negative ions that counteract positive ions present in damaged or wet hair.

By doing so, seals your hairs’ natural moisture and prevents frizz. This leads to smooth, shiny healthy hair.

Are tourmaline hair dryers better?

Tourmaline hair dryers are the best though they may be more expensive than the other dryers. They emit infrared heat that is gentler on your hair and makes your hair less frizzy and shinier.

They also dry your hair faster, exposing it to heat for less time, thus protecting your hair from heat damage.

Is a tourmaline dryer good for fine hair?

Tourmaline hair dryers are great for fine hair as it protects your hair from heat damage. You are less likely to burn your hair while using it.


Tourmaline hair dryers are arguably the best hair dryers. That is why many salons are adopting them. They do the job fast, protect your hair, and are energy efficient.

We highly recommend you try the BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer from our review of the best tourmaline hair dryers.

This dryer releases millions of negative ions that neutralize the positive ions on your wet hair to combat static and frizz. It is suitable for all hair types, and its lightweight design makes it easier to use.

The dryer also emits far-infrared heat that dry hair faster and produce lots of shine. The hair dryer features six heat settings to offer a wide range of drying and styling options.

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