10 Easy Tips on How to Get Thicker Hair

Easy Tips on How to Get Thicker Hair

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Many people especially women who want to grow thicker hair do not achieve that aim. To do that, you need to know those conditions that make it impossible to achieve a healthy and thicker hair.

How to get thicker hair?

Several factors are responsible and it has to do with stress and various ways of styling your hair. If you want to grow thicker hair, then the following tips are for you.

Continue reading to discover the effective ways of achieving that purpose.

How to Get Thicker Hair? Top 10 Easy Tips Here!

Massage your scalp

Try to massage your hair scalp. There are lots of ways of doing that; it appears that the most effective way which can assist you in achieving your aim is to use coconut oil and mix it in a bowl and apply heat to that.

It does not need to be too hot; you can warm up when it is warm and massage to the scalp using your fingertips. The aim of using fingertips is to ensure that it reaches everywhere.

This can be a routine method and if you do that for some days, you will begin to see some changes in you. When you apply this oil, you can allow it overnight to ensure that it penetrates very well.

In the morning, you can then wash it. The essence of this massage is not only to make the hair thick; it also makes it healthy.

This process ensures that there is sufficient blood circulation in the hair and that it reaches all hair parts. The implication is that the oil will reach the hair root and through this process, it will stimulate hair growth.

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Use correct hair tools

hairstyling tools

When you want to stimulate hair growth and achieve thick hair, then you must use the correct hair tools and right hair products. Please avoid those products that contain chemicals.

These are going to be dangerous to the hair. Some of the hair tools out there are not effective and if you get those of them that are composed of chemicals, they are going to damage your hair.

Because of that before you commit any formulation to your hair, you must check the ingredients to ensure that they are good for your hair.

Some of them are known to be dangerous to the body, which means that you are not healthy to your hair.

Instead you have to look for those hair tools or products that are natural. When they are natural, it means that they will not cause any damage to the hair. Such natural ingredients like citrus fruits and the like are good and they do not pose any threat to the hair.

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Washing your hair in the best natural way

Some people may think that hair daily is a bad omen. This is not the case. It can only be a threat when you do that with chemicals. It is recommended that when you want to wash your hair, you have to do that naturally.

Washing your hair

Even if you want to apply shampoo, it is not advisable to apply that every day. This could be counterproductive. The scalp needs to be in an optimal condition and that is the only it can produce that oil and stimulate hair growth.

Washing daily with chemicals can impede the scalps and that is not good for the hair.

Moreover, you can use warm water when you are washing that. It is not advisable to use hot water. Hot water can cause damage as it causes it to dry completely and this can lead to brittle.

It is even better to apply cold water when you are washing your hair. You can wash it daily it is good for the thick hair you want to build.

Use hairdryers

When you want to dry your hair, it is better that you dry them naturally. If you have hair volume which means that it can take plenty of time to dry them naturally, you can try a hairdryer.

A hairdryer will dry your hair and ensure that water or moisture which can cause damage to your hair is completely done away it. This is one of the ways of ensuring healthy and thicker hair.

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Try to hydrate the hair

The body needs to be hydrated and the same thing is applicable to the hair. When hydrated, it will be a healthy band, which means that it would not be breaking. If you wash the hair remember to dry it and to dry it you can use your hairdryer. This is going to ensure healthy hair.

Comb your hair with a hairbrush

Simply Straight Brush

If you want to comb your hair, you must gently do that. A quality hairbrush is all you need to achieve the kind of result you want for your hair. Avoid using unfriendly brushes such as metal or plastic brushes especially those with many teeth.

It is not going to help; rather it would break the hair. Remember that when you want to brush, you should avoid doing that when it is wet.

Do not use a heat styling tool

It is not every time that you apply heat styling tools to your hair. If you do that, it is not going to be helpful. This is because it is going to dry the hair and cause hair damage.

Because of that do not use hot styling tools on your hair every time. This is going to damage. Even if you are going to apply for a hairdryer, you should not be applying that every time.

When you want to use a straightener for thick hair, you do not have to be using them every time because it will also affect the hair.

Correct diet

Be mindful of the type of food you eat. Do not eat scraps or those things that do not help the hair to grow. You should eat only nutritious foods and which are suitable for hair growth.

Avoid stressful life

Furthermore, it would help if you always avoided stressful life. It can cause hair damage and anything that causes worry.

Trim your hairs occasionally

There should be a regular trimming of your hair. This ensures that fresh air enters regularly and it makes the hair more natural.


These are the simple tips to know how to get thicker hair, that can help you maintain a thick hair. The most important thing is to do it the natural way. Apart from the way you treat the hair, eating healthy foods is also crucial.

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