How to Straighten Thick Hair: 6 Steps From a Professional Hair Stylist

Straighten Thick Hair

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Straightening thick hair is not that simple, but you can still do that if you use the correct tool. You are using such simple hair tools as a dryer, hairbrush, and flat iron.

How to straighten thick hair? The process is not difficult and if you stick to the step-to-step procedure you can achieve that.

Step One: Preparing your thick hair straightening

The first thing you need to do when you wish to straighten your thick hair is to prepare the hair. There are different ways of doing that.

The first thing to do here is to wash the hair.

The second thing to do after washing it is to condition it.

To wash it, you must be gentle and you have to use shampoo. This can help preserve the hair because it is not going to strip it. The essence is to ensure that it is not prone to damage.

You need to have the hair hydrated and because of that after washing, apply a hair straightener conditioner. If you get a good conditioner, it will hydrate and moisturize the hair because of the wonderful ingredients.

Some of the ingredients to use include macadamia oil as well as coconut water and most importantly argan oil. These are going to smoothen the hair as well.

The importance of using shampoo to moisturize it is because thick hair is always dry and you can hydrate it with that kind of shampoo to achieve the kind of results you want.

Depending on the condition of the hair. If yours is too dry and damaged, you can still straighten it using the best conditioning mask.

This can help in preventing damages and making the hair more hydrated and less dry. If you apply it, allow an additional ten to twenty minutes to get to the hair very well before you do away with it.

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Step Two: Dry your hair

The first stage is washing and conditioning the hair. The second stage is to dry it. There are different ways of drying it. Most people prefer drying it with a towel. The towel will make it damp but it will remove water from the hair.

The benefit of drying it before you blow is to facilitate the process. If you want to use a flat iron to straighten it, you must try to dry it with a towel and damp it. The drying results can vary and it depends on the type of towel you use.

The best towel for this kind of drying is the microfiber towel. If you get any other kind of towel that can absorb water, it is better because you can achieve a better result.

Step Three: Apply heat protectant

Before you apply flat iron to the hair, then you have to apply a heat protectant. Overheating is not good and it can damage the hair. If you want the hair to shine very well, you must use a protectant to protect the hair from damage.

The protectant is going to coat the hair and it makes it difficult for air to penetrate through it to damage the hair.

There are different hair protectant sprays that you can use to achieve your result. Argan oil can serve that purpose very well.

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Step Four: Blow-dry your hair

Using your hairbrush, especially the round one, you can blow-dry the thick hair. Straightening thick hair will require more work from you and the most appropriate comb or brush for that is the round brush.

This is great in blow-drying the hair before the application of heat. As the hair dries, you can use a bristle brush since it makes it dry very fast.

Ensure that the brush reaches all parts of the hair. If you do this, you will also reduce the amount of work you will do on the straightening iron.

Step Five: Straightening iron

There is a different straightening iron you can use, but the best is the flat iron. It can work best in thick hair. Before you begin to apply this kind of iron you have to dry your hair every well.

Do not apply it to damp hair. If you, your hair would be damaged. The hair will break, and moisture in the hair coming into contact with the iron will make it boil, which is not good for your hair.

When you use the best flat iron for thick hair, do not allow it to become too hot.

When applying the best hair dryer for thick hair, you have to switch between the hot and cool settings.

When you choose a brush, it is better that you choose those with bristles and synthetic bristles are always the best.

While choosing a straightening iron, you must consider the size. Ensure that you use the correct size. If you have a large hair volume, then you require an iron with a large plate. This does not need to consume your whole time; you can cover more hairs with larger plates.

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Step Six: Setting the iron

You have to set the iron to the correct temperature. Settings can vary and it ranges from low, medium as well as high settings. Get the best, which means that you can select the appropriate temperature for your hair’s heating.

You can vary the temperature ranges from the lowest to the highest until you get the correct temperature range to give you the required results.


If you are careful while doing that, you will achieve the kind of results you have always desired. In making a choice, it is better that you select the best plate materials.

The flat iron should be made of the best quality materials. Look for those that are friendly to the hair, in making a choice remember your hair type. It is better that you choose a flat iron that can give the best result for thick hair.

While you heat the iron, adjust the heat settings until you reach the appropriate temperature. It could take some time before the flat iron can heat and when it heats up, you have to be increasing and decreasing it until you are done with your hair.

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