How to Avoid Hair Damage When Using Straightening Tools

Avoid Hair Damage When Using Straightening Tool

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Your hair straightening tools such as your flat iron, curling iron, hairdryer, and hairbrush all make your hair look great. However, misusing these hair tools or using the wrong ones can damage your hair.

It can lead to hair breakage, hair burn and worse hair loss. Since that is not what you want, this article will guide you on how to avoid hair damage from hair straightening tools.

Read on to know how to prevent flat iron missteps for a sleek, straight hair with no damage.

Buy The Right Hair Straightening Tools

Hair straightening tools should not be as expensive for them to be effective. However, don’t settle for the cheaper because they obviously are not to the preferred standard and can cause hair damage easily. Look for hair straightening tools that have basic features.

Flat Iron Buying Guide

This includes things like different heat settings so that you can adjust the heat to the correct temperatures. This will prevent you from using too much heat that can damage and burn your hair.

Also, look for a flat iron that has an even distribution of heat. This will prevent any cold spots and snag to your hair. Using the right tools is the number one way of avoiding hair damage.

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Know Your Hair Type

By knowing your hair texture, it’s hard to damage it with straightening tools. Knowing your hair type will help you select the flat iron or hair dryer that is perfect for your hair.

It will also help you use the right heat while straightening your hair. Having thick hair does not mean that you require incredibly high degree heat.

A person with beautiful hair should use the lowest possible heat setting to avoid hair burn. Knowing your hair texture will help you straighten your hair, style it accordingly without causing any damage.

Protect Your Hair From Heat

There are hair products in the market made to protect your hair from excessive heat of curling irons, flat irons, and dryers. Remember that irons damage your hair more than the dryers.

To prevent hair damage while straightening and styling your hair, do your hair quickly. If possible, do not spend more than four seconds in each section of the hair.

Before applying any heat, prep your hair strands with shampoo and hair conditioner. They replenish moisture in your hair that is lost during drying. Also, use a powerful thermal protectant heat before start straightening your hair.

It protects your hair from the damaging effects of high exposure to temperatures, and it repairs existing hair dryness and breakage. It also makes your hair to be smooth and shine as you straightening it. Protecting your hair from heat prevents hair damage.

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Reduce The Heat When You Can

Hairs straighteners use the natural moisture of your hair to bring out a new style. That is why you should reduce the heat as much as possible so that it does not deplete all your hair moisture. If care is not taken, your hair will become brittle and extremely inelastic.

Over-applying heat to your hair when already dry causes breakage, dullness, brittleness, and dryness to the extent your hair snaps off. The secret to safe straightening is using the correct temperatures.

Avoid Running Your Flat Iron Over and Over

Before you start straightening your hair, try to use a hairbrush to stretch out each section of your hair. Then run your flat iron or dryer slowly and steadily in a single pass.

Running your flat iron over and over to the same section of hair damages your hair. It can quickly burn your hair and weaken your hair strands leading to breakage.

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Treat Your Hair Once A Month

One way to avoid hair damage while you apply heat to your hair daily is by treating it often. After washing your hair, apply some treatment and leave it for about ten minutes before rinsing it out.

Treatment is suitable for dry and damaged hair. It improves your hair by preventing damage and encourages the growth of strong strands.

Air-dry Your Hair

To reduce your hair exposure to heat damage, opt to air-dry it with a bamboo towel rather than using a hairdryer. Wash your hair in the evening with shampoo and apply some conditioner.

Instead of drying it with a dryer, wrap your hair into a bun. Cover it with a towel and go to bed. In the morning, your hair will be dry.

This will eliminate the need to use a dryer in the morning, and you will head straight to straightening your hair using a flat iron.

Since your hair will be moisture, it will straighten quickly and easily. Air drying your hair will not take up all your time, especially if you make a habit of washing it in the evening.

Avoid Ironing Damp Hair

Straightening damp hair is not healthy at all. This is one way of damaging your hair. It leads to steam damage, which is just like boiling your hair from the outside.

Straightening wet hair leads to split ends and broken strands. For the good health of your hair, avoid straightening it when it’s damp, or you will end up with something worse.

Use A Straightener With A Ceramic or Tourmaline Plates

Some flat irons are made up of a glass or metal plates. These are flat irons that won’t heat evenly and can quickly burn your hair.

To avoid hair damage, use flat irons with either ceramic or tourmaline plates. They have moisture-locking ions that keep your hair hydrated and looking all healthy.

They also help to protect your hair with negatively charged ions that help to keep your strands smooth. Here is the article where we write about flat irons different plate materials.

Use The Right Hair Brush

Hairbrushes can also cause hair damage. Some hairbrushes pull out your hair, which leads to weak strands that can break easily. A professional round brush is the best to use while straightening your hair.

It causes less stress to your strands and does not cause any snagging. This prevents any damage that can occur to your hair.

Straightening your hair will help you get the style you want. However, preventing your hair from damage is very important. These are some of the ways that you can avoid hair damage from hair straightening tools.

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