6 Best 1 Inch Flat Irons In 2024

1 Inch Flat Irons

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To strike a good first impression, small details such as doing your hair go a long way. In a world where a selfie picture of yourself judges your whole appearance, why would you leave your hair undone? Best 1-inch Flat irons are among the items you can purchase to ensure your hair is well cared for.

However, buying one requires you to do thorough research and find out more about the features the best are known for. Customer reviews and testimonials are some of the key sources to have the information you need.

Our Best Selection

ProductCheck Price
Best For Thin Hair: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron Shop On Amazon | $159.99
Best For Frizzy Hair: RUSK Engineering Heat Freak Str8 Iron Shop On Amazon
Best For Wavy Hair: CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Shop On Amazon | $24.97
Best For Straight Hair: Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron Shop On Amazon | $29.94
Best For All Hair Types: ghd Gold Styler - 1 inch Flat Iron Shop On Amazon
Best For Protect Hair: FHI HEAT Platform Professional Styling Flat Iron Shop On Amazon | $150.00

Top 6 1-Inch Flat Irons In 2024

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1. Best For Thin Hair: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron


The BaBylissPRO Nano Ultra-Thin Straightening iron is made to feature a slim design to help eliminate hand fatigue while increasing styling flexibility. The straightening iron is one of the products from Babybliss Pro, a renowned manufacturer of beauty products. The item can also be used to make loose, beachy hair waves. Having extended 5 inches long plates allows you to straighten more comprehensive sections; hence you can style hair faster.

Being light in weight, straightening, or making wavy styles without hand fatigue is possible.


  • Some of the benefits you can fetch from the use of the BaBylissPRO Nano Straightening iron include.
  • It has high heat levels, which offer excellent straightening results.
  • Employs the use of Nano Titanium technology to protect your hair from damage.
  • Made from high-quality titanium hence is assured to last long.
  • Easy to use since it is exceptionally lightweight.


  • Among the cons of the straightening iron include.
  • It is sold at high prices, making it unavailable to people who cannot raise that much.
  • Requires the user to have at least some knowledge on the use of the product.

2. Best For Frizzy Hair: RUSK Engineering Heat Freak Str8 Iron


RUSK flat iron should be your pick when you have silky, shiny, frizz-free hair. The flat iron has tourmaline and ceramic plates to provide precise and instant heat while dispensing far-infrared heat and natural ions for optimal hair straightening results. The Heat Freak Professional Tourmaline and Ceramic iron leave hair smooth, straight, and in optimal condition.


  • Features a slim design that allows it to heat up fast and stay hot for a long while using.
  • The plates are flat and durable and cannot reach near the roots of the hair.
  • The straightener works without drawing all the water in the hair.


  • None

3. Best For Wavy Hair: CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Using the INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, you create gorgeous, straight, shiny hair. The flat iron has made it easy to have salon hair from the comfort of your home. The tourmaline ceramic coated plates offer even heat to reduce damage for less frizz and radiant healthy-looking hair and let you style up fast and efficiently.


  • The flat iron heats up quickly; hence minimal time is wasted as one awaits it to heat.
  • It has super long floating plates to make it easy for quick styling and usable for the creation of wavy curls.
  • The flat iron model features effective auto-off to turn off the item for an extended period when left on.
  • Unlike other traditional straightening irons, the INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron provides both anti-static and anti-frizz results with minor damage.


  • The item requires a buyer to have a lot of money since it is sold at a high cost.
  • It can be easily confused with a counterfeited item since it has minimal unique features.

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4. Best For Straight Hair: Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron

Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron

The Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron features 1-inch floating plates to have an effortless glide. It is made using pearl ceramic technology and brings a high grade performance to the salon. The product is combined with high temperatures and consistent heat performance, making it very easy to create styles commonly found in the salon at home.


  • To have a smooth glide through your hair, the ceramic plates are infused with genuine pearls.
  • Features easy to read and control digital display.
  • The flat iron heats up quickly; hence minimal time is used when waiting for it to heat.
  • Has an LCD temperature display and easy buttons to control the levels of heat.


  • The flat iron can quickly shot and burn out when plugged in wrongly.
  • The flat iron does not perform pretty well on wet hair. You will go over the same piece several times to have it straight when it is wet.

5. Best For All Hair Types: ghd Gold Styler – 1 inch Flat Iron

ghd Gold Hair Straightener Ceramic Flat Iron

The ghd Gold Hair Straightener Ceramic Flat Iron has been proven to deliver smoother, sleeker, and healthier-looking hair. When using it, you are supposed to place it close to the root and gently move it towards the tips of these sections in a gliding motion.


  • The ghd Gold Hair Straightener Ceramic Flat Iron has an automatic sleep mode to turn it off when left running for too long.
  • Assured consistent glossier, stronger, and visibly healthier results from the root of the hair to its tip.
  • For effortless styling and more glare, the flat iron has advanced floating plates.
  • Able to do more than just straightening of hair. Other things it can do include the making of flicks and waves and the making of curls.


  • The flat iron cannot be used on wet hair to make curls.
  • Might be hard to use when one has never used them before.

6. Best For Protect Hair: FHI HEAT Platform Professional Styling Flat Iron

FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler

The FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler makes assorted looks, from glamorous waves and curls to smooth styles. The flat iron is mainly known for its red ceramic plate and a design crafted to last long. The flat iron is known for maintaining its heat and performance. The FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler offers uniform heat distribution and high-speed recovery of heat.

 You are supposed to lightly pull the styling plate through small parts of combed hair and let the chunks of hair glide through the plates.


  • Offers diverse looks and long lasting performance and is easy to use because it is light in weight.
  • Has beveled plates to allow maximum flexibility and smoothness to all types of hair irregardless of their texture.
  • Offers effortless glide and even steady heat for quick smoothing and creating different styles, waves, and curls on all types of hair.
  • Features ceramic heat, which offers even distribution of heat and high-speed recovery of heat.


  • Its high price makes it unavailable to low-income earners.
  • It can easily blow out when poorly plugged in.

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When You Need A 1-Inch Flat Iron?

You are not necessarily required to be a hairstylist to use a flat iron. Having one saves half of the time you would have wasted in going to the saloon and coming back. A flat iron is a must-have item for people who are conscious about the appearance they present to people daily.

It would help if you had the flat iron when you have long hair to straighten or take care of. Also, you can purchase one to offer as a gift to a person you love. When you plan to have enough money saved up for one, you should find out the products that suit your needs perfectly. 

What To Look For In A 1 Inch Flat Iron – Buying Guide?

Choosing a flat iron can be a hectic task, especially when you have never found the need for one in the past. While you are searching for one to purchase, you are supposed to rely on the following tips;


The cost of a flat iron depends on the quality of the materials used to make it and its effectiveness when delivering its services.

The best flat irons are sold at relatively high costs compared to the rest. The flat irons sold at extremely low prices should be avoided since they are made from low-quality materials.

 Customer reviews

It is essential to find out how the previous clients comment about a flat iron they have purchased. When many of them are happy and satisfied with the product, you should select the same.

On the other end of the spectrum, you should never purchase a product other clients find unsatisfactory. Customer reviews save you a lot of time and energy you would have lost when you decide to research more about the product.

 Ease of use

To have an easy time straightening your hair, you are supposed to consider user-friendly flat irons. Choosing the complex ones will only hinder you from working on your hair appropriately.

Some of the flat irons available in the market are too complex that using them all by yourself can be challenging.

 Quality of the flat iron

Having a quality flat iron is guaranteed to serve for a long. However, the best quality flat irons demand buyers to dig deeper into their pockets to purchase them.

When you are buying a flat iron of low quality, you are likely to spend a lot of money in the future on regular purchases since they break down quickly. Where you buy your flat iron also determines the quality of the product you get.


When you are selecting an excellent flat iron, choose one that many people recommend. People to recommend the best flat irons include hairstylists and beauticians or referrals, and past clients.

However, you are supposed to be very keen since some of the sources you might choose for your information might be misleading. Therefore, it is good to rely on data from different sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying the best flat irons or hair straighteners can be very hard when not all the facts. However, going through reviews and frequently asked questions help one make quick decisions on the item they would like. Below are some frequently asked questions that can help you choose the best hair straighteners and flat irons.

Can you use the straightener on wet hair?

There is no harm in using the item on wet hair. Therefore, the product is safe for use even after a shower.

However, since not all the hair straighteners and flat irons have been designed to be sued on wet hair, you are supposed to go through the user guide to determine whether it facilitates the purpose.

How are flat irons and hair straighteners effective in curling hair?

Curling of hair is supposed to be easy with flat irons because of their long plates. Though most are commonly used for straightening, some have a separate iron for primarily used for curling.

Other flat irons and hair straighteners are capable of curling the hair even when it is wet. However, to be sure of this, you should go through the user guide first since some are not usable on wet hair.

Does the 2 in 1 curler iron and straightener pull your hair while you are using it?

The hair straighteners and curler irons are smooth and effective, even for the thick and stiff hair types. However, it does not pull your hair because you use it just above the root of your hair.

What temperature do the flat irons reach?

The flat irons can reach a temperature of up to 410Degrees F. Some of the flat irons and hair straighteners have automatic sensors that turn the items off when they have been left on for too long.

 Final Verdict

One of the most rewarding projects you can undertake is investing in yourself. Though purchasing a 1-inch flat iron, commonly sold at extremely high prices, might seem to be a waste of money, having one will guarantee you an improvement in appearance when used the right way.

When it is hard to afford one, you should save your money for the item since it will serve you and last longer.

However, quality should always be emphasized when you are picking or comparing the available products. Being in haste is discouraged since it makes one make the wrong decisions.

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