Best Flat Iron Under 50 Dollars: Cheapest Straightener with the Best Performance!

Best Flat Iron Under 50 Dollars

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Last Updated on January 20, 2022

You don’t have to break your bank to pay hundreds of dollars for your flat iron.

If you can’t afford the high-end straighteners, there are plenty of affordable options without compromising quality.

A hair straightener is a must-have tool in your home. It helps you to keep your hair good all the time and minimizes the salon visits.

However, choosing the inappropriate flat iron can cause irreversible damages to your locks.

With the many types of flat irons available in the market, you can still get a cheap and effective straightener without compromising the quality.

Here is a list of the best flat iron under 50 dollars that are quality and affordable. Read on.

Best Flat Iron Under $50

Best Flat Irons Under $50RatingCheck Price
BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic4.9 / 5Check Price
HSI Professional Glider4.9 / 5Check Price
Remington Wet2Straight Flat Iron4.7 / 5Check Price
INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Flat Iron 4.5 / 5Check Price
KIPOZI Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron 4.2 / 5Check Price
Revlon Salon Copper Flat Iron 4.3 / 5Check Price

Top 6 Best Flat Irons Under $50 Reviews

1. BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic 1-1/2″ Straightening Iron

This is a high-quality and versatile flat iron that allows you to straighten your hair or create beautiful curls and waves. The iron is made with porcelain ceramic plates that distribute heat evenly without creating hot spots to burn your hair.

The ceramic plates generate far-infrared heat that heats hair gently and quickly protecting it from heat damage.  It also generates negative ions that help leave your hair frizzy-free, shiny, and smooth. 

Its plates are 4 inches long, which heats up quickly and provides a larger surface area to dry a large section of hair quickly. With different heat control up to 450 degrees, this straightener can be used for all hair types.

All you need to do is to adjust the heat settings to suit your hair type. Its swivel cord is 8-foot long, allowing flexible movement, and you can style your hair at any angle. 

This straightener comes with a dual voltage, which makes it travel-friendly because it can be used globally. Its curved handle design provides an ergonomic grip for comfort, and an antistatic removable comb securely guides your hair for easy use.

Key Features:

  • Dual voltage for global use
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • The cord is extra-long for maneuverability
  • Budget-friendly

2. HSI Professional Glider

If you love to style your hair often, HSI Professional Glider is a cost-effective tool that can flip, straighten, or curl your hair with minimal effort. To prevent hair damage, it uses high-quality ceramic plates that are infused with heat balance microsensors to distribute heat evenly and regulate the temperature.

This flat iron is designed in a way that only a few passes are required to get your hair done. These flat iron plates are designed with ceramic and tourmaline crystals ion plates that generate negative ions to eliminate frizz and create shinier and silkier hair in less time.

Its 1-inch plates are ideal for any hair length. The curved floating edges help make flips and curls, and they do not pull, tug, or break your hair. This flat iron heats up fast, and the temperature remains steady as you straighten your hair. 

The temperature settings are adjustable from 140F-450F, which gives you total control to use on any hair type. With a worldwide dual voltage, you can take this flat iron with you everywhere in the world. Its 360 degrees swivel cord allows you to move freely as you style your hair at any angle.

Key Features:

  • Has heat balance microsensors to regulate heat
  • Has an automatic shut off feature for added safety
  • Ceramic and tourmaline plates glide easily on your hair
  • Adjustable heat settings for use to all hair types

3. KIPOZI Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron

This is a 2-in1 straightening and curling flat iron that is very cheap and affordable. You can use it to create silky-smooth straight hair beach waves or curls. What more would you want when you have one tool that can straighten and curl your hair at a super affordable price?

This iron makes your hair straighten and styling fast because it heats up in only 30 seconds. This minimizes the amount of time you spend heating your hair and protects it from heat damage.

It comes with smooth 3D floating titanium plates that glide through your hair effortlessly without pulling your hair. Its plates are 1.75 inches, making it easier to straighten or curl the hair of any length. 

With adjustable heat settings from 170F to 450F, you can customize your styling experience by selecting the optimum temperature that suits your hair type. It has a digital LCD screen that displays the temperature.

Since you will be seeing what temperatures you are working with, it is easy to avoid using too much heat to damage your hair. This flat iron comes with a dual voltage for both local and international usage. This makes it a great choice if you are traveling.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable heat settings to suit all hair types
  • Uses 3D floating titanium plates that don’t pull your hair
  • Heats up quickly in 30 seconds
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use

4. Remington Wet2Straight Flat Iron

This is one of the best flat iron under $50 and an advanced styling tool that allows you to style your hair when it is wet right from the shower. You don’t have to waste time drying your hair first with a towel, which speeds up your hairstyling experience.

The flat iron features unique steam vents that remove water safely from damp hair and allow you to dry and style at the same time. Blow drying and straightening your hair can subject it to stress and overheat, leaving your hair damaged.

This flat iron allows you to dry and style your hair at the same time with 60% less damage. Its ceramic plates heat up fast in only 30 seconds, which speeds up the drying and styling process. 

With a range of 30 temperature settings, you are guaranteed to find the right temperature for your hair type whether it is damp or dry.

The straightener has a wet/dry styling indicator that shows when the heat is best for straightening wet hair (green light) and dry hair (amber light). For added safety and to prevent fire accidents, it comes with an automatic shut-off feature.

Key Features:

  • Has unique steam vents that allow you to dry and style wet hair
  • 30 adjustable heat settings 
  • 30 seconds heat up
  • Dries and styles hair up t 3x faster

5. INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

The best Conair flat iron comes with oil-infused ceramic technology that helps to lock in moisture so that your hair does not get frizzy and has more shine. This straightener is perfect for all hair types as it has 30 adjustable heat settings and heats up in only 15 seconds.

Its tourmaline ceramic coated plates provide even heat to minimize damage for less-frizz and shiny healthy-looking hair. No more wasting time waiting for your flat iron to heat up, and you can straighten and style your hair quickly and efficiently. 

Its extra-long floating plates make it easy to style your hair quickly or create curls. The tourmaline ceramic heating technology provides anti-frizz and anti-static results with less damage.

This model features a convenient auto-model shut off that runs the straightener off when it is left on for too long. This provides added safety and prevents accidents like fire. The iron heats up to 455 degrees without forming hot spots to burn your hair, making it suitable for long or coarse hair.

Key Features:

  • 30 heat settings
  • Heats up in 15 seconds only
  • Long floating plates for easier styling
  • Tourmaline ceramic plates that emit negative ions
  • Auto-shut-off feature

6. Revlon Salon Copper + Ceramic Flat Iron

This is a classic hair straightener that is cheap but provides quality results. It comes with 1-inch plates ideal for getting close to the scalp to create the smoothest and silkiest hair.

Its ceramic plates distribute heat evenly penetrating the hair from all surfaces, reducing heat damage from over styling. Its advanced copper 3x ceramic plate technology offers an ultra-smooth glide during styling with fast heat transfer. 

The true-grip rounded floating plates are compact, versatile, and allow for full contact. The rounded design allows you to create either straight locks, curls, or loose waves.

It features a digital LCD heat setting where you can choose from 30 variable temperatures ranging from 180 Degree to 455 Degree. This provides precise styling control and great results for all hair types. 

Key Features:

  • Multiple heat settings for all hair types
  • Advanced copper 3x ceramic plate technology that distributes heat evenly
  • A 10-seconds heat up
  • Has rounded plates to help you create curls and waves

Things To Consider When Buying Affordable Hair Straightener

Plate Material

The common plate material found in many flat irons is ceramic. However, you will find most with a tourmaline coating creating a ceramic tourmaline flat iron. This is one of the best and safest flat iron to use.

Tourmaline hats up pretty fast, and ceramic plates distribute heat evenly. Tourmaline also produces negative ions that reduce frizz and lock in moisture within the hair strand.

This makes your hair shiny, smooth, and healthy-looking. Choose a straightener that combines ceramic and tourmaline.

Your Hair Type

Before buying an affordable hair straightener, you need to understand your hair type and its length. This helps you to choose a straightener with the most suitable plate width for your hair type.

For example, if your hair is long or thick, you need a flat iron with wide plates to quickly dry and style your hair. A flat iron with thinner plates is ideal for normal or fine hair.

Temperatures Settings

Most flat irons come with adjustable heat settings. However, you should consider the minimum and maximum temperature settings. If your hair is thick, look for a straighter with a maximum temperature setting of 450F and above.


The size of your flat iron is proportional to its weight. It would be best to choose something lightweight so that your hands don’t get weary during the straightening process.

Swivel Cord Rotation and Length

Go for a flat iron with a 360degrees swivel cord and one that has a long cord. This one will not limit your movement and will enhance easier maneuverability.

FAQ’S & Answer

Are cheap flat irons effective?

Most cheap flat irons are just as effective as the costly flat irons. What you need to consider most are the heating technology and heat settings features. A cheap flat iron that uses ceramic tourmaline heating technology and has adjustable heat settings is great for your hair.

How should I protect my hair when using a flat iron?

Always apply a hair protection spray before straightening your hair with a flat iron. It reduces overall heat damage, and you will not get smells of burnt hair as you make repeated passes.

Are cheap hair straighteners safe?

When buying a cheap flat iron, go for the one that comes with an automatic shut-off feature. It turns the straightener off when it is on for too long, and it is not being used. This prevents accidents like fires.


A flat iron does not have to be costly for you to get silky smooth and healthy-looking hair. The market is flooded with affordable straighteners that are just as good as their costly counterparts.

We highly recommend using the HSI Professional Glider from our review of the best flat iron under 50 dollars. This is a 3-in-1 tool that will flip, straighten, or curl your hair. It is ideal for people who like creating different styles.

It is also safe for your hair because it has microsensors that distribute heat evenly and regulate it to prevent hair damage. Its ceramic and tourmaline crystal ion plates generate negative ions to eliminate frizz and create shinier and silkier hair.

This flat iron heats up fast, and the temperature remains steady as you straighten your hair. It has adjustable heat settings for all hair types and an automatic shut-off feature for added safety.

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