How Long Does Straightened Hair Last? [In Details Discussion]

How Long Does Straightened Hair

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Over the years, many women have tilted towards straightening their hair. Well, maybe because of the sleekness and smoothness it offers.

But, one question is dominant in the minds of ladies who like straightening their hair.

The question is, “How long does straightened hair last?”

How long straightened hair lasts depends on the type of hair straightening you go for. There are two types of hair straightening; permanent hair and temporary hair straightening.

  • Temporary hair straightening involves using a flat iron to straighten hair. As the name implies, hair straightened using this method does not last long. Its duration is between 2 to 5 days or till you wash it.
  • Permanent straightening involves the use of chemicals to straighten the hair. The chemicals include keratin treatment, relaxers, and others. If you straighten your hair using this method, it can last up to 6 months.

There are other factors that determine how long straightened hair will last. They include;

Your hair type

Straightened Hair Last With Different Hair Type

The texture and type of your hair are the primary determining factors for how long your straightened hair will last. If your hair texture is thick and curly, it will easily revert to its original shape. But, those with fine and straight hair enjoy straightened hair for a longer period.

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The type of product used

The type of product used is another determining factor. For instance, you should use a straightening shampoo to wash your mane. This is because it loosens the hair strands, making the straightening process easier. Besides, invest in high-quality ones if you want to use a flat iron. 

How do you make straightened hair last?

You now know how long straightened hair lasts and the factors influencing it. How, then, do you make your straightened hair last? 

Use the right product

Use the right hair product

Investing in the right products helps make straightened hair last longer. Like we said earlier, wash your hair with straightening shampoo. If you use a flat iron, invest in a heat protectant and a high-quality flat iron.

If you use chemicals to straighten your hair, make sure you use products designed for chemically treated hair. This does not only prevent hair damage but also makes your straightened hair last longer. 

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Avoid heating tools

If you permanently straighten your hair using chemicals, you should avoid using any heat tools. This is because you have already exposed your mane to chemicals, and using anything hot can damage your hair.

Also, avoid washing the mane with hot water or lukewarm water; only use cold water to make the straightened hair last longer.

Apply a silicone-based serum

Another tip for making the hair last longer is to use a silicone-based serum. This serum acts as a mask and helps as a barrier between the hair and water molecules. Thus, maintaining the sleekness of your mane.

Wrap your hair when going to bed

When going to bed, you must wrap your hair with a silky scarf. This is to avoid frizz, which is the main enemy of straightened hair. 

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Final Thoughts

The straightening you go for determines how long straightened hair lasts. The permanent hair straightening method can last for up to 6 months; on the other hand, the temporary method lasts for up to 2 to 5 days.

However, you can make your straightened hair last longer by following the tips mentioned in this article.

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