1A Hair Type: A Complete Guide And Caring Tips

1A Hair Types

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Because it is stick-straight, the first thing that comes to people’s minds when it comes to 1a hair type is that it is easy to care for. Yet, there is more to this hair type. This is why we have come up with a complete guide to 1a hair type so you can understand your hair better. Read on to find out all you need about the 1a hair type.

What is 1A hair type?

The 1a hair type is characterized by its extremely fine strand texture, which has no form of curl pattern in it. It is the straightest of the type 1 hair family. What sets type 1a hair apart from types 1b and 1c is that it does not have any waves or curls and, as such, cannot hold curls. Most often than not, this hair type has no volume or body, and as such, it remains flat. 

Best Features of 1A hair type

There are so many things to love about type 1a hair. Here are some of its promising features:

Best Features Of 1A Hair Type

It is always shiny

One thing about the 1a hair type is that it is always shiny. Because this hair type is stick-straight, it is easy for the scalp’s natural oil to travel down the strands. Thus, all the strands are always deeply nourished, giving the hair a shiny effect. 

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Mostly free of frizz

One major thing that causes frizz in the hair is the lack of moisture. And since the scalp’s natural oil travels easily down the strands, your mane is always hydrated. For this reason, people with 1a hair type do not know battle frizz.

Low maintenance

Another great thing about type 1a hair is the fact that it is low maintenance. This means you don’t have to invest in too many products or spend too much time to keep your hair looking its best. For instance, your mane does not need too much external moisture because of the natural oil in your strands. Therefore, you do not need to invest in too many moisturizing products. 

Worst Features of 1A hair type

Although we love a lot of things about this hair type, there are also some features we do not like. Here are some worst features of 1a hair type:

Increased risk of heat or chemical damage

Remember we said the strands of this hair type are extremely fine. This is why heat or chemicals affect it quickly. And if care is not taken, you might expose your mane to the risk of heat or chemical damage. 

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Prone to hair breakage

Because of its fine texture, any little strain could cause your hair to pull out. Thus, type 1a hair is prone to hair breakage and, in extreme cases, baldness. 

Lack of volume

Because of its fine texture and lack of curls or waves, type 1a hair does not have volume or body. Some other factors contribute to its flatness. They include using the wrong moisturizing or heavyweight products, oily hair, and so on. 

Caring tips for 1A hair type

Remember we said 1a hair type is low maintenance. This means you do not need an extensive hair care routine before you take care of your strands. Here are some care tips for 1a hair type:

Caring Tips For 1A Hair Type

Wash your hair regularly

One of the most crucial hair care tips for type 1a hair is ensuring you wash your locks regularly. The scalp produces more oil than the strands need; thus, your mane’s roots become greasy or oily. As a result, the oil build-up weighs down your hair, making it look limp. To avoid limpness, you have to wash your hair every other day.

Besides, when you shampoo your mane, rinse with cold water. This will close up your hair follicles and reduce oil production on your scalp. This tip is handy when you know you want to skip the next wash day. 

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Avoid using too many products

Because your hair texture is fine and flat, many people are tempted to pack loads of products on their mane. This will only make the flatness issue worse. Using too many products will weigh down your hair and make it appear more lifeless than it is.

For this reason, you should avoid layering up products on your mane. Instead, opt for products that offer multiple benefits. 

Use the right brush for your hair

Using the wrong brush for your hair can cause damage to your mane. For instance, if you use a boar bristle brush, it could tear your hair cuticle, thus causing hair breakage. Instead, opt for one with rounded plastic prongs. This prevents hair breakage and aids in the distribution of the scalp’s natural oil to each strand. 

Reduce the use of heat styling tools

Like we said earlier, hot styling tools can expose your fine textured mane to the risk of heat damage. So, you should avoid it. If you can’t avoid it, invest in quality hot styling tools and use a thermal protectant. Besides, anytime you want to use the tools, always set them to cool or medium temperature so as not to damage your mane. 

Avoid going to bed with wet hair

Even though we said that 1a hair types are mostly frizz-free, you should not test the theory by going to bed with wet hair. Not only will that create frizz, but it will also cause tangles in your locks. Hence, ensure you do not go to bed with wet hair. If you want to do that, spritz a little leave-in conditioner in your mane. This will give it the slip and protect it against frizz or tangles. 

Final Thoughts

On the one hand, 1a hair is low maintenance, free of frizz, and always shines. On the other hand, it is prone to breakage, heat damage, and flatness. But always remember that 1a hair types are fragile because of their fine textured strands.

For this reason, you should handle it with care. If possible, stay away from chemicals or heat that can damage your fine hair. The hair care routine for this hair type is quite simple. And if you stick to the routines shared in this guide, you will find yourself rocking a healthy mane. 

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