Can I Brush My Hair After Keratin Treatment?

Brush My Hair After Keratin Treatment

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You have already keratinized your hair, and you are quite confused about whether you should brush it or not. Thus, the question, “can I brush my hair after keratin treatment?”

The answer is yes; you can brush your mane after keratin treatment. But there are some things you should consider; read on to find out what they are.

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How long should you wait before brushing your hair after keratin treatment?

If you have just keratinized your hair, you should wait about three days before you brush your hair. This is to allow the keratin to settle in your mane. Make sure you do not get your locks wet; just put them in a band or scarf.

This is because if you do not let the hair rest for that period, there might be a distinction that won’t get off your mane till the keratin washes off. So, after three days, you are free to brush your hair.

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Why should you brush your hair after a keratin treatment?

Going for a keratin treatment aims to straighten the hair and make it more manageable. However, sometimes you wake up and your mane is all messed up. And rolling your fingers through it will not make it as smooth as it should be. Hence, you should brush your hair after a keratin treatment.

What type of brush do I use?

What type of brush do I use

The truth is that there are various types of brushes out there. Ranging from a metal bristle brush, plastic bristle, wooden bristle, natural bristle, and so on. And this might lead to confusion about what type of brush to use after a keratin treatment.

However, there are some factors to consider before choosing the type of brush to use;

  • You need to go for a brush that removes kinks and tangles from the hair without pulling it.
  • The brush must be able to absorb excess oil or grease in the hair. This will help reduce the number of times you wash your lock.
  • Besides, you should choose a brush whose bristle does not brutalize the hair cuticle. The bristle of the brush determines how suitable the brush is for the hair.

Given this, you should go for a brush with a natural bristle. This type of brush helps keep the hair healthy after the keratin treatment. The texture of the bristle is similar to that of natural hair, so it works with the hair.

Because the design of this brush is soft and gentle, it helps the keratin treatment last longer in your mane. Using a metal or plastic bristle brush creates frizz and brutalizes your hair cuticle, thus causing loss of natural nutrients in that hair. Therefore, you should avoid them. 

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How to brush keratin-treated hair?

When brushing your hair after a keratin treatment, make sure you do not pull or tug it. Brush gently to stimulate your scalp. When you brush gently, it helps with the even distribution of natural oils in the hair.

Final thoughts

So, the answer to the question of whether you can brush your hair after a keratin treatment is yes. However, you should be cautious of the type of brush you use.

Only use a brush with natural bristle to maintain a healthy keratin-treated hair. Besides, you should always brush your mane gently without pulling or tugging it.

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