How Long Does A Hair Dryer Last?

How Long Does A Hair Dryer Last

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One of the tips for maintaining healthy, frizz-free hair is using a hair dryer. In fact, this tool is a must-have in every lady’s styling arsenal. Because of its importance in the styling world, it must work properly. Its airflow must be even and powerful.

However, an old hairdryer will not work as it should, so you must change it. The right time to change your hairdryer is usually when it is no longer working or has exceeded its lifespan.

This makes people wonder how long a hair dryer lasts. Well, this article will do justice to that in a bit.

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How long does a hair dryer last?

How can I make my hair dryer last longer

Most people think the hair dryer’s lifespan ends when it’s no longer coming on. However, that is not true, as hair dryers have an expiry date.

The lifespan of a hair dryer is between three to five years, but some factors determine how long a hair dryer will last. Those factors include:

The quality of the hair dryer

One thing that determines your hair dryer’s lifespan is its quality. Is the dryer made of good material? What are the specs and features of your hair dryer? What about the motor technology and heater quality?

For instance, a dryer with high motor technology lasts longer than one with lower motor technology. 

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How you store it

Another determining factor is how you store the hair dryer. Make sure you store the dryer on a dryer holder and ensure the cord is not twisted or wrapped in a bad way.

You can invest in a dryer holder so you can store your dryer the right way. 


The voltage of electricity that enters your house also determines how long a hair dryer will last. If you have a short circuit voltage, it might end up damaging your devices, your hair dryer inclusive.

The health of your filter

Dust and dirt gather in your filter as you use your dryer. If this dirt accumulates, the quality of your dryer will decrease, and this in turn affects the way it works. To avoid that, make sure you clean your dryer’s filter at least once a week if you use it frequently. 

Signs that your dryer needs to be replaced

Here are some signs that depict that your hair dryer has exceeded its lifespan:

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Some dryers come with an auto shut-off feature. This feature is activated when the dryer gets too hot. But this feature might malfunction after some time.

However, if the dryer overheats after a few minutes, you need to stop using it immediately. It is a sign that it has exceeded its lifespan and any further use could cause a fire hazard.

Poor airflow

Hair Dryer Poor airflow

Another sign that your hair dryer needs replacement is a lack of drying power. If you notice that it takes a long time to dry your hair, it might be because the airflow is not as powerful as it should be.

Annoying noise

Different things can cause noise in a hair dryer. If the filter is clogged with accumulated dust or dirt, it can start making annoying noise. You only need to clean the filter to get rid of the noise. However, if the heater or motor caused the noise, it is a sign that it needs a replacement.

Final thoughts

The bottom line is that hair dryers last up to three to five years. However, how long the hair dryer lasts depends on the quality, storage, voltage, and filter health.

All-in-all, you should replace the dryer if it makes an annoying noise, overheats, and has poor airflow.

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