How to Blow Dry Hair: Best Tips for Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily Hair

How to Blow Dry Hairs

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There is a necessity of ensuring that your hair ends up looking similar to how it was while leaving the salon. However, the process can be frustrating and confusing.

But, how to blow dry hair? Here is the guide.

A blow dryer may cause damages and make the hair frizzy, mainly while not used with caution. Therefore, there is a need to have the right tools, patience, and practice for your hair to get a fabulous look.

Besides, there is a necessity of mastering various techniques that will assist you in the sense of style expression while at the same time ensuring the hair remains healthy.

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Tools You Need for Blow Drying Your Hair

While blow-drying hair, there are various tools that you will need to ensure you end up with straight and beautiful hair. The various tools are including:

Blow-dryer: It is among the main tools you will be required for you to end up having smooth hair.

Fine and tooth comb: When you have dry hair, ensure you use a fine-tooth comb with teasing sections bearing a crown with lift. Therefore, ensure you are starting with inches from comb hair and scalp towards your hair roots.

Hot rollers: Hot rollers are not implying the Velcro kind, which is known for pulling and tearing beautiful hair. Hot rollers are the best way to bounce and volume for this kind of hair.

Therefore, ensure you get velvet-covered rollers, especially the hot ones. Besides, ensure you are using it on dry hair and afterward remove it, particularly after eight minutes.

Bristle brush-round boar: Boar bristles contain delicate and gentle hair with a round shape, which will help attain maximum volume.

Therefore, use a brush in pulling hair upwards in sections while at the same time blow-drying. If you have a great desire to fight flyaways, there is a need to spraying the bristles using the brush, especially one which is bearing a static guard.

Besides, there will be a need for spraying while two and then leave it to dry. Lastly, brush all over the hair and later start on the styling process.

Thickener: Ensure you are using one containing wheat protein n with bodybuilding before the application of various styling products.

Volumizing of the spray: It is best used in the case of dropping hair.

Thickening or Volumizing shampoo: They are formulas with less conditioning agents, which will end up weighing the hair down.

Diffuser: While having limited time for air-drying your hair, you will need to attach a diffuser to the dryer and later blow-dry on the lower temperature while speeding things up.

How to Blow Dry Hair

Many people are usually worried about how they can ensure their hair remains fresh when they ar3 leaving the salon.

Besides, a blow dryer may end up causing damages and, at the same time, making hair to hair a frizzy look, mainly if the blow dryer is not used correctly.

Therefore, you need to go through the tips below to assist you in the best way to blow dry hair.

Washing your hair

There are a variety of ways used in the washing of hair since there are different hair types. There is no necessity of washing hair daily.

Besides, there is no necessity of using shampoo all the time while washing the hair. The main reason is that you may end up damaging the hair while shampooed and cleaned frequently.

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Drying hair

You are drying hair by the use of a towel. Ensure that water has stopped dripping from the hair before the start of drying it by using a sheet.

The more you will be drying the hair using the towel, the simpler time you will have while blow-drying, and therefore you will have lesser damages.

Besides, there is a need for gently drying one’s hair. As a result, rapid and rough-dry will end up causing injuries to one’s hair.

When using a softer towel, you will be protecting your hair more. Therefore, you may even consider using a microfiber cloth or cotton T-shirt in sheet drying the hair gently.

User heat protectant

They are applying hair products and heat protectants. Ensure you are using a heat protectant to assist in preventing damages that would end up occurring in your hair.

Most products require to be applied to the hair roots while it is wet. More also, leave-in conditioners are useful in protecting the hair, particularly at the hair ends.

The process of scalp’s natural oil to get to the hair follicle tips usually takes quite a long time, especially when one has long hair.

To avoid damages, ensure you distribute leave-in conditioner from mid- follicle up to the hair ends. While looking towards adding thickness to the hair, there is a need to consider styling mousse.

Therefore, shine cream is usually used to smoothen out the hair and give it a gloss.

Using hair clips

Using Hair Clips in Separating Hair into Manageable Sections. It is more comfortable beginning by gathering the hair on the head top and later clamping it using a hair clip.

Ensure the hair on the back and sides of the head is naturally hanging down. In case you prefer wearing bangs, consider leaving them outside of a given clip.

Afterward, dry them to avoid problems and continue with the process of shaping later on. It will assist them and also ensure they are lying as you wish them to be.

While having difficulties in keeping the hair separate, make use of more clips to create additional segments along the back and sides of the head. It will assist in collecting a manageable section of hair using a hairbrush.

Section hair

Picking a section of hair ensures it dries faster. Therefore, consider removing clips within the chosen hair section.

Also, smaller hair sections are managed with more ease and will end up drying more quickly, especially while using medium and low heat settings.

The hair present on the sides of the head will also brush with ease and later dry. Therefore, you may wish to start with them in the first place.

However, there is also a different alternative whereby you will begin to blow hair from the head’s back at first.

How to Get Wavy Hair with a Hairdryer

Using nozzles and braids

You may need to have a less wavy action using a flat nozzle and braids with the blow dryer for ladies bearing super straight hair.

  • If you possess beautiful hair, there will need to have something that will give you roots, volume, and some texture. There will be a need for using the spray known as lavender sea salt.
  • Apply heat protector such as the spray by name Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry on the hair.
  • Ensure you are using fingertips to lift the hair roots in an upward direction while at the same time blow drying using an upward trend. Make sure you are using the flat nozzle coming with the dryer. It will assist in focusing on the direction with airflow and assist you in keeping control of the hair.
  • Besides, there is a need for positioning hair on the part you are very comfortable with.
  • Start picking a hair section, starting with the head top. Afterward, braid it while at the same time lifting roots to keep the volume in control.
  • Continue working on the braids until the whole hair is well completed.
  • There is the necessity of blow-drying of the present braids for five to ten minutes until you are sure the twists have thoroughly dried.
  • When dry, consider pulling out the various braids.
  • Remove the nozzle and scrunch hair while at the same time giving it cooling off. It will be useful in holding the wave in a more extended place.
  • Afterward, consider giving a sea salt spray spritz and scrunch as much as you can.
  • You will apply less amount of serum such as DIY blends to the various hair ends and give the whole hair a significant flip to finish the playful look.
  • To Add Volume with A Blow Dryer.

Ensuring that the hair is ready before blow-drying

There is a need to use conditioner and shampoo in hair type before considering blow-drying hair. It will assist in preparation for the styling process.

There are many conditioners and shampoo variants, which will be useful in addition to the extra volume. Before you are done with drying, use a towel in drying hair and ensuring that the excess moisture goes completely.

Besides, there is a need for removing tangles using hair drying lotion and a wide-toothed comb. Furthermore, there is a volumizing mousse that will also end up producing great results.

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Drying using braids

There is a trick that will be useful in hair-splitting, including making simple braids on the sides. It would also help if you considered doing the braiding, especially while the hair is still damp.

When twists are out, you will end up adding curl and little volume for the sake of better texture.

Doing the flip

It is another way that will be useful through flipping the head and aiming airflow on the given hairdryer to one’s roots. Besides, ensure you dry the head and afterward start running fingers through it.

Furthermore, you might also consider using a brush and end up sectioning the hair while still drying it.

After restoring the inappropriate head position, you will realize the hair will acquire an instant position and a rough ad textured look.

Working in Sections

When blow-drying long and thick hair, there is the necessity of diving hair in portions to ensure all different hair parts are evenly dried.

Division and separate working on the various sections help build volume while moving from one section to the other. It is better while began at the bottom when different parts have been held through clips.

While not working in sections, you will acquire frizzy and inconsistent hair.

Typical Blow Dryer Mistakes to be Avoided

Too hot

The significant error is drying on a high heat setting. There is a belief that one will end up drying the hair faster and have a better styling impact.

A Hot hairdryer will end up burning and damaging the hair, making it look frizzy, dull, and dry. Besides, medium heat is necessary while styling, even while taking a little longer to acquire the best effect.

Too cold

A cold blow dryer will end up drying the hair without designing it in any way. There is a place where one ends up switching for a cold setting in the blow dryer that is not appropriate for your hair.

After applying heat, there is a need for using a more relaxed setting in lowering of temperature and environment of style for more extended service.

Too close

When one uses the blow dryer while close to the hair, it leads to breaking and frizzing, causing burns to one’s scalp. Many manufacturers of blow dryers recommend a 30 cm distance, which might be a bit far for styling.

To wet

Wet hair will end up taking longer to be styled compared to dry hair. Therefore, there is a need for allowing air drying of hair or the use of hairdryer in hair drying before usage of curlers or brushes in styling.

Less damp hair is better, especially while styling using a brush and blow dryers to minimize significant damages.

Too fast

Styling hair by using best hooded blow dryer will end up taking time, and you mustn’t end up rushing into the process. Independence with the hair’s thickness and length, the procedure will end up taking around 30 minutes-3 hours to be completed.

Besides, there is a necessity of putting enough time in the process of blow-drying the hair. It will ensure you do not use more heat to speed the process to prevent the damaging of hair.


You now have all the information you needed concerning how to use a blow dryer. Therefore, there is no other thing that should stop you from ending up looking as fabulous as you wish.

Therefore, ensure you read this information from time to time until it sticks into your mind and put it into action—all the best as you purpose on having better and more stylish hair.

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