How To Use a Hair Straightening Brush

Use a Hair Straightening Brush

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Straightening your hair is quite important. It helps give your hair give room to the roots and stay fresh. While choosing your brush, you always have to make the right choice for your hair’s health. The brush has to be one that will not break your hair at any given time.

While straightening your hair, always be gentle also. Do not rush it because you may end up either breaking your hair or having some unattended parts. Straighten your hair next to your mirror so that you have a thorough job done.

How To Use a Hair Straightening Brush

How do you straighten your hair using your brush? Here is how to use it:

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Shampoo And Condition Your Hair

The first thing you need to do is to clean your hair and make it soft. Use your recommended shampoo to wash your hair as thoroughly as possible. After you shampoo, rinse your hair with clean water before you condition it.

While still wet, you can now condition your hair to strengthen your hair against breaking while using your straightening brush. That is by smooths the hair by reducing friction while using the hair straightener.

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Apply Straightening Balm

While you brush your hair, you certainly want to have fun and an easy time. You should, therefore, use your balm to make sure it’s soft and at a specific position that is easy to brush.

Apart from that, the balm gives your hair waves as well as temporary curls. As you brush your hair, the curls and waves are the points that strengthen your straightening.

Dry Your Hair

Your hair needs to be dry while you straighten it. That means that it should dry it before brushing. You can use a dryer for this and ensure you will only get off the dryer after its completely dry up to the roots.

Alternatively, a blow dryer can work well also. Drying needs to be always done before you brush because your hair straightening brush is a high-temperature device. This means that it may cause single or permanent damage to your hair.

If possible, before getting into a dryer or blow-drying your hair, you can use a beautiful towel to make work faster and easier.

Divide Your Hair And Use Thermal Protection Spray

After your hair is completely dry, you can divide your hair into manageable sizes as you use your brush. Your best choice may be into quarters that you can work with if your hair allows. If your hair is quite thick, the more you should divide it.

This is because you need your brush gets to straighten it as much as possible. On the other side, if you have soft curly hair, you have an easy job, but you also have to be careful. This is because your hair can easily break as you straighten it.

You should, therefore, divide it into thick bits that, when you brush, there is a lot of hair on a grip so that you don’t end up breaking it.

After you have divided your hair, you need to protect it from the high heat hair strengthening brush. That is by use of a recommended thermal spray. As you buy or choose your spray, make sure it matches the texture of your hair.

This is because you may end up harming your hair as you protect it from heat. The thermal heat protection spray acts as an insulator that coats your hair from the heat produced as you use your brush.

The brush has to apply heat to straighten your hair, and hence you certainly need the spray you do not cause harm by too much heat on your hair.

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Start Brushing

After you have done all the preparations and gotten your hair ready, you can now start straightening it. First, you need to pre-heat your brush. This allows you to begin straightening with a useful brush, and hence you save on time.

Choose the portion of hair from the divided ones that you want to straighten and start from the roots. Be careful as you do this so that you do not injure your scalp with the heated, straightening brush.

While you are straightening, you always have to see each tip of your straightening brush bristles. If you don’t, this means that your hair portion is too thick. You will be doing no good as you try to straighten your hair because each strand doesn’t get to be attended to.

You need to divide it again accordingly to make sure that all your hair gets some good straightening. Use the straightening brush, therefore, from the roots to each tip of the portion divided.

After you are done with a section, use the brush to lay it on a side, or an attended to portion. It is also important not to rush your session. This is because hair is beautiful, and you need to make sure you achieve this.

Apart from that, rushing may render you vulnerable to overheated hair that may break. As you brush, give your hair time to cool before going back to the same spot over and over.

Another tip is that, while you are straightening your hair using a brush, start from the back, going to the front part. This ensures that you will leave no part unattended, and you can lay your hair behind as you move to the front areas.


Once you have done it all, you need now to switch off your brush and let it cool. As it cools, use some hair spray to refresh it and keep it in touch. Do not keep on touching it till it also cools as you need your new style in shape and your hair as beautiful as you wanted it to be.

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