How to Use a Hair Dryer for Lice?

How to Use Hair Dryer for Lice

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Human lice are common. Although they are not life-threatening, they are so irritating. Lice spread through beddings or heads close to each other and can infect all types of hair. They can infect both clean and dirty hair but tend to spread more to long hair. 

You will only feel itchy when the bugs bite or allergic reaction from the feces in contact with the scalp. There are hundreds of said fixes, but not all effectively get rid of these irritating bugs.

Guide: How to Use Hair Dryer for Lice?

You may be wondering how a hairdryer works to kill lice? This article illustrates a step-by-step guide on how to use hair dryer for lice eradication.

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Wash Your Hair

The first thing to do is cleaning your hair. Hot water is best as it helps in the killing of other germs. If you have shampoo, you can also use it to get clean hair.

Next, use your fingers to remove the nits that are stuck at the root of the hair. The more nits you remove, the fast the eradication of the bugs.

Blow Dry Your Hair

After finishing washing your hair, take a dry towel and pat to drain excessive water. Next, take your hairdryer and blow-dry for at least 30 minutes.

Medium heat is the most suitable to avoid being too harsh to your hair and scalp, but that depends on the dryer you are using. Closely observe for nits and lice patiently cover every inch to direct them to heat well.

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Comb Your Hair

After completing the long, noisy, and stressful 30 minutes exercise of blow drying your hair, you need to comb your hair with a head lice comb or nit comb.

A standard comb will not remove the dead lice and nits; therefore, make sure to use the nit comb.

Combing your hair ensures you get rid of the dead lice and nits and the remaining alive lice. It is good to make it a habit to comb your hair weekly with the nit comb.

Wash Your Hair Again

To achieve maximum effectiveness, you must wash your hair after blow-drying and combing with a nit comb. Washing your hair ensures to get rid of the dead lice and the remaining live lice.

If you have any medicated shampoo this is the right time to ensure perfect clean hair and complete elimination of human lice.

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Blow Dry Your Hair At Least Once a Week

The last step involves using the hair dryer to blow dry your hair at least once a week. This will enable you to get 100% effectiveness.

You may increase this depending on infestation and stop the treatment when you no longer see any lice. You can get a second opinion to observe if all the bugs are written off.

Blow drying is a cheap and perfect way of getting rid of human lice. The hot air dries the bugs killing them by dehydration. Do not also forget to use the nit comb to comb the hair weekly.

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