How To Clean Hair Dryer

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Hairdryers can collect plenty of dust and hair in their vents. Cleaning the junk from the hairdryer prolongs its life. If the appliance is not cleaned regularly, it starts to shoot some small flames from its back end.

These flames are dangerous and can cause the hairdryer to break down or result in other fire-related hazards. Instead of going at a loss, you can learn the step by step guide how to clean hair dryer and increase the lifespan of your appliance.

Just like any other electronic appliance, the hairdryer is intended to make your work easy. It is designed to blow hot or ambient air over your damp hair to increase the evaporation of water from the wet hair. If yours does not work effectively, then it is time to clean it.

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5 Simple Yet Effective Ways: How To Clean Hair Dryer

Step 1: Know When the Dryer Needs a Cleanup

Typically, a dirty hair dryer creates two problems; it blows dust back onto your clean hair and it can cause a fire hazard if it does not exhaust properly. Dryers tend to shut down or overheat if there is too much buildup of lint.

Other things that can stick in your dryer include hair spray, oils from the scalp, product residue, random particles or even germs. If you notice that the dryer is running too hot or its airflow looks weak, it is time to be cleaned.

Assemble your cleaning tools and psyche yourself to do the cleaning. The cleaning is a DIY activity and will hence take you a short time. The tools to be used are easily accessible and include an unused toothbrush with soft bristles, a clean hand towel, pointy tweezers, toothpick and an extra clean towel.

Step 2: Unplug And Disassemble The Hairdryer

Unplug the dryer from the power socket to avoid any form of electrocution. All the cleaning is to be done without exposing the dryer to electricity, even if it is off. After unplugging the dryer, trace its air intake. The air intake is usually capped. The capped cover is easy and quick to remove as it easily twists off.

If you experience difficulty in removing the cap, do not force it out to avoid breakages. Instead, consult the instructions manual and find out what to do. Next, inspect the back and front grills of the dryer. If these grills are removable, snoop them open using a screwdriver.

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Step 3: Clean The Dryer’s Filter

Once you have disassembled the dryer, carefully remove any visible lint using pointy tweezers or toothpick. The tweezer will help you pull off the dust and hair bunnies. Below are the ways that you can employ to clean the different parts of the dryer:

  • The cap – Fill up your sink with warm water. Splash little cleansing shampoo or soap in the water to make it soapy. Let the cap soak a bit and take a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently rub off the buildup of unwanted particles from the base of the cap. Allow it to dry before you screw it back for use
  • Filter – You can choose to wash or vacuum the dryer’s filter using a hose attachment. This will depend on the manufacturer. If using a hose attachment, thoroughly vacuum the grills and side vents. If you are hand-cleaning, use a small tool like toothbrush, Q-tips, or pointy tweezer. Then, rinse the filter with warm water and allow it to dry completely. Note that some dryers tend to dry faster than others. Depending on the model that you are using, allow the filter to dry completely.
  • Wire Screens – Use a small-wired brush to remove any lint from the wire screens and vents carefully.

While the above components of the hairdryer are drying up, gently rub the dryer’s body and nozzle using a soft and damp towel to clean up any oil that was smeared on the body. For the other in-built parts of the appliance, a vacuum attachment will help you suck away any excess lint and dust.

Step 4: Reassemble the hairdryer

Insert the filter, reattach the wire grills and all the other components of the appliance. Your dryer is now clean and ready for use. Since the dryer has heating elements and many other in-built components, ensure you do not reassemble the removable parts while they are still wet or have traces of water. The danger of doing so is that the wet parts are exposed to electricity, and this may lead to electrification.

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Step 5: Start the Hair Dryer again

The cleaning will take you an average of 10-15 minutes to complete. Connect the dryer to the socket and be sure that the appliance will work better than how it was working earlier. If you have already cleaned the hairdryer, but it continues becoming very hot, it might be time to replace it with a new one.

At The End Of The Day

Very many people know the daily routine of washing and drying their hair. Even though the hair eventually dries up on its own if given sufficient time, a hairdryer is the best tool to speed up the drying process. This is why you should make your hairdryer your friend and ensure its condition is perfect.

Every hairdryer needs good ventilation to work well. Therefore, keeping this styling tool clean means that you will not have to purchase a new one. By cleaning and taking care of this hair styling tool, you not only give the product a longer life, but you also increase its performance capabilities.

Maintain the appliance’s cleanliness consistently as it is an affordable and effortless DIY activity even if you cannot clean the dryer as often as you ought to, always remember that the infrequent clean up of the dryer is better than not cleaning it at all.

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