How To Measure Hair Color And Developer?

Measure Hair Color And Developer

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The secret to getting that vibrant color you want on your hair is to use the right proportion of hair color and developer. Now, if you are coloring your hair with a professional colorist, you might not bother yourself.

But, there are days you feel like dying your hair at home without visiting the salon. This is because it saves money and time. So, you must know how to measure hair color and developer for times like this.

This article will discuss how to measure hair color and developer. But, before then, why exactly is getting the right proportion necessary?

Why is it necessary to get the right proportion of hair color and developer?

Why is it necessary to get the right proportion of hair color and developer

Before you dye your hair, you will need a hair dye and a developer. The volume of the developer you will go for depends on the shade you want. So, what happens if you don’t get the right proportion of the mixture?

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You will get a runny consistency

To apply the dye and developer mixture to your hair, you need to get a smooth consistency. But, if you add too much developer to the dye, the consistency will be runny or watery. Thus, it is difficult for you to apply the dye thoroughly to your hair.

Hair color will fade faster

End up getting a runny or watery consistency due to too much hair development. The base will be very light. Thus, the hair color pigment will not be able to penetrate deeply into the cuticle of your mane. If this happens, the hair color ends up fading faster than usual. 

Uneven patches of color on your hair

On the other hand, if you add more hair dye than the developer, the base of the mixture will be thick. Thus, the consistency will be clumpy. As a result, you will not be able to apply the mixture evenly and thoroughly to your hair. And if this happens, you will have uneven color patches on your mane. 

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Hair color will appear darker

One of the functions of a hair developer is to open the hair cuticle so the color penetrates it. But, if you add too much hair color to the developer, the hair cuticle will not be opened. As a result, the hair color will appear darker than usual.

What is the right proportion for mixing hair color and developer?

What is the right proportion for mixing hair color and developer

As you can see in the previous section, the right proportion of the mixture is necessary to get your desired color. So, what is the proper ratio for mixing the hair color and the developer?

Ratio 1:1

As a general rule of thumb, you should mix the same amount of hair color and hair developer if you want to dye your hair. For every 75ml of hair color, mix 75ml of hair developer. We will discuss how to measure them soon.

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Ratio 1:2

On rare occasions, you can use the ratio of 1:2, especially if you want more enhanced color. This means that for every 25ml of hair dye used, 50ml of hair developer is used.

How to measure hair color and developer?

measure hair color and developer

You now know the right proportion for mixing the hair color and hair developer. Here are some ways to measure hair color and developers to get an accurate measurement.

Check the packaging measurement marks

Some products have measurement marks that serve as an indication of the quantity of product in the container. So, if you want to use them, pay attention to the marks to know whether you are on the right track with the measurement. But, some products don’t have these marks, so if you can’t find any, you can use weighing scales.

Use weighing scales

You will notice that professional hair colorists hardly make mixing mistakes. This is because most of them use weighing scales. So, if you want an accurate measurement, you should try using a weighing scale if you have one handy.

All you need to do is place a small container on the scale, and set it to 0, then pour in your hair color till it gets to the right measurement you want. Next, scoop the hair color out of that container into a mixing bowl. Then place the container back on the scale and repeat the process with the hair developer.

Use measuring cups

You can also use a measuring cup to measure the hair dye and developer before mixing them. Getting measuring cups is quite cheaper than buying a weighing scale.

For this method, you can pour the developer and the hair color into different measuring cups to accurately measure what you want. After that, you can proceed to pour them into the mixing bowl to mix them.

If you have only one measuring cup, then no problem. You only need to ensure you scrape off all the hair color in the cup before you pour in the hair developer.

Tips on how to measure hair color and developer

Avoid guesswork

One of the tips on measuring hair color and developer accurately is avoiding guesswork. Many ladies are used to measuring things with our eyes, and this won’t work when it comes to dye and developer.

So, to avoid uneven patches of color on your hair, ensure you measure, especially if you are a beginner. Invest in weighing scales, or use measuring cups as an alternative.

Mix the formula properly

Besides avoiding guesswork, you should also ensure you mix properly. Accurate measurement is not enough; you must mix the formula well, so there are no lumps or chunks. To achieve a smooth consistency, avoid using a dye brush; instead, use plastic forks or a silicone whisk. 

Opt for cream developer

If this is your first time trying to dye your mane yourself, you should opt for a cream developer. This is because the cream developer gives you the smooth consistency you need without much hassle. On the other hand, if you use a liquid developer, you might have a watery consistency. And this could make the hair color fade faster. 

Final Thoughts

You now know how to measure hair color and developer. And we hope that the next time you want to dye your hair, you won’t have issues with accurate measurement. Remember that using the right hair color and developer proportion is the secret to getting your desired hues. And you can only get the right proportion if you measure them.

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