The 7 Best GHD Flat Irons In 2024

Best ghd Flat Irons

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Do you want to tame frizz, straighten your hair or add curls? Whatever the case, you will need to get an excellent ghd hair straightener. Designed to deliver incredible results without causing damage to the hair, ghd straighteners are iconic flat irons that adopt breakthrough technology. As a result, you can get them with the assurance of achieving long-lasting professional results, whether you are a beginner or an expert. To help you locate an ideal ghd straightener, you will find the best ghd flat irons available for you to choose from below. Read on as you look forward to buying a flat iron designed to suit all types of hair and deliver versatile styling results.

Our Best Selection

ProductCheck Price
Best For All Hair Types: Ghd Original Styler 1 inch Flat Iron Shop On Amazon
Best Ultra-Gloss Plates: ghd Gold Styler Professional Flat Iron Shop On Amazon | $239.00
Best Hair Styler: ghd Platinum+ Styler - 1" Flat Iron Shop On Amazon | $279.00
Best Ceramic Heat: ghd Amber Sunrise Gold Styler Shop On Amazon
Best Long-Lasting: ghd Gold Hair Straighteners Shop On Amazon
Best Dual Voltage: ghd Gold Styler 1 inch Flat Iron Shop On Amazon
Best Heats Up: ghd Max and Mini Hair Styler Shop On Amazon | $249.00

Features Of The ghd Flat Irons

Optimum Styling Temperature

Are you tired of straighteners that create hot or cold zones limiting the ability to achieve consistent results? If you answered yes, the ghd flat iron can solve these troubles. The straightener is designed to deliver an optimum 365°F/185ºC temperature.

Because of this, you do not have to worry about damaging the hair with extra-hot plates or limiting your results because of plates that fail to reach the desired styling temperatures.

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Automatic Shut Off 

Let’s face it- no one is perfect, and you can forget to switch off your ghd flat iron after use. That means- dealing with higher electrical bills or risking the safety of your home. To keep you safe, the best ghd straighteners adopt an automatic shutoff feature.

This feature enables the irons to switch off after some time of idleness. As a result, you expect to benefit from peace of mind after forgetting to switch the straighter off.

Floating Plates

Another advantage of the best ghd Stylers is their floating plates. If you are tired of pulling your hair because of using a Styler that doesn’t glide smoothly through the hair, then you can bid goodbye to such issues after getting these straighteners.

Their floating plates glide through the hair smoothly enabling them to render professional results within a short time.

Dual-Zone Technology

The dual-zone technology is another feature incorporated in ghd flat irons. In particular, the flat irons integrate heat sensors on each plate. These sensors control the styling temperature from the root to the tip. In turn, you do not have to deal with hot or cold zones.

As a result, you can expect the straighteners to adapt to different types of hair and adjust the heat depending on the hair type to help you achieve desirable results.

Other Key Features

Other features that make the reviewed ghd flats irons a great buy include:

  • Concluding ourUniversal voltage – The flat irons adopt a dual-voltage design. That means that you can expect them to support different power supplies, which makes them suitable for people who love to travel.
  • Rounded barrel – Also, there is a round barrel. This feature helps to lock in curls, which makes the ghd flat irons suitable for improved curling.
  • Long power cables – No one likes to style hair using a flat iron that limits maneuverability. For this reason, ghd flat irons include long power cables to provide a suitable distance range so that you can style the hair efficiently and conveniently.
  • Wishbone hinge – There is a wishbone hinge that holds the plates together. This hinge provides a perfect plate alignment so that you can get better control when using it.

7 Best GHD Flat Irons In 2024

1. Best For All Hair Types: Ghd Original Styler 1 inch Flat Iron

ghd Classic Styler

Are you looking for a ghd flat iron that is designed to smooth, style, and eliminate frizz quickly? If so, I would like to recommend the ghd Classic Styler. The styler adopts a single heat setting rated at 365°F. This setting provides the optimal temperature so that you can wave, straighten, or curl hair to achieve smooth and frizz-free results.

Adding to that, the flat iron features ceramic heating technology. This technology enables the plates to heat fast and maintain a constant temperature across the surface. In return, you can be sure to achieve professional styling results within a short period.

The rounded barrel and floating plates are another addition to the styler. These enable it to glide through hair easily so that you can create beautiful styles that will make your friends envious. You can get the ghd Classic Styler when looking for a perfect choice for use at home or during a trip. The reason is the universal voltage that makes it compatible with different power outlets. Also, Styler is an excellent choice that is designed to help you save in the long run. This is because of the automatic sleep mode that enables it to enter the sleep mode when no activity is detected. Please watch this video for more about the product.


  • The plates deliver an optimal heating temperature to protect the hair from damage because of overheating.
  • The flat iron is suitable for all types of hair.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • A quick beep sound makes it easy to know that the flat iron is ready to use.
  • The floating plates deliver extra control when styling.
  • A rounded barrel guarantees versatility and snag-free styling.
  • The on/off button makes it easy to switch it on or off.


  • No temperature control.
  • The cord is thin and tends to tangle.
  • The dryer doesn’t come with a carry bag.

2. Best Ultra-Gloss Plates: ghd Gold Styler Professional Flat Iron

ghd Gold Professional Styler

Transform your daily look once you get the ghd Gold Professional Styler. Whether you want to create curls, flicks, or deliver straight hair in a modern way, you can expect this flat iron to provide lasting results. Besides, it is proven to deliver smoother, sleeker, and healthier-looking hair, which makes it a perfect choice when looking for a professional styler. Among the features that make it effective at this is the dual-zone technology.

Specifically, the Styler features two next-generation heat sensors across each plate. These sensors help to control the styling temperature consistently from the root to the tip, thus eliminating hot and cold zones. As a result, it can enhance shine, create a healthy look, and better yet, make versatile styles which makes it a perfect choice for meeting professional needs. Besides that, the styler delivers an optimum styling temperature of 365°F.

This temperature means that you can forget about hair damage because of using a hotter flat iron or compromised results because of getting a Styler that doesn’t heat to the desired temperatures. You can get this flat iron as a perfect choice to ghd flat iron that is designed to style hair fast since it features plates that heat up within 25 seconds. Moreover, Styler is a perfect choice to help you benefit from snag-free styling so that you can transform your daily look within a short time. The reason is its sleek design and round barrel designed to ensure versatile and snag-free styling. The ghd Gold Professional Styler includes floating plates that glide through hair quickly to ensure frizz-free styling. Furthermore, there is an automatic sleep function. This mode enables the Styler to switch off if not used for 30 minutes to enhance safety, and at the same time, help you save energy bills. If you’re curious about the results, check out this review on YouTube.


  • The plates heat fast.
  • The Styler features good quality and durable material.
  • It shuts off automatically if you fail to use it within 30 minutes.
  • Comfortable grips enhance comfort.


  • It is a little bit expensive.
  • No temperature control.

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3. Best Hair Styler: ghd Platinum+ Styler – 1″ Flat Iron

 ghd Platinum

Introducing the ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance Styler, this is a ghd flat iron that is designed for use on all types of hair. The styler features an ultra-zone with predictive technology. This technology intelligently predicts your hair’s needs and personalizes the power according to the thickness of the hair and the speed at which you are styling. In the end, it helps to provide consistent, beautiful results in one stroke.

Adding to that, the styler offers an optimum styling temperature. In particular, its heat is monitored 250 times per second, enabling it to maintain a constant optimum 365°F styling temperature to help you get healthier hair. You can get this styler when looking for the best ghd flat iron for professional use. The reason is its 20-second heat-up time that reduces the time spent when styling.

Furthermore, there is an ergonomic 1″ wide handle designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip after hours of styling. The ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance Styler can adapt to your hair’s needs enabling it to result in 70% less breakage and 2 times more color protection. With it, you can be sure to have received a flat iron that is safe to use because of the automatic sleep mode that turns the styler off after 30 minutes of not using it. Further, the Styler is a perfect choice for a flat iron that is designed to enhance convenience when styling because of the 9-feet swivel cord designed to ensure a greater reach. The product is elaborated on in this video.


  • A unique wishbone hinge ensures proper alignment of the plates.
  • Plates heat up within 20 seconds.
  • A heat-resistant plate guard protects the surface plates after styling.
  • The plates glide through hair smoothly.
  • The styler delivers silky and healthier hair within a single pass.


  • Its heat isn’t adjustable.

4. Best Ceramic Heat: ghd Amber Sunrise Gold Styler

ghd gold styler

Concluding our ghd flat iron review is the ghd Gold Styler. If you are looking for a ghd flat iron that is designed to ensure snag-free styling and deliver a professional finish, this product is designed for you. The Styler adopts advanced ceramic heat technology. This technology allows the plates to heat fast and consistently. In return, you do not have to worry about hot or cold zones, which enables the Styler to deliver an enhanced lustrous shine within a short time and after applying little effort.

Adding to that, the Styler includes smooth shimmering, deep amber plates with a glossy finish. The plates glide through the hair with a lot of ease to guarantee snag-free styling and an ultimate professional finish.

The ghd Gold Styler is a perfect choice for a travel-ready flat iron. The reason is its protective plate guard that ensures safe storage when traveling. That is not all, since the flat iron adopts a universal worldwide voltage.

That means that you can use it in various states so that you do not have to worry about it limiting the places you can visit. The flat iron provides an optimum styling temperature of 365°F.

As such, you do not have to worry about the hotter temperature that will damage the hair or the cooler temperature that is likely to compromise the outcome. Also, it includes an auto-shutoff feature.

This feature enables it to shut off after 30 minutes of idleness to guarantee safety and power saving. You can use the styler on all types of hair and hair lengths so that you can create curls, straight styles, and waves. The reason is the versatile 1″ barrel that features a round body.


  • The plates do not pull the hair.
  • The styler comes in a range of color options.
  • 8.8feet power cable guarantees a greater reach.
  • Ergonomic grip guarantees comfort.


  • No temperature control.

5. Best Long-Lasting: ghd Gold Hair Straighteners

ghd Gold Hair Straighteners

Are you looking for a flat iron that will simplify styling your hair? The ghd Gold Hair Straightener is your go-to flat iron. This hair styling tool features broad wide plates that make it easier and quicker to style long, curly, and thicker hair. This flat iron uses advanced ceramic flat iron heat technology, ensuring a consistent and optimum styling temperature of about 365℉.

This minimizes hair damage and breakage because it does not tug on your hair and does not burn nor catch your hair as you style it.

It has 11/2-inch wide contoured plates, allowing smooth and snag-free styling on longer, thicker, and curlier hair types. It leaves your hair smooth and frizz-free with one pass. This is one of the best flat irons ideal for creating smooth natural-effect waves and taming frizz or creating quick straight styles with ease.


  • It has a rounded barrel that makes it easier for styling bouncy curls and beachy waves and achieves a superior sleek finish.
  • It heats up quickly in only 25 seconds.
  • Automatic sleep mode switches it off when not used for 30 minutes.
  • Has universal voltage for worldwide usage.
  • It comes with a long swivel cord of 2.7m for convenient styling.


  • Heat is not adjustable.

6. Best Dual Voltage: ghd Gold Styler 1 inch Flat Iron

ghd Gold Styler - 1 Inch Flat Iron

This is a limited edition and advanced professional hair straightener designed for all hair types. If you are looking for a flat iron that will deliver sleeker, smoother, and healthier hair, ghd Gold Styler – 1 Inch Flat Iron is your go-to hair straightener. This flat iron comes with dual-zone ceramic technology that has sensors that monitor heat distribution.

This ensures that an optimum styling temperature of 365 F is maintained to minimize hair damage and hair breakage for healthier styling.

This flat iron has a versatile design with a round barrel with an engraved pivot cap that ensures snag-free styling.

Unlike other straighteners, this hair straightener comes with a luxurious heat-resistant carry case. So you do not have to wait for your straightener to cool down before you pack your straightener. It also comes with three Kitsch clips to carry all your styling essentials.


  • Heats up quickly in 25 seconds.
  • Has dual-zone ceramic technology for optimum styling temperature.
  • Snag-free styling with a professional finish.
  • Universal worldwide voltage.
  • Heat-resistant bag.
  • Versatile design with snag-free styling.
  • Ergonomic grip to offer comfort.
  • Auto-shutoff feature.


  • It has no adjustable temperature.

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7. Best Heats Up: ghd Max and Mini Hair Styler

ghd Max and Mini Stylers

If you are looking for a flat iron that will give you sleek and smooth professional results with no excess heat to damage your hair, go for the ghd Max and Mini Stylers. It comes with 1.65Inches styling plates with two new generation heat sensors that prevent your hair from overheating. This flat iron has 70% larger plates than other straighteners, which makes it ideal for styling larger, longer, and curly hair types in a shorter time.

This flat iron maintains an optimum styling temperature of 365⁰F; thus, you will not experience any cold spots or burns on your hair. It adopts dual voltage, making it ideal for people who love to travel.


  • Universal voltage for worldwide usage.
  • It has a sleep mode when not used for a long time.
  • Has larger plates for styling longer, curly, and thick hair.
  • It has heat sensors that produce smooth and sleek results.
  • Uses dual-zone heating technology.
  • Styles hair in half the time with its wide plates.


  • It has no adjustable heating temperature.
  • Not ideal for styling shorter hair.

GHD Flat Irons FAQs

To use a GHD Flat Iron, first, plug it in and turn it on to the desired temperature. Next, separate your hair into small sections and clamp the flat iron over the section, then slowly glide the iron down the length of the hair until it is straight. Repeat this process for each section of hair until you have straightened your entire head.

Yes, GHD Flat Irons are suitable for all hair types, including fine, medium, and thick hair. However, it is important to choose the correct temperature setting based on your hair type to avoid damaging your hair. For example, if you have fine hair, use a lower temperature setting, while thick hair may require a higher temperature setting.

GHD Flat Irons are high-quality hair styling tools that are designed to last for several years with proper care and maintenance. The lifespan of a GHD Flat Iron can vary depending on how often it is used and how well it is taken care of. On average, a GHD Flat Iron can last anywhere from 3-5 years.

Ghd straighteners are easy to clean since all it takes is wiping them using a wet piece of cloth. You can wet the cloth with water, alcohol, and baking soda+water mixture.

Moreover, you can use acetone, nail polish remover, or lemon juice so you can remove heavy dirt build-up.

Ghd flat irons include heat sensors on each plate. The sensors enable the plates to stay at an optimum 365°F optimum temperature.

The reason for this is to eliminate the chances of damage because of hotter temperatures or chances of compromised results because of the failure to reach the desired results.

Essentially, this depends on the type of hair you are dealing with. Titanium straighteners are perfect for normal to thick hair while ceramic irons are suitable for fine or delicate hair.


The reviewed hair straighteners are designed for use with all hair types. Plus, you can use them to achieve versatile and professional results with a lot of ease. So, if you are looking for ghd flat irons that will help you customize your hairstyle day after another, you can take advantage of the straighteners in our ghd flat iron review so that you can get the look and finish you desire.

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