Can I Flat Iron My Hair After Dying It? [A Detail Explanation]

Can I Flat Iron My Hair After Dying It

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Colored-treated hair is gradually becoming a trend in the hair world. Many people dye their hair to change their style or look. However, most women are often confused about whether they can flat iron their hair after dying it. Read on to find the answer to this question.

Can I flat iron my hair after dying it?

The answer is yes. You can flat iron your hair after dying it. However, the pigment of the dye takes a while before it penetrates deeply into the hair. And if you use a flat iron before the pigment settles in your lock, you might find that the color will fade soon.

So, you should wait for at least one (1) week after dying your hair before flat ironing it. However, some factors to consider if you want to flat iron your hair after dying it. They include;

The health of the hair

The health of the hair

One of the factors to consider before flat ironing your dyed hair is the health of your locks. You will use some chemicals while coloring your hair, and these chemicals can cause damage to your mane. If you notice that your locks got damaged while dying, you should refrain from using a flat iron or any other styling tool until you have treated the hair.

This is because flat ironing damaged hair will further damage the lock by causing excessive dryness, breakage, and splitting. Besides, the hair will become frizzy and difficult to dye. 

Products to use

When you want to flat iron your hair after dying it, there are two vital products you need to use. One is a protective styling gel or serum, while the other is a thermal/heat protectant. Applying protective gel or serum helps speed up the flat ironing process. Use the protective styling gel while you are air-drying or blow-drying your hair.

Another essential product you need to use is a thermal/heat protectant. As the name implies, this product’s benefit is protecting the hair from heat damage. Again, make sure you use this product after your hair is completely dried.

Temperature settings

Another factor you should consider before flat ironing your hair after dying is the temperature settings of the flat iron. When you expose your hair to too much heat, it does not only cause damage to your hair but also makes the color fade. Therefore, you should ensure that you set the temperature of your flat iron to a low setting before you use it. 

What happens if you flat iron your hair immediately after dying it?

Two things happen when you flat iron your hair immediately after dying it. The first one is that you expose the hair to damage/breakage. Heat can damage hair, and colored-treated hair is more prone to damage from heat. The moisture in your hair evaporates, so your mane gets dry and brittle. 

Another thing that happens is that the color of your mane fades. This is because the color pigment takes a while to settle in the hair, and if it is not allowed to settle before using a flat iron on the hair, it evaporates, and the color fades quickly. In other words, flat ironing your hair after dying evaporates both the water and color molecules, so avoid it.

Final Thoughts

So, if you wonder whether you can flat iron your hair after dying it, the answer is yes. First, however, you have to consider the health of your hair, the product to use, and the temperature settings of the flat iron.

Generally, it would be best if you knew how often you use heat styling tools on colored-treated hair to maintain the hair’s color.

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