How to Clean a Hair Straightener Brush

How to Clean a Hair Straightener Brush

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If you desire results from using a hair straightening brush, you should certainly clean it as often as possible. If possible, clean it after each session of using it.

This makes it entirely more comfortable for you the next time you want to use it, and also your brush stays intact with no dirt of strands of hair as well as dandruff.

A hair straightening brush, even if not often used, you should at least try to keep it as clean as possible. You cannot bear the risk of having piled up strands of hair between the bristles before you use it, and hence cleaning is a necessity.

Not cleaning your brush is a recipe for disaster, as it could lead to damage to your scalp as well as a defective brush as it may not get the job done.

You will be using a brush that is dirty and full of strands, and hence as you straighten your hair, most parts of it will not get what you want to achieve.

How Do You Clean Your Brush?

Here is a step by step guide:

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Unplug And Let It Cool

After using your brush, the first thing you need to do clean it. You should, therefore, first, unplug it and let it cool. This is more of a preventive measure as you do not want to clean a heated brush that could cause burn injuries to your hand.

Apart from that, you may have to use a wet cloth, and if not unplugged, you may get electrocuted as you clean. The brush needs to be unplugged and let to cool completely.

Before you start cleaning, the brush should always be at room temperature, as this is the safest state to clean at. Cooling should be as natural as possible as there is no need of dipping your brush into cold liquids to achieve it.

You may leave it to cool as you spray your hair or style it after you have straightened it with the brush. To test if it’s cool, you can feel the bristles and asses.

Untangle And Remove Strands

While using your hair straightening brush, there are strands of hair that get tangled between the bristles. You should first remove them using your hands.

If the brush is not cool, the bristles may burn your hand, and this is why you should always unplug and let it cool first.

Take time untangling and removing the strands of hair in between the bristle till you are sure there is none left. The strands, if not remove, could cause damage to your hair in the next session you use it.

You may also use a small comb to help you get the strands off your brush bristles.

Wipe Your Brush

After you have untangled and removed the strands, you may now use a soft fibre cloth to wipe it. Make sure you dampen the cloth in either water or a cleaning agent to clean the brush.

Be gentle as you wipe through your brush’s bristles so that you do not break them. As you wipe in between the bristles, make sure there is enough light so that you thoroughly clean it.

The reason why a fiber cloth is recommended is the fact that it doesn’t leave fluffs all over your brush. Dampening makes it easy to clean as the cloth is softer, and the dirt particles attract to the wet cloth.

It would help if you always chose a cleaning agent that is not corrosive to your brush. If possible, use water with a disinfectant or recommended detergent. Wiping without switching off and unplugging your brush is quite risky.

Always ensure that you unplugged it before getting any wet cloth on it. It’s not only the bristles that need wiping, but also you need to wipe your whole brush apart from the plug-in part.

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Dry It Thoroughly

As soon as you are done wiping with the wet cloth, and you are sure you have cleaned it carefully, you may now dry it. Drying also should be by use of fibre cloth. This makes the job gets done efficiently and doesn’t leave scratches on your brush.

Always ensure that in between your brush bristles, you have dried it entirely so that no water or cleaning detergent drops are left. If you had used a detergent while wiping, you might first have to rinse with a damp plain water fibre cloth before drying.

This is because you do not want the chemical ingredients to get to your hair the next time you use your brush as they may cause harm to either your hair or scalp.

Keep It Safely

After the cleaning is done, you need now to store your brush in a cool and dry place that is safe. This may be in the box you bought it with on top of your shelves. You need to ensure that the brush is always dry as you store it with no hair strands on it.

Even if it may not be possible to clean after use, try your best just to remove the strands and store it. You may clean before you use it as it’s also advisable. Here is the article where we write a list of top 8 Hair Straightening Brush Reviews that help you to choose the best one for your hair.

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