2C Hair Type: A Complete Guide And Caring Tips

2C Hair Types

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With full body and volume and a prominent wave, many people confuse the 2c hair type with the 3a hair type. However, from the texture of their strands, you will know their difference. In case you do not know much about 2c hair type, we are here to help you. This article is a complete guide to 2c hair type. Read on to find out all there is to know about type 2c hair. 

What Is 2C Hair Type?

The 2c hair type has the most prominent waves of type 2 hair. Because of the prominent wave, people often mistake it for curly hair, but it is not part of the curly family. The texture of its strands is medium coarse, thus giving it more volume. One awesome feature of this type over another type 2 hair is that it is not prone to oiliness. Rather, it is more prone to dryness and frizz. This means it needs an external source of moisture to keep it healthy. 

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Promising Features Of 2C Hair Type

There are so many promising features to love about type 2c hair. Here are some of them:

Promising Features Of 2C Hair Type

Has volume and body

One of the prominent features of type 2c hair is its body and volume. This hair type has more volume than other type 2 locks. One, the wave of type 2c starts from the root. This gives the root the lift another type 2 hair does not have. Two, the texture of each strand is medium-coarse. This gives your mane a fuller and thicker appearance, which results in more volume. Even if your mane density is low, you can boast volume and body with type 2c hair. 

Its waves are prominent

The waves of type 2c hair are prominent and well-defined compared to other type 2 locks. In fact, because of its wavy form, many people confuse it with curly hair. Even though the waves are prominent, they do not form a definite s-shape form. For this reason, you can create any casual hairstyle that you desire. 

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Worst Features Of 2C Hair Type

There is nothing that has an advantage that does not have a disadvantage. Even though there are many things to love about 2c hair type, there are other things to look out for. Here are some of the worst features of this hair type:

Worst Features Of 2C Hair Type

Prone to dryness

With 2c hair type, you will constantly battle with excessive dryness. The wavier the hair is, the more difficult it is for the scalp’s natural oil to travel down the strand. And because the waves of type 2c hair start from the root, it is most deficient in moisture. Therefore, you will need an external source of hydration.

Prone to frizz

Another constant battle with type 2c hair is frizz. Frizz messes up any style you create. Of course, this could be an advantage if you are going for a casual look. However, you must tame your frizz to create a polished look. How much frizz you deal with depends on two things; hydration and the health of your mane. This means that to keep frizz at bay, you must keep your hair hydrated and repair any damage your locks have. 

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It could have wild volume

Another worst feature of the 2c hair type is that it tends to have wild volume. Because the waves start from the root, it gives the hair’s crown a lift, making your locks look fuller. This could make the hair look very puffy. And it tends to get worse if you are battling with frizz. Some people might be tempted to brush the frizz out, but we advise against this. This is because brushing the frizz out might make the volume go out of control, and you might not be able to manage your hair. 

Prone to chemical and heat damage

The 2c hair type is exposed to chemical or heat damage risk. The hair texture is medium-coarse, which makes it thick. So, if you want to bleach your hair, it takes longer before it starts working. And the longer bleach or any other chemical stays on your hair, the higher the risk of damage. The same thing happens when you use heat-styling tools on your mane. 

Caring Tips For 2C Hair Type

Now that you know the ups and downs of 2c hair type, it’s time to focus on how to care for it. Here are some care tips for 2c hair type:

Caring Tips For 2C Hair Type

Keep washdays to a minimum

One of the care tips for this hair type is to wash it less frequently. The more you wash your mane, the more there is a natural oil deficit in your hair. This means you will expose your hair to more dryness and frizz. To combat this, keep washdays to two or three times a week. See the video for more clarity.

Wash with the right product

Since your hair is prone to frizz and dryness, you must wash it with the right product. Avoid sulfate-based or clarifying shampoos; this will only make your hair drier. Instead, invest in moisturizing shampoos and conditioners; they help retain moisture in your mane. 

Keep your mane hydrated

To make sure your type 2c hair is manageable, keep it hydrated. There are several methods of doing this. You can use a hair mask at least once every two weeks. On the other hand, you can use a leave-conditioner on your mane every day. Besides, you should ensure you condition your hair after every wash. Doing this will help you control dryness, frizz, and tangling and moisten your hair. 

Add oil to your hair care routine

One thing you constantly battle with when you have type 2c hair is frizz. To tame frizz, add oil to your hair care routine. Use natural oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, and grapeseed oil. These oils are lightweight, so they do not weigh down your strands. When you want to use it, make sure you apply it to both your scalp and your strands. Leave it for a few minutes and wash it off with gentle shampoo.

Avoid hot styling tools

You need to cut down on how often you use heat-styling tools. Because of the medium coarse texture of your strands, it takes a while before heat penetrates your mane. And your hair is exposed to heat for a long time, thereby increasing the risk of heat damage. So, you have to avoid styling tools or use thermal protectants anytime you want.

Use curl-friendly products

Curl-friendly products help you pop your wave and hold curls for a while. Besides, it adds extra moisture to your mane, which aids in taming frizz. It also helps define your wave. So, if you want to create a curly style or add a definition to your wave, invest in curl-enhancement products. 

Final Thoughts

You should always look for ways to maximize the positive attributes of your 2c hair type. Do not let the dryness, frizz, wild volume, and other negative features weigh you. The truth is that with the hair care tips we shared in this article, you can work out the best hair care routine for your mane. 

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