Can You Use a 40 Volume Developer On Dark Hair?

Use a 40 Volume Developer On Dark Hair

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Recently, many ladies have been tilting towards changing their hair color. And to change your hair’s color, you need bleach and a developer. However, you need to choose the right developer to get the color you want.

This has made many women with dark hair wonder about the volume of developer to use. And since volume 40 is the strongest, they often wonder whether it could give them the desired color. If you are in this category, then this article is for you. This is because we will let you know whether you can use a 40-volume developer on dark hair.

Can you use a 40-volume developer on dark hair?

Can you use a 40-volume developer on dark hair

The straightforward answer to this question is “Yes!” You can use a 40-volume developer on dark hair. If you want to change your hair color from a dark shade to blonde in a matter of minutes, then you can use a 40-volume developer.

But, you should know that this immediate change in color does not come without consequences. Volume 40 can irreversibly damage your hair. Thus, you should be careful with this volume of developer.

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What does a 40-volume developer do to the hair?

What does a 40-volume developer do to the hair

You might have seen different hair results about using 40 volumes from your favorite influencer on Instagram. However, these people only show you the glamorous part, not the damaging effect. The only benefit that a 40-volume developer has is that it lifts your dark hair color to lighter shades in one sitting.

As we mentioned earlier, 40-volume is the strongest of all developers. Using it exposes your hair to various damage, such as hair burn and even scalp burn if not properly applied.

If at all you want to use this developer, we recommend you see a professional hairstylist. Besides, a 40-volume developer strips your mane of all its natural color. Thus, you might not be able to get your natural hair color back.

Note: no matter how strong the developer is, bleaching won’t give you the exact shade of hair you want. You will still need to apply dye to your hair to get the desired color. So, put this into consideration before using a 40-volume developer.

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What is the best option to go for?

You now know what 40 volume does to the hair. We are sure the question that plagues your mind now is the right volume of developer to opt for. You should use a lighter volume of developer to bleach your hair. All you need is time and patience.

This is because using a lighter volume of developer on dark hair will not give you the color you want at once. You will have to repeat the process after a few weeks. However, it is safer to do that than cause irreversible damage to your hair. For this reason, you should opt for a 20-volume or 30-volume developer.

Note: if you are using a lighter volume of developer in dark hair, do not repeat the bleaching process immediately. This is because your hair and scalp need to heal from the first process before you apply bleach again. So, wait for two to four weeks before going for the second round of bleach application to get the color you want.

How to lighten your dark hair with a 40-volume developer without causing damage?

How to lighten your dark hair with a 40-volume developer without causing damage

Always have it at the back of your mind that a 40-volume developer will cause some damage to your mane and scalp. But, to reduce this damage here is a step-by-step guide on how to use it on your dark hair.

What you need: bleach, developer, mixing bowl, and dye applicator.

Pre-lightening procedure

Before using a volume 40 developer, make sure you mask your hair at least a week before you lighten your dark hair. Bleaching your hair strips your hair of its natural moisture and oil, so you need to keep your mane hydrated. So ensure you mask your hair to retain your locks’ moisture.

Besides, you should use coconut oil on your mane the night before bleaching. The coconut oil will protect your hair strands from the harshness of the developer. Yet, that does not stop the penetration of the bleach in your hair.

Lightening Procedure

Step 1: Section your hair

You have to section your hair to make the process easier, especially if you plan on doing that yourself. The thickness of your hair determines how many parts you will section your hair into. But, you can section it into four parts.

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Step 2: Mix the bleach and developer.

The next step is to mix the bleach and the developer. The best way to do this is to follow the product’s instructions to get the right consistency. The usual ratio is that for every bleach scoop, add two developer scoops. Then mix it with the dye applicator. However, make sure it is not watery, if the consistency is watery, you can add more bleach. 

Step 3: Apply the bleach mixture to your dark hair.

You need to get the bleach application right because an uneven application yields uneven results. So, make sure you apply the bleach thoroughly and evenly to your hair. It would have been better to have someone do it for you, but you can do it yourself as well.

Start applying the bleach from the back of your hair and work your way to the crown of your head. But, you must ensure you work fast because your hair will become lighter in minutes.

Note: When using a 40-volume developer, make sure you avoid your scalp. This is because the developer can burn your scalp. 

Step 4: Rinse your hair

After applying the bleach, you should let it sit on your hair for some time. The amount of time will be indicated on the product’s package. But, the time should not exceed 1 hour. Because if it passes that, your hair will overprocess, and it could cause hair breakage. After the specified time, rinse the bleach off with warm water. You might need to use a neutralizing shampoo to neutralize the effect of the bleach on your hair. 

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can use a 40-volume developer on your dark hair. Even though it damages the hair, the damage it causes is relative to the hair texture. This means it causes more damage to thin hair than thick hair.

So, we recommend that you do not use it often. If at all you plan to use a volume 40 developer for your hair, make sure you visit a professional hairstylist. They will take the right precautions to mitigate the damage.

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