Does Coconut Oil Fade Hair Color?

Coconut Oil Fade Hair Color

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Coconut oil is gradually becoming a popular product among hair care products. This is because of its many benefits, such as moisturizing the hair and other internal hair care benefits. However, many people using coconut oil often wonder whether it affects their hair color.

And this question plagues their mind because of various contradicting information out there. This article will answer the question, “does coconut oil fade hair color?” Furthermore, we will discuss the benefits of coconut oil and various things that fade hair color.

Does coconut oil fade hair color?

coconut oil fade hair color

According to experts, coconut oil does not fade hair color. This is because the component of coconut oil is similar to that of the natural oil in the hair. Thus, it penetrates well into the hair without causing any damage to the hair color.

Furthermore, as opposed to popular belief, coconut oil does not lift the hair color. It does not have any effect whatsoever on your hair color.

People get confused about whether coconut oil fades hair color if they notice their freshly colored hair fading a few days after coloring when they use coconut oil. However, this is a common occurrence. It does not matter whether you use coconut oil or not; your hair color fades gradually. 

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What exactly does coconut oil do in the hair?

What exactly does coconut oil do in the hair

Adding colors to the hair strips it of moisture because of the harsh chemicals in the bleach, dye, and all. As stated earlier, its composition is similar to that of the hair’s natural oil, allowing easy penetration.

This allows the oil to easily get to the scalp and touch every strand of hair, thus keeping it hydrated. If colored hair is well moisturized, the color lasts longer. Thus, it helps maintain the color of the hair. 

Besides, the fact that coconut oil helps moisturize the hair means it helps fight against hair frizz, tangles, and breakage. To get the maximum benefit of coconut oil, use it before you wash your hair. It will help serve as a barrier that does not allow the color to wash away when shampooing. Thus, making your hair color last longer.

What are the things that fade hair color?

What are the things that fade hair color

Now that we have established that coconut oil does not fade hair color, what then fades the color. Below are some of the things that are causing your hair color to fade:

Applying the color wrongly 

One thing that determines how long your hair color will last is how it is applied. Use the right volume of developer and the right amount of dye. You should cover every part of your hair with the dye so no part is left untouched.

Besides, make sure the dye stays on your hair for the specified time to allow it to penetrate deeply into the hair. If you do not follow the right dye application procedure, your hair color will fade before you know it.  

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Washing with hot water

To maintain your hair color, you must always keep your hair cuticle sealed. This is because if the cuticle is opened, the color will leak out of your mane. And this will cause it to fade.

One of the things that open up your hair cuticle is hot water. So, ensure you do not wash your hair with hot water. Only use warm or cool water whenever you want to wash your mane.

Washing too often 

You need to understand that the more you wash your hair, the more the color fades, no matter the quality and quantity of the dye. This is because the process of shampoo and rinsing takes out color from your hair.

Therefore, to preserve your hair color, you should reduce how often you wash your mane. If your hair gets dirty often, you can use dry shampoo on days in between your wash days.

Furthermore, you should not wash your mane till a few days after dye application. The reason for this is that the hair cuticle is still opened and the color might seep out.

So wait for two or three days after color-treating your hair before washing it. Besides fading the hair color, frequent hair wash dries the hair and makes it prone to frizz, dryness, and even breakage.

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Using harsh shampoos

Another thing that makes your hair color fade faster is harsh shampoos. There are different shampoos with different components. Some gentle, some harsh, others in between.

However, you should avoid using shampoos with harsh components if you want to maintain the color of your hair. Such shampoos contain sulfate and are often referred to as clarifying shampoo. Using them on your hair will fade the hair color sooner than you can imagine.

Use of heat styling tools

Heat styling tools cause a lot of damage to the hair and part of it is fading the hair color. What heat does to your mane is break down its structure and keep it dry and breaking. As like we mentioned earlier, colored hair needs moisture to maintain vibrancy. If your mane is dry, your hair color will fade away faster. Therefore, avoid using heat styling tools. If you want to use it, set it to the lowest heat settings and use thermal protectants to protect your hair.

Chlorine and Sun

Protecting your mane from chlorine and the sun is essential to maintain its color. If you expose your hair to chlorine, the color will considerably fade. So you need to cover your hair with a cap if you are going for a swim.

You can also drench your hair with water; this will repel the chlorine. On the other hand, you should also protect your mane from the sun. It is a known fact that the sun fades the hair color; it also damages the hair by causing burns, frizz, breakage, and others. 

Color factor

One factor that cannot be underemphasized is the color factor. This is because some colors have a short lifespan. For instance, red colors have big pigments which prevent them from penetrating deep into the hair. Thus, they fade faster than any other color. 

Final thoughts

As you can see, coconut oil does not fade hair color. Other things do that such as frequent washing, exposure to sun and so on. If used the right way, coconut oil helps moisturize the hair, thereby keeping it healthy and shiny.

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