How to Clean Dyson Hair Dryer Filter? [6 Easy Steps]

Clean Dyson Hair Dryer Filter

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Many ladies love looking good, so they invest in hot styling tools. And one of the styling tools that helps enhance our looks is the Dyson hair dryer. Dyson hair dryer is designed to speed up the hair drying process, thus reducing the risk of heat damage to the hair.

This is why this hair dryer is one of the best for your hair. However, even the best hair dryer needs proper maintenance. And one of the maintenance tips is cleaning your Dyson hair dryer filter. You’re probably wondering how you will go about that. Don’t worry! In this article, we will share some tips on how to clean the Dyson hair dryer filter. 

Why is it important to clean the Dyson hair dryer filter?

Why is it important to clean Dyson hair dryer filter

The main function of a hair dryer filter is to prevent hair styling products, debris, and even dust from getting to the motor of the hair dryer. Therefore, all these components settle on the filter.

However, when the particles accumulate on the filter, it gets blocked. And once the filter gets blocked, your hairdryer might stop working. So to prevent this from happening, cleaning the Dyson hair dryer filter is crucial.

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Signs that you need to clean your Dyson hair dryer filter

Signs that you need to clean your Dyson Hair Dryer Filter

One question that plagues the mind of many ladies is how to know the right time to wash their hair dryer filter. You should look out for some signs that will help you know that your Dyson hair dryer filter needs cleaning. Some of those signs are:

It suddenly stops working

One of the signs that your hair dryer filter needs cleaning is when it suddenly stops working. For instance, if you are using it and it stops working, the filter might be clogged. Besides, it might signal that it needs cleaning if it refuses to come on. 

It gives out loud noise and a strange smell

Another hint of a clogged filter is if the hair dryer makes a loud noise. We know that a cool noise comes from the hair dryer during usage. However, if the sound is unusually loud, it is time to clean the hair dryer filter. Besides, dust accumulates on the filter usually gives off a dusty smell. So the moment you perceive that it is time for a clean-up.

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The notification light keeps blinking

Every Dyson hair dryer has LED lights on them. If the LED light keeps blinking, it is time for you to clean the dryer’s filter. These signs will let you know that it is time to clean your hair dryer filter. However, if you still notice any of these signs after cleaning the filter, it might be that your hair dryer has a technical problem.

Besides, whenever you notice these signs, do not continue using them without cleaning them as you might damage the dryer. Also, every Dyson hair dryer comes with an extra filter, so you can replace the filter if you are in a rush and clean the clogged one later.

Steps on how to clean Dyson hair dryer filter

Steps on how to clean Dyson Hair Dryer Filter

You now know why cleaning the Dyson hair dryer filter is crucial and what sign to look out for. However, you need to know that cleaning a hair dryer filter is not hard. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to go about it:

Step 1: Remove the filter from the dryer

The first step in cleaning a Dyson hair dryer filter is to remove the filter from the dryer. If the dryer is in use, you need to unplug it and let it cool down. Working on a hot appliance is risky, so don’t try it.

The next thing to do is twist the filter in an anti-clockwise direction to loosen it from the dryer. Then slide it down the cable. The hairdryer’s filter is designed in such a way that there is a side opening.

This side opening enables the cable to slide through it. So, slightly lift the side opening and slide the cable through it to completely remove the filter from the dryer. 

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Step 2: Clean the filter mesh

After successfully removing the filter from the dryer, the next step is cleaning the filter mesh. The place that the filter is covering in your dryer is fully exposed; you need to wipe it with clean microfiber cloths. Wiping it clean ensures that the filter mesh is in a neat condition. So, when replacing your filter, your dryer will live up to expectations.

Step 3: Soak the filter in a soapy water

The next step is to soak the filter in soapy water. Prepare warm water in a bowl; ensure the water is enough for the filter to be deeply immersed. After that, pour some soapy solution into the water.

The soapy solution could be dish soap or even clarifying shampoo. Place the filter in the water and leave it there for about 30 minutes. This will ensure that every residue on the filter dissolves or settles in the water.

Step 4: Remove the inner filter and wash

Then, take out the filter from the water and separate the inner filter from the filter cage. Every Dyson hair dryer comes with a cleaning brush usually in a small box. Use this brush to scrub it to remove every stubborn dirt from it. Those who have misplaced their cleaning brush can improvise using an old toothbrush. 

Step 5: Rinse and dry

After thorough washing with a brush, place the filter cage under running water and rinse it. Then, lift the filter under the light and check for blockage. If you can still see some, repeat the scrubbing process and rinse. If not, then you can proceed to dry the filter cage. You should shake it off to remove excess water, then use a microfiber towel to dry. 

Note: make sure you wait patiently till the filter dries before placing it into the hair dryer.

Step 6: Place the filter cage back in the dryer.

Remember the inner filter you removed from the filter cage in step 4? Now is the time to replace it. First, you need to check for debris on the inner filter. Then place it back into the filter cage. After that, snap the filter’s side opening and slide the cable through it. Then slide the filter back to its original position and twist it clockwise to secure it on your appliance.

Final Thoughts

The function of the Dyson hair dryer filter is to prevent styling products and residue from reaching the appliance motor. However, you need to clean them once in a while. And as you can see, the cleaning process is quite straightforward. So, to avoid damaging your Dyson hair dryer, ensure you clean the filter regularly. 

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