How To Keep Your Hair Dryer Cord Straight And Untwisted?

How To Keep Your Hair Dryer Cord Straight And Untwisted

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Hair dryers are a staple in most people’s daily routines, but one of the biggest frustrations when it comes to using them is dealing with tangled cords. Twisted cords can make using a hair dryer uncomfortable and even unsafe. Not only does it make it harder to maneuver the dryer, but it also increases the risk of electrical accidents. Luckily, there are several ways to keep your hair dryer cord straight and untwisted. In this article, we’ll explore those methods and answer some frequently asked questions.

Why Does My Hair Dryer Cord Get Twisted?

Before we dive into how to prevent your hair dryer cord from getting twisted, it’s essential to understand why it happens. The most common reason hair dryer cords become twisted is because of the way they’re stored. If you wrap the cord around the dryer or bundle it up haphazardly, it’s bound to become twisted. Twisted cords can also be caused by wear and tear or damage to the inner wires, so it’s essential to inspect your cord regularly to ensure it’s in good condition.

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How To Keep Your Hair Dryer Cord Straight And Untwisted?

Keep Your Hair Dryer Cord Straight And Untwisted

Use a Cord Wrap

The simplest and most effective way to prevent your hair dryer cord from getting twisted is to use a cord wrap. Cord wraps are small pieces of plastic or rubber that keep the cord wrapped neatly and tangle-free. To use a cord wrap, simply wrap the cord around the dryer and use the wrap to hold it in place. This not only prevents the cord from getting twisted but also keeps it organized and easy to store.

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Hang it up

Another great way to keep your hair dryer cord straight and untwisted is to hang it up. By hanging your hair dryer by its cord, you can prevent it from becoming tangled and keep it off the floor, which can help prevent damage to the cord. You can hang your hair dryer on a hook or even use a hair dryer stand that has a built-in hanger.

Wrap it Carefully

If you prefer to wrap your hair dryer cord around the dryer, it’s essential to do it carefully to prevent it from getting twisted. Start by holding the dryer in one hand and the cord in the other. Then, wrap the cord around the dryer in a spiral, making sure each loop is neat and tidy. You can also use a twist tie or elastic band to hold the cord in place.

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Store it in a Straight Line

One of the most common mistakes people make when storing their hair dryer is wrapping the cord around the dryer in a tight coil. Instead, try storing the cord in a straight line. You can do this by laying the dryer and cord flat on a shelf or in a drawer. This not only keeps the cord straight but also prevents it from becoming tangled.

Use a Retractable Cord

If you’re someone who frequently travels with your hair dryer, a retractable cord may be the perfect solution for you. Retractable cords have a mechanism that allows you to pull the cord out to the desired length and retract it when you’re finished. This not only keeps the cord straight but also makes it easy to store in a small space.

FAQs: Keep Your Hair Dryer Cord Straight And Untwisted

No, it's not safe to use a damaged hair dryer cord. A damaged cord can cause electrical shocks or even start a fire. If your hair dryer cord is damaged, replace it immediately.

It's not recommended to repair a damaged hair dryer cord yourself, as it can be dangerous. Electrical repairs should only be done by a qualified professional. Instead, replace the cord or take the hair dryer to a professional repair shop.

While it's technically possible to use a hair dryer with a twisted cord, it's not recommended. A twisted cord can increase the risk of electrical accidents, and it can also be uncomfortable to use. It's best to straighten out the cord before using the hair dryer.

To straighten out a twisted hair dryer cord, start by unplugging the hair dryer. Then, hold the cord by the plug and let it hang straight down. Gently shake the cord until the twists and kinks start to come out. You can also try running your fingers along the cord to smooth it out.


A twisted hair dryer cord can be frustrating and even dangerous, but it’s a common problem that can be easily prevented. By using a cord wrap, hanging up the dryer, wrapping the cord carefully, storing it in a straight line, or using a retractable cord, you can keep your hair dryer cord straight and untwisted. Remember to inspect your hair dryer cord regularly and replace it if you notice any damage. By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that your hair dryer is not only easy to use but also safe.

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