All You Need To Know About 4b Hair Type

4b Hair Type

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The segmentation of hair into different types by Andre Walker has made hair care simpler. There are different hair types hence the need for diverse hair care routines for different hair types.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about type 4b hair. But before that, we will look into different categories of type 4 hair:

Type 4 Hair

Type 4 hair is commonly known for its coarseness and difficult maintenance. This type of hair is often tightly coiled and fragile. It shrinks when wet and has a higher susceptibility to damage than other hair types. There are three (3) categories of type 4 hair:

Type 4a: This hair type is coily and has a coarse look, but it is delicate and soft. When stretched, its curls form an s-shaped pattern.

Type 4b: This hair type is fluffy and has a z-shaped pattern.

Type 4c: This hair type has a very tight curls pattern.  It is also fluffy; hence, people mostly mistake it as type 4b.

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What Is Type 4b Hair?

Type 4b hair has a z shape pattern. It looks fluffier compared to other type 4 hair. Type 4b hair has curves and bends; thus it is vulnerable to breakage and damages.

This hair type shrinks, hence, it appears shorter than it is if it is not stretched.

What Is Type 4b Hair
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Features of 4b hair type

  • It appears fluffy than other type 4 hair
  • It has a z-shape pattern. It is thick and thus difficult to style.
  • It can repel moisture; as a result, it is prone to dullness. So, it requires more moisture and care.
  • It is highly susceptible to dryness. As a result, if not properly cared for, it can lead to hair breakage.
  • Because the strands have sharp angles, the curls are not well defined. Thus effort to define curls are more complicated.

How To Care For Type 4b Hair

How To Care For Type 4b Hair
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There are certain tips on how to care for type 4b hair, and they are as follows:

Moisturize regularly

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Type 4b hair is known to be susceptible to dryness, so, you must moisturize it regularly. You should restore and retain moisture in your hair.

Although washing adds moisture to your hair, type 4b hair repels moisture. As a result, moisture might not reach the root of your hair.

So you need to take the extra step of hydrating with moisturizer and conditioner. Ensure that you condition your hair every time you wash.

Using a leave-in conditioner after shower every morning can help boost the moisture in your hair. You can also go for a deep conditioner at least twice a month to retain moisture in your hair.

Treating your hair with coconut oil or almond oil once a week adds nourishment to your hair. You have to leave the oil in your hair for few hours before you wash it off.

Part your hair in sections before you wash

Make sure that you part your hair into sections before you wash it. You can part it using hair sectioning clips, or you can twist it into knots or braids.

You should section your hair to avoid hair tangling and hair breakage. Sectioning your hair also helps retain your hair length by stretching it out.

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Detangle your hair

It can be difficult brushing a type 4b hair through struggles and pain. So, you should detangle your hair before combing. Detangle with your fingers.

Bring out the large tangles with your finger, and then finish it up with a wide-tooth comb.

Detangling dry hair can cause hair breakage or damage to your hair. So, ensure you detangle when it is wet, and you have put conditioner on the hair.

Go for protective styles

The lesser you touch or comb a type 4b hair, the more you avoid hair breakage and tangling. So, you should go for protective styles always.

Type 4b hair has various styles that help protect your hair. These styles can also help stretch out your hair. Some of these styles include:

  • Bantu knots
  • Layered Afro
  • Box braid
  • Classic Afro
  • Straw set
  • Dreadlocks
  • Voluminous Afro and more.

Products Needed For Type 4b Hair

The products needed for type 4b hair are:

Shampoo: You should go for a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo. Type 4b hair is prone to dryness so, avoid shampoos that contain harsh chemicals like sulfate.

Conditioner: conditioners are of two types which are:

a. Rinse out conditioner: you should leave this conditioner only for a few minutes in your hair before washing it out.

b. Deep conditioner: this conditioner takes time before it penetrates. so you should leave it for few hours in your hair before you wash it off.

You need both conditioners to maintain a good hair care routine, so you should have them handy.

Moisturizer: you need this to deal with the dryness of type 4b hair. It helps lock in moisture in the hair.

Styling product

No matter how you want to style your hair, make sure you use products that can hold your hair, define your hair, and retain moisture in your hair.

Best product for type 4b hair

Some hair products tend to work better than other hair products. Therefore, for type 4b hair, there is no particular product that works best.

However, when going for a hair product, keep in mind your hair type, your hair strand thickness, how your hair retains water e.t.c.

Besides, any type 4b hair product must have good moisturizing ingredients. Also, ensure you go for conditioners. It helps retain moisture, and also adds nourishment to your hair.

Challenges Of Type 4b Hair

The biggest challenges known with type 4b hair are:

a. Dryness

b. Hair Breakage

Yet, you can control these challenges by maintaining a healthy hair routine. It might take a while before you get the right products and hair routine method that works for your hair.

But the moment you do, maintaining your hair gets easier. In addition, you can trim your hair regularly to help deal with breakage.


The bottom line is that type 4b hair may be hard to maintain. However, with the right product and hair routine, it will be easier to maintain.

Remember to always go for protective styles that help lock moisture in your hair as well as stretch out your hair a little bit.

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