Our 8 Best 2000 Watt Hair Dryers Of 2024

Best 2000 Watt Hair Dryers

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Are you spending much time drying your hair but still getting unsatisfactory results? A hairdryer with higher wattage could be the best solution for you. These dryers will dry your hair faster with minimal hair damage. Besides that, a good hairdryer adds bounce, shine, and volume to your hair while controlling frizz.

To assist you in deciding which hair dryer is right for your hair, we have done some research and come up with the top 8 best 2000 watt hair dryers in 2024. Go through each one of them and select the one that is best suitable for you.

Our Best Selection

ProductCheck Price
Best Powerful: Xpoliman Professional Salon Hair Dryer Shop On Amazon | $37.99
Best For Thick Hair: RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional Dryer Shop On Amazon
Best For Coarse Hair: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer Shop On Amazon
Best For Thin Hair: Elchim Milano Ceramic Hair Dryer Shop On Amazon | $160.00
Best For Curly Hair: JINRI Infrared + Ionic + Ceramic Hair Dryer Shop On Amazon | $39.99
Best Long-Life: Conair BB075W Pro Blackbird Hair Dryer Shop On Amazon | $43.01
Best Lightweight: UNIKARA Ionic Professional Hair Dryer Shop On Amazon
Best Budget: ICETEK 2000W Ionic Hair Dryer Shop On Amazon

8 Best 2000 Watt Hair Dryers Of 2024

1. Best Powerful: Xpoliman Professional Salon Hair Dryer

Xpoliman Salon Professional Hair Dryer

This hair dryer by Xpoliman is overwhelming due to its amazing features. It is an ultra-fast hair dryer that increases shine and smoothness while controlling flyaways and frizz. Ideally, this hair dryer comes with a powerful AC motor that produces healthy heat and high airflow. Moreover, it is a safe and stable Hair Dryer that runs at low noise and will not disturb the environment. Typically, this hair dryer has 2 Air speed settings, 3 Heat Settings, and one cool shot button.

You can effectively adjust these settings depending on your needs. This hair dryer will have Negative Ionic Technology that will emit massive negative ions which assist to eliminate frizz. This will make your hair smoother, moisture while protecting it from dullness and damage.

For safety, this hair dryer features an ETL-certified and UL Approved ALCI safety plug. If the leakage or short circuit of electricity happens, it will automatically activate the overheat protection, which will keep it safe. This product is offered with 2-year warranties and 45 days money-back guarantee.

Likeable Features

  • It’s a powerful hairdryer with reduced noise and drying time
  • Has 2 air speeds setting and 3 heat settings
  • Safe and safe hairdryer
  • It has over-heat protections that protect hair from dull
  • Has high concentration ion that
  • Offered with a 2-year warranty

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2. Best For Thick Hair: RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional Dryer

RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

When talking about the most popular hair brands in the market, you cannot finish without mentioning Professional Dryer. It is an extremely powerful and lightweight tourmaline and ceramic dryer that emits reflective natural ions that enhance the vitality of hair. The rusk hair dryer produces high-velocity airflow and has intelligent heat control that will take into account the air temperature.

This dryer works efficiently and quickly to style your hair and will protect its natural shine. Despite having a powerful motor, this dryer is not noisy and it is perfect for all hair types.

It uses natural ions and far-infrared heat to minimize the hair’s drying time. You can use this dryer to create volume, straighten, and bend your head upside down when drying.

You can use it to dry flyaway and fine to wavy and thick types of hair. This small but powerful hairdryer is perfect for individuals looking for a reliable and lightweight model.

Likeable Features

  • Emits natural ion that enhances vitality of hair
  • Quiet in use
  • It has fast drying times
  • Affordable and economical
  • Minimizes heat damage
  • Lightweight design
  • Gentler on fine hair

3. Best For Coarse Hair: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

We love this easy-to-use Hair Dryer making it ideal to use at your home. It is ideal for all hair types including coarse and thick hair. The dryer has a 2000-watt brushless motor that is powerful enough to dry your hair in less than 10 minutes. Ordinarily, this tool will infuse moisture into your hair strands and seal cuticles for you to have a naturally shiny finish. The tool is ergonomic and it is lightweight hence you will feel less fatigue in your hands.

Moreover, it uses the Nano titanium ionic technology, allowing less frizz and drying your hair faster. A stellar combination of design, speed, and power makes this hair dryer easy to use.

It also has six-speed and heat settings to meet different user needs. Other than that, a concentrator nozzle and cool shot button offer a wide range of styling options.

Likeable Features

  • Great for all hair types including coarse and thick hair
  • Lightweight hair dryer that produces gentle even heat
  • It has 6 heat and speed settings
  • Features Nano titanium ionic technology to dry with less frizz
  • Has ergonomic handling for less fatigue on your hands

4. Best For Thin Hair: Elchim Milano Ceramic Hair Dryer

Elchim Milano Ceramic Hair Dryer

This is a high torque Hair Dryer made using ceramic tourmaline and it is efficient in drying your hair. This tool has a slim ergonomic handle making it easy to use without hand fatigue. It is ideal for thick, coarse to frizziest hair. Instead of damaging and drying out your hair like others, these high-quality ceramic dryers usually emit infrared heat that will dry your hair evenly and gently.

The heat produced by this hair dryer will seal the cuticles resulting in shinier, smoother, and healthier strands and hair.

Its powerful AC motor is perfect to use even on professional beauty salons since it allows faster dry time. It also has a long 9-foot power cord offering you enough room for you to work.

This hair dryer is included with precision nozzle attachment perfect for styling and brushing. It will concentrate the air and heat on specific sections of the hair, making drying more efficient.

Likeable Features

  • Perfect for course to thick hair
  • Equipped with special resistant heating element making it safe to use
  • It has 9ft cord for convenience
  • Ergonomic handle and lighter for comfortable handling
  • Emit infrared that dries your hair evenly and gently
  • Perfect for straightening even the frizziest hair

5. Best For Curly Hair: JINRI Infrared + Ionic + Ceramic Hair Dryer

JINRI 2000 watt Hair Dryer

This is another high-quality hairdryer that will distribute the heat in an even manner, making it very effective. The dryer emits infrared heat which will dry your hair gently. It also emits negative ions that will allow your hair to be shinier and have a less frizzy finish. With its 2000 WATT powerful motor, this tool will provide fast drying and strong airflow while bringing a professional hair salon right to your home.

One great thing about this hair dryer is that it has two-speed settings and three heats that will meet all your demands for your hairstyles. The tool is agile to operate, comfortable to hold, and has a detachable rear filter that allows easy cleaning.

The Concentrator and Diffuser nozzles are included to precisely meet all your hairstyle demands including thin, straight, thick, or curly; it will also give you more volume. This tool has double protection circuit design to provide reliable over-current and overheating protection.

Likeable Features

  • It has 2 speed and 3 heat settings
  • Safety ergonomic design for comfortable holding
  • Comes with 6 feet salon cable that extends for long-distance
  • Detachable rear filter that makes it easy to clean
  • Emit negative ions and infrared heat for a less frizzy finish

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6. Best Long-Life: Conair BB075W Pro Blackbird Hair Dryer

Conair BB075W Blackbird Pro Hair Dryer

When it comes to portability, convenience, and better results, this hair Blackbird Hair Dryer is a fantastic choice. It is an ergonomically designed hairdryer that will ensure that your hands do not ache or hurt whenever you are styling your hair. Ideally, this award-winning dryer delivers a quiet but powerful airflow for quick drying. The built-in ceramic ion generation technology assists to maintain the moisture levels of your hair and reduces frizz and static.

Other than that, it will make your hair shiny and voluminous without drying or damaging it out. It is also included with an 8 feet long power cord that does not get tangled easily. This damage-protection hair dryer will give your hair a sleek and smooth look within a few minutes.

The air filters are removable allowing you to clean them occasionally for better performance. Finally, its design ensures secure control and grip for you to style and dry your hair comfortably.

Likeable Features

  • Hinged and removable filters that allow easy cleaning
  • It is included with 8 feet power cord
  • Good for most hair types
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Very lightweight to minimize hands fatigue

7. Best Lightweight: UNIKARA Ionic Professional Hair Dryer

UNIKARA Ionic Professional Hair Dryer

The UNIKARA hair dryer releases negative ions that protect your hair from heat damage, adding moisture and shine to give you soft and smooth salon-like gorgeous hair. It boasts a 1.2 pounds lightweight design that makes it easy to grasp while allowing flexible operation. Moreover, it comes with an innovative turbo AC motor combined with a 20 air duct design to deliver strong wind.

This Hair Dryer is quieter when compared to traditional hair dryers. Another great thing about this hairdryer is that it releases 59 million/cm³ nano ions when drying that assists to have frizz-free and smooth hair.

Besides that, this Ceramic tourmaline technology will repair damaged hair and nourish hair cores deeply making it look glossy.

This tool comes with a 2.2-meter tangle-free and durable cord that will give you much flexibility and convenience when drying your hair. Other than that, it has 2 speeds and 3 heat-setting adjustable modes to suit your needs.

It also comes with 2 concentrator nozzle attachments that are going to meet your different needs. It is suitable for all hairstyles including thick, thin, straight, curly, short, and long.

Likeable Features

  • It has an innovative turbo AC motor that produces strong wind
  • Has 18-blade noise reduction fan
  • Releases nano ions that help frizz-free and smooth hair
  • 1.2 pounds lightweight Hair Dryer for easy usage
  • Comes with 2.2m extra-thick tangle-free power cord

8. Best Budget: ICETEK 2000W Ionic Hair Dryer

ICETEK 2000W Ionic Hair Dryer

This is a reliable and long-lasting Ionic Hair Dryer with high-performance heating elements that assist in styling and drying unmanageable, coarse, and thick hair. The dryer has 2-speed settings and 3 heat settings hence you can select the mode that suits your needs. It also has a cold air switch which allows you to switch between cold and hot with a simple tap. The concentrated nozzles and standard nozzles are included which can be utilized for various hairstyles.

This dryer releases millions of negative ions that lock in moisture and make hair smooth.

These ions also make your hair have less frizz up and protect it from heat damage. This tool is lightweight and small in size making it suitable for travel and home use.

Featuring a 2000W Powerful AC Motor, it will deliver strong wind that allows you to dry your hair in less than 5 minutes. A velvet bag is included to store this tool and carry it anywhere you want easily.

Likeable Features

  • Emits infrared heat to dry hair evenly and gently
  • Comes with efficient, powerful, and durable motor
  • Generates ions for healthy hair
  • It has 3 Heat Settings and 2-speed setting
  • Included with a velvet bag and user manual

Who Needs A 2000 Watts Hair Dryer?

If you want to get a salon-grade hairstyle, then you need a blow dryer that is powerful enough to dry your hair at halftime. It is ideal especially if you are in a hurry. These dryers do the job effectively and fast, thus shortening the drying time.

If you are a person who styles your hair every day, before going to college or work, a 2000 Watts Hair Dryer is going to meet your requirements and will blow-dry your hair in minutes.

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What To Look For In A 2000 Watt Hair Dryer – Buying Guide?

Money and time Saver

Imagine going to the salon every time whenever you need hairstyling, this can lead to spending more. However, purchasing a hairdryer is just a one-time cost and will save you more. Also, a hairdryer will save you more time since you do not have to spend much time in the salon.

It Helps You in Hair Styling

With the help of a hairdryer, you can be able to style your hair and have a good-looking hairstyle. Increasing the temperature on the hair tresses will allow the strands to mold into different shapes. It also assists in keeping your hair clean.


Most Hair dryers are designed to be lightweight; therefore, you will have a great time drying up the hair particularly if you have long hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I want an ionic or ceramic hairdryer?

The technology of ionic hair dryers is far much better when compared to ceramic hair dryers that use negatively charged ions that ensure a shorter drying time.

Does using a 2000 Watts hair dryer cause damage to the hair?

No, selecting the correct hair dryer for your hairstyle will ensure that your hair is safe and will not get damaged. Moreover, using the right settings (temperature and distance) and styling products likewise protect the hair from further damage.

Is it safe to use a hairdryer every day?

You are not recommended to use the hairdryer every day since excess heat can damage the hair’s cuticles, which results in hair breakage.


A hairdryer minimizes the drying time, reduces frizz, minimizes hair damage, and smoothens hair. It assists you to style your hair with comfort. Picking the correct hairdryer will assist you in achieving that perfect look.

To help you do away with the worries of buying a counterfeit product, we have reviewed for you some of the best 2000 watts blow dryers in the market. Pick a hairdryer from this list and we are certain it will meet your styling needs.

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