7 Hair Straightening Side Effects: You Should Be Aware Of

7 Hair Straightening Side Effects: You Should Be Aware Of

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Are you considering hair straightening as your next beauty treatment? While sleek, straight hair is undeniably appealing, it’s essential to be aware of the potential side effects that come with it. In this detailed article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the side effects of hair straightening. From common issues to lesser-known concerns, we’ve got you covered.

That is why most people will visit the salon or use flat irons at their homes to straighten up their frizzy or curly hair. Unfortunately, most people do not give a damn about the possible hair straightening side effects of their hair regularly.

7 Side Effects Of Hair Straightening You Should Be Aware

Here are some threats you should be aware of that will make you have second thoughts every time you get the urge to straighten your hair.

Excessive Hair Dryness

One of the most common side effects of straightening your hair often is making it dry. Whether you use heat or chemicals to straighten your air, they rob your hair’s natural oil, making it elastic. Thus, your hair will be brittle and coarse.

That smoke you see rising out of your hair during straightening, it’s not smoke. It is the moisture out of your hair that is evaporating. The flat iron seeps out all the moisture out of your hair. This makes your hair dry and that’s how it straightens up.

In the process, natural oils from your scalp will be stripped off, making your hair to become extremely dry. Dryness occurs in any hair type, so no one should feel safe. Once the natural oils of your hair have been depleted, your hair becomes brittle

Hair Breakage

There is nothing that hurts as much as seeing your hair break. Did you know straightening is one of the major causes of hair breakage? Straightening your hair regularly will make the structure of your hair strands weak.

Thus, your hair becomes more vulnerable to breaking. This especially happens when your hair becomes excessively dry due to straightening. Exposure to heat and other chemicals will make your hair strands become very weak and easy to break. Hair breakage also encourages split ends. Split ends will make your hair look unattractive.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is another side effect of straightening your hair you should be aware of. Chemicals used in straightening your hair normally damage your hair follicles. If you see a clump of hair on your hairbrush you should get worried.

Once your hair follicles are damaged, they will not be strong enough to hold on. This poses you with a greater risk of hair loss. Continuous use of straightening chemicals will further lead to killing your hair follicles.

Once they are dead, they will not be in a position to make any more hair. A repeated process of this will lead to baldness. Imagine the pain of not being able to grow your hair again due to continuous straightening.

For those who use a flat iron, they are not safe either. This is because the heat damages your hair follicles too. (Here is a list of best flat irons for damaged hair) This is worse for people who use their straightener near the roots of their hair. Do not lose a substantial amount of hair in the process of straightening it.

Hair Dullness

Is your hair always dull? Maybe it’s because of straightening it often. Hair dullness is a result of having insufficient natural oils from your head that lubricates your hair. Straightening your hair depletes the natural oils of your hair and your hair becomes dull and bland.

Dry hair will have nothing to make it look shiny and it will even look unhealthy as its texture has already been destroyed. Your scalp lacks natural oil and all the moisture of your hair has been seeped out while straightening it.

The beauty you see in your hair with a healthy shine is because of your scalp’s moisture and natural oils. Once you rob these two from your hair by continuously straightening it, hair dullness is rewarded.


Hair frizzing is one reason that will make a lot of people think of straightening their hair. What most people are unaware of is that straightening your hair leads to more frizzing. The dry state of your hair causes hair crimping and your mane will look out of control.

Frizzing hair is worse since it is a mixed texture. Some parts of your hair will be curly while others will be straight. This can make styling your hair problematic. To overcome frizzing, avoid straightening your hair often.

After straightening your hair, make sure that you use some conditioner or apply olive or coconut oil. This will keep your hair moisturized and prevent it from becoming frizzed.

Itchy Scalp

Once your hair follicles are dead due to too much heat or chemicals for straightening, there is minimal production of natural oils. Natural oils help in keeping your scalp moisturized. Therefore, if there are not enough natural oils produced, the result is a dry scalp that leads to redness, itchiness, and flaking.

This can even affect the surrounding areas such as your neck and even your forehead. An itchy scalp is very irritating since you will not be in peace. To avoid this, stop straightening your hair often.

Altered Hair Texture

You may just alter your hair texture permanently by continuously straightening your hair. Remember that there is no remedy to regain the natural healthy state of your hair strands. To avoid destroying your hair’s texture in a way that you cannot remedy, avoid straightening your hair regularly.

Also, straightening your hair leads to a slow growth rate. This is because it damages your hair cuticles permanently. Are you there complaining that your hair is not growing? Stop straightening it every now and then.


While hair straightening can provide a stunning transformation, it’s essential to be aware of the potential side effects and take precautions to protect your hair and scalp. Consult with a professional stylist, follow the recommended guidelines, and prioritize the health of your hair.

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