How to Blow Dry and Get A Twist Out Hair?

Blow Dry and Get A Twist Out Hair

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Twist out is one of the ways of getting natural curls in your hair. Yet, if you do not do it right or use the right product, you might not get the result you want.

Most people are used to making twist-out hair on wet hair, but you can also achieve this style on blown dried hair. What you need most is the right product and patience.

This article will guide you on a step-by-step process to blow dry and get a twist-out hair.

Products Needed!

  1. Sulfate-free Shampoo and Conditioner
  2. Moisturizer and Leave-in Conditioner
  3. Paddle Brush
  4. Hair Oil
  5. Heat Protectant Serum
  6. Hair Dryer (with nozzle)
  7. Wide-tooth Brush
  8. Curls Defining Cream/ Styling Cream

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Blow Dry and Get a Twist Out Hair

Step 1: Start With A Wash

The first step to any hair care routine is washing the hair. You want to start this process by getting rid of product build-up in your lock. However, ensure you use sulfate-free shampoos. This is because you want your twist to have volume.

And shampoos that contain sulfur weigh down your hair and make it light. Thus you will not be able to get your desired volume.

Step 2: Use Moisturizer

Since you have washed your hair, the natural moisture and nutrient would have been washed off. Hence the need to use a moisturizer on your lock. The moisturizer helps to replenish nutrients in your hair.

Step 3: Lock in Moisture With Leave-in Conditioner

This step is especially for ladies with thick mane; you can also follow this step if you have thin hair. Thick locks are prone to dryness because they repel moisture. So you need to lock in moisture in your hair using a leave-in conditioner.

Make sure you go for the one that adds moisture and gives your hair a good shine. Ensure you apply the conditioner thoroughly, making sure it touches your root.

Step 4: Detangle your Hair

Your hair needs to be smooth to avoid breakage, so you need to detangle it. You use your hands at first, then later use a wide-tooth comb. Make sure you detangle gently to avoid hair breakage.

To know if your hair is fully detangled, run your fingers through it. If your fingers pass through without any hindrance, then you are done with this step. If not, continue till you can run your hands through without a barrier.

Step 5: Apply Heat Protectant Serum/Cream

As the name implies, heat protectants protect your hair from heat damage. You should always use this product before using any hot tool. However, some leave-in conditioners have heat protectant agents, so you might not need to use this product. 

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Step 6: Part your Hair into Smaller Sections

For effective results of blown dried twist hair, part your hair into smaller sections so that you can fully concentrate on working on each portion of the hair. It is easier and faster to work in a smaller section than to work on the whole hair at once.

Yet, some people prefer blow-drying the while hair at once. Then they will part the hair afterward. Whichever way works best for you!

The way you part your hair depends on the style you want to go for. If you want a bang twist out, then part the front of your lock towards your forehead.

Step 7: Blow Dry and Twist your Hair

Please turn on your blow dryer and set it on a warm blast of air (not hot); use a nozzle/concentrator with your dryer. This ensures that the blast of air is concentrated on the section of hair you are working on.

Then, pick a portion of your lock and brush it out with a paddle brush right from the root to the tip. Hang the hairbrush by the end of your hair, stretch the hair, and blow-dry that section.

Do this for about 3-5 minutes till it is about 90% dried, then add curl defining/styling cream.

After this, you can now add a little bit of hair oil to improve the shininess and then twist the hair.

Ensure you lock as tight as you can so that you will get well-defined curls. You can use perm rods on the tip of your lock to further define the twist, but this is optional. Repeat this process till you cover all the sections on your hair.

However, you can use another method mentioned in step 6. For this method, you will blow dry your hair till it is 90% dry, then you now part it into sections.

Then, starting with each portion, add styling cream and twist as tight as you can. Do this till you cover your whole hair. 

When you are done twisting, ensure you add some moisturizing oil to your scalp. Doing this will give your scalp the nourishment it needs. Then, cover your head with a bonnet to keep the style in place. Leave the twist for a few hours, preferably till the following day.

Step 8: Unravel the Twist

When you are ready to unravel the twist, ensure you rub your hands with hair oil to enable you to unlock the twist smoothly. Then, gently pick the twist and start untwisting it one after the other. Ensure you separate the twist to improve the volume.

However, if you are not comfortable with the volume of the hair, you can make it more voluminous. The first way of doing this is by adding a diffuser to your dryer. Set the dryer on a warm blast and use it to lift the root of your hair and boost the volume.

Another way is by using a comb to lift your lock’s base to make it voluminous. And that is how to get a twist on your blown dried hair. 

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To make this twist-out style last longer:

  • Do not sleep on it.
  • Wrap it up with a scarf at night, making sure your hair falls to the front.
  • Cover it with your bonnet.


It might be a bit difficult if you are starting this style. But it can only get better. The best thing about twist-out hairstyle is that it locks in moisture in your hair.

Thus helping you reduce breakage due to dryness. Try this out and look your best!


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