What Does Purple Shampoo Do to Black Hair?

What Does Purple Shampoo Do to Black Hairs

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The purple shampoo has become a popular hair care product among those with blonde, silver, or gray hair, as it helps to neutralize unwanted yellow tones and maintain a cool, ashy appearance. But what does it do to black hair? This article will delve into the science behind purple shampoo, its effects on black hair, and how to use it effectively.

Understanding Hair Color Theory

To comprehend how purple shampoo works, it’s essential to understand the basic principles of the color wheel. Colors opposite each other on the wheel neutralize each other, and this principle applies to hair pigments as well. The purple shampoo contains violet pigments that help neutralize yellow tones in light hair colors, as purple and yellow are complementary colors.

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Composition of Purple Shampoo

The purple shampoo contains violet pigments that work to neutralize unwanted tones. In addition, it often includes other ingredients like proteins, antioxidants, and hydrating agents to nourish and protect the hair.

Purple Shampoo and Black Hair

Purple Shampoo And Black Hair

On black hair, purple shampoo can have a few effects:

  1. Neutralizing unwanted tones: If black hair has any unwanted brassy or red tones, purple shampoo may help neutralize them. However, the effect might be subtle, as black hair generally has more dominant pigments than lighter hair colors.
  2. Enhancing shine and depth: Purple shampoo can add depth and shine to black hair, making it look richer and healthier.

Factors such as hair porosity, texture, and how the shampoo is applied can affect the results.

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How to Use Purple Shampoo on Black Hair?

How to Use Purple Shampoo on Black Hair
  1. Choosing the right shampoo: Look for a purple shampoo specifically formulated for black or dark hair to ensure the best results.
  2. Proper application techniques: Apply the shampoo evenly, starting from the roots and working your way down. Leave it on for the recommended time, usually around 5-10 minutes, before rinsing thoroughly.
  3. Frequency of use: Depending on your hair’s needs and the product’s recommendations, using a purple shampoo once a week or every few weeks can help maintain the desired effects.

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Alternative Solutions

If purple shampoo isn’t the best fit for your black hair, consider using a blue shampoo designed for dark hair, which can help neutralize orange or red tones. Additionally, there are other hair care products specifically designed for black hair that can improve its overall health and appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

When used as directed, purple shampoo should not turn your black hair purple or cause discoloration. However, if left on the hair for too long or used too frequently, it may cause a slight tint. Always follow the product's instructions and start with a lower frequency of use to monitor the results.

Purple shampoo is not inherently damaging to black hair. However, like any hair care product, overusing it or not following the recommended application instructions can potentially lead to dryness or other hair issues. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and choose a purple shampoo that contains nourishing ingredients to minimize any risk of damage.

The recommended duration for leaving purple shampoo on black hair varies by product. Typically, it ranges from 5 to 10 minutes. Always read the product's instructions to determine the appropriate length of time for your specific shampoo.

Yes, you can use purple shampoo on black hair with highlights or balayage. In fact, it can be beneficial in neutralizing unwanted tones in the lighter sections while adding shine and depth to the darker areas. Be sure to choose a purple shampoo suitable for dark hair and follow the application instructions to achieve the best results.


In summary, purple shampoo can have some beneficial effects on black hair, such as neutralizing unwanted tones and enhancing shine and depth. However, the results may vary depending on individual factors like hair porosity, texture, and application technique. To ensure the best outcome, it’s essential to choose the right purple shampoo, apply it correctly, and use it at the recommended frequency.

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