1B Hair Type: A Complete Guide And Caring Tips

1B Hair Types

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Type 1 hair is generally classified as straight hair. However, some subcategories are straighter than others. That is the case of 1b hair type. Even though it is straight hair, it has a subtle end towards the end of the strand. In this article, we will discuss all there is to know about the 1b hair type.

What is 1b hair type?

1b hair type falls under the straight hair subcategory. Even though the strands are straight, they have a subtle bend at the midshaft to the end of the strand. Each strand of the 1b hair type is thick, thus making the hair look sleek and healthy. It holds curls a bit and tends to be prone to greasiness. The majority of individuals with straight hair fall into this type 1b category.

Benefits of 1b hair type

Having type 1b hair is awesome as you will have thick and healthy hair. Here are some other benefits of having this hair type:

Benefits Of 1b Hair Type
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Low maintenance

One of the best things about type 1b hair is the fact that it is low maintenance. Compared to other hair types, you do not need to invest in many tools or products before you can care for or style your mane. For instance, the texture of type 1b hair is suitable for air drying. Thus, you do not need a blow dryer. Besides, applying a lot of products to your hair could weigh it down. For this reason, you only need a minimal product for your mane.

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It is thick and voluminous

Another benefit of this hair type is that it is thick and voluminous. The thickness of each strand is like that of a thread. This will make your mane appear full and voluminous even if you do not have a lot of strands. The beauty of this volume comes out when you have recently washed your mane.

It Is Thick And Voluminous
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However, as time goes on and there is an increase in product build-up, you might begin to lose the volume as the product has weighed down the hair.

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It is naturally smooth and shiny

Natural smoothness and shininess are other awesome features of the 1b hair type. This hair type is mostly straight, so the natural oil in the mane travels easily through the hair. For this reason, the hair is deeply nourished, and there are no frizzes or flyaways. This keeps your tresses looking smooth, sleek, and healthy.

No shrinkage

Because type 1b hair does not have curls, coils, or even waves, it does not shrink. This means that your hair does not look shorter than it actually is.

Cons of 1b hair type

Although having a 1b hair type is awesome, there are also some bad sides to it. Here are some cons of the 1b hair type:

Prone to oiliness

Because this hair type is mostly straight, natural oil from the scalp easily travels through the hair. This means that the scalp will always be moisturized. But, you will have to deal with the issue of greasiness because too much oil in your mane could weigh down your hair. Inasmuch as you will be tempted to wash your hair often to get rid of the oil, you should not do that. Washing your hair too often will only increase your scalp’s oil production. We will discuss how you can deal with oiliness later in this article.

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Does not hold curls for long

Another drawback to having type 1b hair is that it does not hold curls for long. The fact that it has a subtle bend towards the end allows it to hold curls for a while. However, if you do not use styling products such as mousse on the curls, they will soon fall off.

It has a dry end

Even though type 1b hair does not have a defined curl pattern, it has a subtle bend from mid-length to the tip. Due to this subtle bend, the scalp’s natural oil finds it difficult to get to the end of the hair. Thus, making a 1b hair type have a dry end.

Naturally delicate

Even though the strands of type 1b hair are medium-thick, they tilt towards the fine side rather than the coarse side. This makes it naturally delicate. For this reason, excessive use of products can weigh them down, thus getting rid of the little volume they have. Besides, it is also susceptible to damage by heat or chemicals.

Caring tips for 1b hair type

Caring for the 1b hair type is quite easy—just a few maintenance tips here and there. Here are some caring tips for the 1b hair type you should follow to maintain healthy tresses:

Avoid frequent washing

One thing you should avoid doing is washing your type 1b hair every day. If you do that, there will be an increase in the oil production on your scalp, and your mane will be greasy. To counter this, you should wash your hair every two to three days and make sure you use lightweight shampoo specially formulated for oily scalps. If you notice too much oil on your hair in between wash days, you can use dry shampoo. This will help you keep it clean until it’s time to wash your hair.

Condition the right way

You must condition your hair after every wash. However, conditioning the right way is very crucial. Remember we said there is natural oil on your scalp and that travels to the root of your mane. So, there is no need to condition the root again. You should only condition from the mid-shaft to the end, as that is the only part that needs moisturization. Applying conditioner to the roots will further complicate the oil issue.

Avoid using too much product

If there is anything type 1b hair hates, it is the over-application of hair products. If you apply too much product to your mane, there will be an issue of product build-up which will weigh down your hair. To avoid this, apply products sparingly to your hair. It is better if the product is not enough than for it to be too much.

Limit hair-damaging practices

There are a lot of hair trends flying around in recent times, such as hair bleaching, dying, and other forms of chemical processes. To maintain healthy type 1b hair, you need to avoid these hair-damaging practices. Remember, we said type 1b hair is delicate, so if you often bleach, dye, or chemically process your hair, you might end up with damaged hair.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that you can pretty much manage 1b hair type. The reason for this is that its pros outweigh its cons. So, with these caring tips and the right product, you can maintain healthy type 1b hair.

When it comes to styling 1b hair type, you need to keep it to a minimum. This is because going for complicated styles can often lead to using more products that could weigh down your hair. That being said, some hairstyles you could go for are half-up, half-down, the side part, curtain bang, and others.

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