Can I Flat Iron Texturized Hair? [If Yes, How Do I?]

Flat Iron Texturized Hair

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Texturized hair has been exposed to chemicals; there might be scalp inflammation or frizzy hair. And sometimes, the strands are made weak; thus, you must be careful while styling. It raised the question, “Can I flat iron texturized hair?”

The answer is yes. You can flat iron texturized hair. It would help if you were patient; it requires effort (we will discuss that soon). But before we go further, what exactly is texturized hair?

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What is texturized hair?

Some might confuse textured hair and texturized hair to mean the same thing. However, their meanings differ. The shape of strands of hair is often referred to as textured hair. For instance, the hair’s curls, coil, straight, wavy, and others are all textures.

But, when we talk about texturized hair, it means what you get after using a texturizing chemical. For instance, if a person with curls uses texturizing chemicals, the texture of the curls will loosen. Thus, improving the curls.

How do I flat iron texturizer hair?

We now know what texturized hair is and have established that we can flat iron texturized mane. How do we straighten the hair?

Flat ironing texturized hair takes patience, time, and effort. You might need to practice it repeatedly to get the hang of it. That being said, here is the step-by-step guide on how to flat iron texturized lock;

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Step 1: Wash and condition

As usual for every hair care routine, the first step is washing and conditioning your hair. Starting with clean hair will help you keep your hair healthy and speed up the flat ironing process. First, wash with a shampoo to eliminate oil, sweat, and other build-up products. Then, moisturize with a conditioner to keep moisture in your mane.

Step 2: Dry and detangle

The next step is to dry your hair. We would recommend that you air-dry your hair so you can reduce the amount of heat your mane will be exposed to. However, if you are in a rush, you can use a blow dryer; ensure you set it to a cool blast of air.

Once your hair gets dry, the next thing is to detangle it. You can either use your fingers for this or a wide-tooth comb. Then apply a heat protectant to protect your lock from heat damage.

Step 3: Section the hair

Now, it is time to section your hair. This step is a bit tricky, so you need to be patient to get it right. First, section your hair into two horizontally, and clip both sections down. Next, divide the back hair into two vertically (sideways), and clip down both sides. 

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Step 4: Flat iron and style

Please pick up your flat iron and set it to the right temperature based on your hair type and texture. Then pick one of the back pieces and unclip it. The section that piece out bit by bit using your fingers or a rat tail comb and begin to flat iron each piece.

Continue with the process till you cover that portion. Next, move to another section and repeat the process till you cover every area of your hair. Once you are done flat ironing, spray with finishing spray and style as you desire.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can flat iron texturized hair. The secret to successfully flat ironing texturized hair is by patiently sectioning out the hair. It would help if you always remembered to apply a thermal protectant before flat ironing your hair. Besides, ensure you invest in good flat iron.

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