Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener Review


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Last Updated on October 16, 2021

Who doesn’t like the idea of having super straight, silky hair? Within this day and age, straight hair is in and that’s just the truth of the matter. I always want something that I don’t have. That alone is just the functionality of human nature and how our minds work.

Everyone has their own perspective as to what works and so forth; that’s just the public, but today I am going to provide out some inset stone facts as to why you should definitely interested to the Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener.

Where should I go to obtain such amazingly straight hair? Should I go to the beauty shop? Men and women, including myself, want convenience when it comes to styling hair and a person simply cannot run to the beauty shop every day or every other day when straight hair is desired.

More so than anything else, which type of hair straightening tool should I person choose when desiring that amazingly straight hair?

Why You Choose Remington S5500 Flat Iron?

The Technique Of Heating

The Remington S5500 has very astounding qualities of heat, as this product heats up very quickly when first turned on.

Keep in mind that when this product is first turned on, it will take no longer than a quick, thirty seconds for the full range heat to come in effect.

The Remington S5500 rises to a staggering degree of 410 degrees Fahrenheit and will most definitely continue to remain that temperature no matters if the Remington S5500 remains to be plugged in for hours at a time. Keep in mind that this product also comes with a great heat resistant pouch.

What An Amazing Size

Keep in mind that the Remington S5500 flat iron has an astonishing and quite the cute size, only measuring a lovely one inch in width! This type of straightening iron would be ideal for men or women who travel quite often.

We all know how annoying it can be to pull and tug along an item that feels so big and bulky! The Remington S5500 is the perfect size for short or long travels, as well this item doesn’t feel like it takes up much space in your hand or bathroom!

Compatible With All Hair

The Remington S5500 has remarkable qualities of being very compatible with all hair types; yes, you read that correctly! How amazing is a product under your budget that straightens all hair types? Choosing this flat iron is definitely a golden win!

This ceramic hair straightener holds quite the amazing reputation for quickly straightening hair from the wildest and frizzy, all the way to straightening out a simple body wave in minutes!

A person doesn’t need to continually go over and over the same strand of hair in order to achieve fantastically straight hair!

Very Easy To Hold

Just as much as the Remington S5500 is compatible with all types of hair, the Remington S5500 is so easy to hold. Keep in mind that this type of flat iron has a rather long shaft, although it’s narrow; but the Remington S5500 is long enough for a person to hold without the fear of getting burnt.

Who doesn’t absolutely love the fact that you can hold onto a straightening iron without the fear of getting burnt? That feature alone will help men and women to become more comfortable with styling their hair!

Key Features Of The Remington S5500

  • Will Give a Sleek Hair Type
  • One Inch Size Width
  • Heat Resistant Pouch
  • Ceramic Plates
  • Floating Plates
  • Promotes Neutral Electrical Balance
  • Heats Up in Less Than Thirty Seconds
  • Will Reach Four Hundred and Ten Degrees
  • Small Enough for Easy Travel Usage
  • Professional/Salon Based Flat Iron
  • Heats with Turbo Boosting

Remington S5500 Pros And Cons

  • Extremely Easy to Hold
  • Heats in Fewer than Thirty Seconds
  • Achieves Four Hundred and Ten Degrees in Heat
  • One Inch Width Plate
  • Price Almost Cheap Enough
  • Compatible for All Hair Types
  • Works Very Well with Ethnic Hair
  • Very Easy for Travel
  • Salon Based Results
  • Will Not Catch or Pull on Hair
  • Doesn’t Hold Extreme Damage Upon the Hair
  • Stays Well Heated for Hours
  • Longevity of Two Years
  • Tends to Leave a Wrinkle on Hair When First Placed On
  • Has Been Noted to Leave Hair Slightly Frizzy
  • Tends to Snag the Hair a Little Bit
  • Slight Gapping Within Middle of Iron
  • Has Been Noted to Have a Bad Smell


Will this product dry my hair out and cause split ends?

As we all know, every single product will always come with a few negative side; that’s just life. On the general, more common note, this product will not dry out and split the hair. The key fact to remember is that you must have healthy hair, to begin with, but no, this flat iron will not dry your hair out.

How long will this type of flat iron last?

Commonly, this product will last anywhere from two throughout five years, but most people get around two years out of this product. That is absolutely incredible, considering the lower price.

Is this product great for ethnic hair?

Yes! The Remington hair straightener holds quite the amazing reputation for straightening even the kinkiest, thicker hair!

Final Verdict

Overall, the Remington Purple S5500 straightener is an amazing product for low budget! Yes, there were a few negative things about this flat iron, but you must take into consideration; its life and some people do not play nicely!

I personally love this flat iron because I use it on the regular and I can absolutely confirm that all the positive notes which are most definitely true about the Remington S5500 hair straighteners!

One of my common and favorite features of the Remington S5500 is the fact that this product truly straightens in a very silky format within the first time you glide it down your hair!

I absolutely love that feature, because who has time to consistently go over their hair five or six times when you are trying to get out the door in the morning? I know I don’t! The Remington straightener S5500 is truly the best straightener for such a low price!

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