ghd Gold Styler 1 inch Flat Iron [Reviews & Buying Guides]

GHD Gold Professional 1 Inch Styler Review

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September 26, 2022 by Edna K. Martin – Hairstylist, Certified Skin Care Coach

The GHD brand of hair straightener is some of the best flat iron on the market. They come with a heavy price tag but are worth every penny. The main reason why this straightener is pricey is that it has a gold plate. These plates are very extremely smooth and glide effortlessly through all hair types. As a result, straightening is quicker and easier.

The GHD Gold Professional 1 Inch Styler is prepared ceramic heaters with aluminum plates for advanced heat, and static-free hair. It can be used to straighten the hair to the desired style. The iron can also be used to curl and make waves on the hair. This multipurpose tool is the arsenal you need to make hair care much easier to do.

Whatever style you want to rock be it straight or curly, you can be assured of a professional look with this little black iron that is innovated to deliver the best do ever a time without burning your gorgeous mane. It will leave hair silky and shiny.


Why Choose The ghd Gold Styler 1-inch Flat Iron?

Easy And Fast Straightening

With just a few passes, this tool will get your hair bone straight in no time. If you have frizzy type hair, this straighter will take care of it with just one pass. The heat setting is just right for all common hair types, enabling you to perfect your hairstyle within half an hour.

The ceramic surface emits enough heat to get the hair straight without frying it. This is the perfect flat iron if you have fine hair as it has ions that are able to seal the hair shaft preventing damage from excess heat. 

Perfect Curler

This is the perfect device to use to achieve great waves and curls. What’s more, you don’t have to straighten your hair first then curl it. With the GHD, this can be done at the same time.

This styler iron gives you to curl and straighten with this same device, at the same time giving you without damaging and statically charging hair. The one-inch versatile barrel has a good-looking round body that can easily create waves, curls, and straight styles that last.

It has smoothly contoured plates with a sheeny finish that glide through hair without pulling or snagging fast leaving it silky and shiny.

Advanced Heat Technology

The GHD Gold Professional Styler is designed to operate at the optimum 375°F styling temperature for healthy-looking hair with an enhanced, lustrous shine. It’s ideal for many hair types and also hair lengths.

This ceramic tool is within heat range that works on all hair types including coarse hair. If it doesn’t get the hair straight in one pass, a few more will do. It’s recommended you don’t do more than five passes because a lot of heat will weaken hair and lead to damage.

​It’s safe to use on a daily basis without damaging hair. It becomes easier to style hair in the morning as it requires only a couple of minutes.

Safety Feature

When the iron is not in use for 30 minutes it turns off automatically and goes into sleep mode. This feature is very important and will prevent an accident in case one forgets to switch it off after use.

Another smart thing is a protective plate guard to cover hot plates, that’s why you can pack up your hair styler immediately after use and won’t burn your bag.

Universal Voltage

GHD gold professional 1 iron is designed with universal voltage which means you can use it on the go, irrespective of where you travel. It has the tool for a flyer as you won’t have to worry about a bad hair day whenever you are. The best professional flat iron heats up fast in 30 seconds and the self-adjusting temperature adjusts to different hair textures

Compact Design

The one-inch styler is designed to be portable. Its slim size will fit comfortably in the bag when not in use. The cable is long to ensure the user gets the best use of this tool.

It’s the best flat iron to take when traveling as it will save you a lot of space in the suitcase as you won’t need to pack a transformer when you go to different countries.

Features Of The GHD Gold Professional

  • 3 in 1 – Rounded barrel for straightening, curling and easy waves.
  • Easy to use a flat iron, suitable for home use.
  • Universal voltage for worldwide worry-free traveling.
  • Ultra-light and heats up extremely quickly.
  • Sleek compact design.

GHD Gold Professional Flat Iron Pros And Cons

  • Made hair feel smooth with a few passes.
  • Straightened hair relatively quickly.
  • Multiple-use tools.
  • The heat settings are perfect for most hair types.
  • Can easily burn fine hair when used without heat protectors.
  • Only one temperature setting that doesn’t work on all hairs.
  • Expensive.
  • No temperature control.

FAQ & Answer

Does it have a 220volt option or do I need to buy a transformer?

The voltage rating is 110-230 V so you won’t need a transformer as long as it has universal voltage.

Does it have temperature control? How hot doesn’t get?

There is no temperature control; it goes up to 365° F.

How long is the cable?

8 feet long.


The ability to straighten, curl and wave your hair using only one tool is a win in our books. The flat iron is all you need in your styling drawer. It does an exceptional job of making sure your hairstyle stands out all the time. It’s the right temperature to straighten the frizz out of your hair and at the same time gentle to prevent damage to your locks. With a compact design, it’s easy to carry on your next trip when traveling.

Its universal voltage comes in handy when you travel abroad. The one-inch model works great on medium to long hair as it’s able to get close to the roots at many angles giving you straight or curly hair from the base which creates a salon finish. Despite the hefty price tag, the GHD styler is a great buy that will keep on impressing you after every use. This brand of flat irons is well known for its durable tools that perform exceptionally and last long.

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