How to Blow dry Layered Hair [2 Easy Methods]

Blow dry Layered Hair

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Have you been finding it difficult to blow-dry your layered hair?

Well, you are not alone; there are other people out there that are finding it difficult as well. And that is why we are here to give you a guide on how to blow-dry your layered hair.

This article will show you two methods of blow-drying your layered hair yourself.

What are the things you need?

  • Heat Resisting Round Brush
  • Volumizing Mousse
  • Heat Protectant
  • Hair Oil/Spray
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Some Clips
  • Hairdryer with nozzle

Now that you know what you need; let us get started with the guide.

How to Blow-dry Layered Hair

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Method 1: Hairdryer and Round Brush

Step1: Start with Clean Hair

This step cannot be overemphasized; the secret to having lasting and salon result blowdried hair is by starting with clean hair. Get rid of all the product buildup in your hair by washing it with shampoo.

Your mane needs all the moisture it could get because of heat from hot tools. Therefore, use a conditioner to lock in moisture in your hair and keep it hydrated.

Step 2: Rough-dry your Hair

Once you are done washing your hair, you should gently pat your hair with a towel, so it is not dripping wet. If you blow-dry dripping wet hair, you might end up exposing your hair to too much heat.

You can take it a step further by rough-drying with a cool blast of hair from your blow-dryer till it is about 80% dry.

Step 3: Apply Heat Protectant and Detangle

The next thing to do is apply heat protectants to your hair to prevent heat damage. This is a major prerequisite to using hot tools. Tangles or knots are always in the hair when you wash the hair.

So, once you apply heat protectant, you can then run through your hair with a finger or wide-tooth comb to detangle your mane.

If you blow-dry tangled hair, it will end up coming out bad, so one of the tricks to salon result blow-drying is to detangle.

Step 4: Add Volumizing Mousse and Hair Oil

The next step is to add a volumizing mousse to the layers. The benefit of doing this is to add volume to the hair. So part the hair in layers and apply volumizing mousse to the root of your mane, and rub thoroughly with your hands.

Then you rub a little bit of the hair oil to the tip of your lock to reduce any form of frizz. We have already applied mousse to the root; therefore, you should not apply oil.

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Step 5: Blow-dry and Style

Part your hair into two from your temple so that one portion is at the crown and the other is at the back of your head.

Start by sectioning out 2 to 3 inches of hair to work on per time, or you can section your hair according to the length of the round brush.

Put on your dryer, then lift the hair section you are working on at the root. And concentrate the nozzle of the dryer to the hair on the brush.

Roll the brush with the hair and gently pull it away from your face, then glide the brush down the hair. Repeat this process repeatedly until you are sure that that section of hair is dry.

Continue with this process until you cover the whole area of your head. However, you can decide to part it into whatever style you want to go for when you get to the front layer.

Then finish the look with a finishing spray. And that is how to blow-dry layered hair using a blow-dryer and round brush.

Method 2: Using Hot Brush

Using a hot brush to blow-dry your hair is quite easy, especially if you blow-dry your layered mane yourself.

Because you do not have to juggle with a blow-dryer on the one hand and a round brush, on the other hand, all you need for this method is your heat protectant, sectioning clip, hot brush, and some finishing product.

And here is a simple step on using a hot brush for blow-drying layered hair.

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Step 1: Start with Clean Hair

Wash and condition your hair to make it clean and hydrated. If you are the type that has a thin mane, you should go for volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Condition your hair to keep moisture locked in.

Step 2: Dry the Hair

Do not use a hot brush on dripping wet hair. So, use a microfiber towel to towel-dry your mane, or you can leave it to air-dry. You can also use your blow dryer and set it to cool settings to blast cool hair to dry your hair till it is about 80% dry.

Step 3: Apply heat protectant

Plugin your hot brush and let it heat up to the required temperature. Then apply heat protectants to your hair to protect your mane from thermal damage.

Step 4: Section the Hair

Part your hair into the crown and the back sections, and hold each portion down with a clip.

Step 5: Blow-dry and Style

Starting with the back section, work on the hair layers by layers. Pick your hot brush and place it close to the root of the layer you are working on; lift the hair up and gently glide the brush down the lock.

Pull it all the way down to the tip of the hair. If you want to create a curl at the end of the hair, then you can place the tip on a round brush and roll it inward or outward.

Repeat the process with the crown section and style the top layer any way you want; then finish with a finishing spray. Quite easy, right?

This first method is a well-known method of blow-drying layered hair. However, if you are a beginner or want to reduce the time you spend blow-drying, you could go for the second method.


The bottom line is that these two methods are both for blow-drying beginners and pros.

However, even though using a hot brush adds volume to your hair, you will enjoy a more voluminous outcome when you use a blow-dryer and a round brush. But you should go with the method you prefer.

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