The Ultimate Flat Iron Temperature Guide: Heat Setting For Your Hair Type

Ultimate Flat Iron Temperature Guide

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Flat irons are one of the most versatile styling tools a woman can have. Its work ranges from straightening to curling your mane. However, when using hot tools such as flat irons, you need to consider some things.

For instance, you should always apply heat protectants before using a flat iron. But, using heat protectants does not mean that the flat iron temperature should be high.

Thanks to quality flat irons with adjustable temperature settings, you can now set the temperature of your flat iron according to your preference. This leads to the question of what the ideal flat iron temperature is.

If you have this question in your mind, you have come to the right place. Read on to know the flat iron temperature guide for different flat irons.

Factors that determine your flat iron temperature

Before you know the temperature setting, you will be opting for your flat iron. You should know that there are some things you have to know first.

Here we will discuss the factors that determine your flat iron temperature.

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Hair type:

Before embarking on any hair care routine, you should first and foremost know your hair type. Knowing your hair type means you will know the right products and the right way to care for your lock.

There are different hair types ranging from normal to fine to coarse. Hence, your hair type determines the heat you will expose it to. 

Condition of your hair:

The next factor to consider is the condition of your hair. Now that you know your hair type, you should know the condition of your mane.

For instance, if your hair is unprocessed, the temperature it needs is different from when flat ironing processed hair. Thus, treated hair is more fragile.

Yet, if your mane is untreated, you might need to know whether the hair is dry or not. Dry hair is at the risk of heat damage, so you should be cautious of the flat iron temperature.

Also, it is essential to know whether your hair is damaged. If you expose too much heat to a damaged mane, it is at the risk of more damage. So, you need to be cautious with the temperature settings.

Generally, hair that is in healthy condition can withstand more heat than unhealthy main. Yet, you should be careful of the temperature settings.

Quality of the flat iron:

every woman should see flat iron as an investment. Hence, you should go for a high-quality flat iron. This ensures that you can use the tool without much damage to your mane.

One of the features of a quality hair straightener is adjustable temperature settings. If the flat iron you have does not have adjustable temperature settings, you should consider going for one that has it.

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The heat protectant you are using:

This is another thing you should consider. Different thermal protectant products have different ranges of temperatures. For instance, if the heat protectant you are using has 300°F, your flat iron temperature should not be higher than that.

These four factors are essential when determining the temperature range you need. That being said, let us go into the flat iron temperature guide.

Flat iron temperature guide for different flat irons

The flat iron temperature guide is not the same for all flat irons. This is because they are made with different materials. In this article, we will be focusing on the temperature guide for four different flat irons.

Babyliss flat iron temperature guide

Babyliss flat irons are of high quality and they are very functional. Although they might be on the high side based on price, they are a great investment. They have adjustable heat settings; thus, they are suitable for all hair types. Here is a breakdown of the Babyliss flat iron temperature guide.

  • Fine/Fragile hair: between 240°F to 275°F
  • Thin hair: 275°F to 310°F
  • Normal hair: 310°F to 355°F
  • Wavy hair: 365°F to 400°F
  • Coarse hair: 400°F to 450°F

Infiniti pro-Conair flat iron temperature guide

Infiniti pro Conair flat iron is an excellent choice for shiny and straightened hair. It heats up fast, thus making it ready for use in seconds. And it heats up uniformly; therefore, it only takes one or two passes for the hair to be straightened. It has adjustable temperature settings ranging from 365°F to 455°F. Here is the breakdown of how to use it.

  • Normal hair: the temperature settings range between 365°F to 385°F.
  • Coarse hair: temperature settings between 385°F to 410°F.
  • Thick hair: temperature settings between 410°F to 455°F.

Because of the high-temperature settings, even the lowest setting can damage fragile hair. Thus, it is best to use this flat iron for normal and thick hair types.

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CHI flat iron temperature guide

If you think of purchasing a chi flat iron, you should know the temperature guide to achieve a beautiful result. Here is a Chi flat iron temperature guide for different hair types.

  • Synthetic hair: the temperature settings for your flat iron for this hair should be less than 250°F
  • Fine/fragile hair: you should not expose fragile mane to too much heat. Hence, the temperature settings should be between 250°F and 300°F.
  • Thin hair: Like a fragile mane, thin hair should also not be exposed to too much heat. The temperature settings should be between 300°F and 330°F.
  • Treated hair: For treated hair, the temperature setting should be between 330°F and 350°F.
  • Normal hair: temperature settings should be between 330°F and 350°F.
  • Wavy hair: between 350°F and 370°F.
  • Coarse hair: 370°F to 410°F.
  • Thick hair: ranges between 410°F and 460°F.

Nume flat iron temperature guide

This flat iron is a high-quality flat iron that enables you to achieve the best result without compromising the health of your hair. It has adjustable temperature settings that range from 300°F to 450°F. The recent products even have temperature settings of up to 500°F. Here is the breakdown of the temperature guide

  • Fine or treated hair: 300°F to 350°F.
  • Normal hair: 350°F to 380°F.
  • Coarse hair: 380°F to 410°F.
  • Thick hair: 410°F to 450°F.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that different flat iron has diverse temperature guides. However, if your hair is between two types, start with the lowest temperature and work your way up. But, you should always remember to use heat protectants before your flat irons.

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